Acurite 01512 Review [2021]: Wireless Weather Station

acurite 01512 review

If you are looking for a top-notch weather station at a reasonable price, then look no further than the AcuRite 01512 Wireless Weather Station.

This wireless budget weather station comes with a 5-in-1 sensor array which consists of an anemometer, temperature and humidity sensor, and rain gauge.

The device sends weather data to the inside console which has an electric-powered color display to show the measurements alongside other features.

Moreover, the station boasts a patented self-calibrating technology to provide accurate forecasts.


  • Its self-calibrating technology provides accurate weather forecast
  • The installation process is a breeze
  • Reasonably priced
  • The display is user-friendly


  • Requires smartHub for the internet connectivity. The smartHub needs to be bought separately.
  • Update frequency is a little bit slower

Now, let’s have a look at some of the key features:

Key Features It Partakes:

Build Quality

The device is pretty well-constructed.

It’s durable and should last for at least a few years.

Some may complain that premium quality material hasn’t been used for this device.

But it would be unrealistic to ask premium quality material for a device which costs just more than a hundred bucks.


The sensor array of this weather device consists of 5 different sensors. Let’s break down each of them:

Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

In order to receive precise wind speed, it’s imperative that you install the anemometer at 33 feet.

Otherwise, the reported data will be faulty.

But as it’s a 5-in-1 sensor array, you don’t have the luxury to mount the anemometer separately.

As a result, the device is going to under-report the wind speed by up to 30%.

The accuracy rate of this device is ± 5°F. That means if the actual temperature 21°F, then the reading can report between 16 °F to 26°F.

Regarding wind vane, the wind direction range of the station is 0° to 359.

Update on wind speed is sent to the console every 18 seconds.

Temperature Sensor

The outdoor temperature range of this device is: –40 to 158°F.

It has an accuracy rate of ± 2°F. That means if the actual temperature is 26°F, then the sensor can report between 24°F to 28°F.

In addition, it has got a radiation shield for its protection, which helps to maintain its accuracy.


The accuracy range of the rainfall is ±0.05″ per inch.

Humidity Sensor

The resolution rate of the humidity sensor is 1%, while it has an accuracy rate of ±5%.


The 5-in-1 weather sensor array is pretty easy to set up.

To make the installation process a breeze, mounting hardware has been included in the package.

You can mount the array on any horizontal or vertical surface with the supplied mounting arm. Or you can even use a ¾ inch pole to install the sensors.

The indoor console display is designed for both wall mounting and tabletop use.


The maximum transmission range of this wireless weather station is 330 feet. That’s a range suitable for most of the people.

The station is able to transmit data through the walls.

However, the walls can reduce the transmission range up to 100 feet.


Although not as good as some of the expensive alternatives, the accuracy rate of this device is highly impressive.

A radiation shield has been included so that the temperature reading doesn’t get affected by the sun.

Needless to say, it improves the accuracy of the temperature sensor to a great extent.

Display console

The 01512 model has a beautifully designed display console.

The LCD color display has a lot of impressive features. Below I have listed some of them:

  • All the moon phases are displayed
  • shows measurements of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and precipitation
  • Provides the forecast for up to 24 hours by using the self-calibrating technology. It tells you what kind of weather you should anticipate; rain, sunshine or snow.
  • Informs you about the history of rainfall
  • Display keyboard is exceedingly easy to use
  • Allows you to program weather alerts to warn you about extreme weather. Hence, it makes sure that you don’t get caught off-guard if a storm hits your local area
  • Shows the highs and lows of weather elements
  • Includes a weather ticker
  • Shows Heat index
  • Provides information on dew point
  • Shows the changes in barometric pressure


The wireless weather sensor is able to transmit data directly to the indoor console.

Unfortunately, it includes no means to connect to the internet.

As a result, you won’t be able to share data with others.

However, there’s an alternative:

You can purchase an additional AcuRite smartHUB to activate the internet function.

With the smartHUB, you can obtain weather data on your mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world. That means, no more sitting in front of the console for hours to monitor the weather pattern.

Moreover, you can even help the weather community by sharing your data with them online.

It will also allow you to receive important weather update from other areas.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the unit have a color display?

Ans: Yes, the info is displayed on a color transparent overlay.

2. What is the maximum transmission distance?

Ans: The unit can transmit data up to 330 feet.

3. How long does the display can survive on the backup batteries?

Ans: It should last at least 9 months.

Final Words

The AcuRite 01512 is the quintessential cost-friendly weather station.

Therefore, it’s a perfect fit for people, who want a weather station which can measure weather elements with significant accuracy but at the same time won’t empty your bank account.

One minor downside of this device is that it comes with no built-in option for internet connectivity.

Nonetheless, this problem can be easily resolved by purchasing a smartHUB.

Now, it’s true that this weather station fades in comparison to more expensive competitors.

But it’s also equally true that there is no other weather station for your home in the market which can render the same quality at this price.

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