Ambient Weather WM-4 Review: Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for the best portable anemometer, then Ambient Weather WM-4 will definitely make it to your list of top choices.

A comprehensive, handheld anemometer from one of the most trusted weather instruments manufacturers, this anemometer has a great deal of popularity across the globe.

The device claims to measure not just wind speed but also wind direction, temperature, compass, humidity, dew point, psychrometer, and comfort index.

BUT the question is;

How well does it function? Is it worth investing in?

Come with us below as we take you through a quick (but detailed) review of this Ambient anemometer to help you decide if it’s worth your money.


  • Measures a variety of weather conditions
  • Compact and portable weather station
  • Included battery lasts for years
  • More accurate data readings
  • Two (2) year warranty
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Reasonable price


  • Displays one type of data at a time
  • Doesn’t measure barometric pressure
  • LCD display doesn’t work below 14 degrees F

Key Features and Benefits:

ALL-IN-ONE Weather Station

One of the biggest reasons why this anemometer has gained overwhelming popularity all over lies in its ability to measure a wide range of weather conditions.

You can rely on it to give you accurate recordings of temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, compass direction, dew point, dry bulb and wet bulb temperature, wind gust, wind chill, Delta T, and comfort index.

This places it a notch higher than most rivals which only measure 1-5 types of weather data. In other words, this is a comprehensive device that will inform about all the weather conditions around you.

Delivers Accurate Recordings

Another reason why you’ll love this weather station is its ability to deliver highly accurate data recordings.

It boasts of the USA-made flux gate compass which enables it to provide you with more precise measurements of digital wind direction. What’s more, it can calculate the crosswind and tail/heat readings with the ultimate precision, thanks to the integrated wind vane.

Other features that contribute to the device accuracy include the humidity calibration kits that come with the package and wind tunnel for more accurate directional measurements.

Here’s the level of accuracy you’ll get for various types of measurements with this device:

  • Wind speed accuracy: ±3%
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1.8°F
  • Dew point accuracy: ±3.6°F
  • check
    Wet bulb accuracy: ±3.6°F
  • check
    Wind chill accuracy: ±1.8°F

Without a single doubt, this device has an impressive accuracy range than what you’ll get in most models out there that come at the same price.

Oh! The jack-knife case design also contributes to taking precise temperature readings. It does this by letting you hold it instead of the unit—eliminating the chances of getting false readings due to your hand temperature.

Incredibly Portable Device

If you’re looking for a portable weather measuring device that you can take with you to any place, then this Ambient Weather WM-4 model should be on the top of your list.

First of all, the device comes with a handheld, compact device that makes it portable.

It also comes with an adjustable lanyard to allow you to hand it around your carry for easy carry while ensuring it doesn’t easily get lost while out there.

Even better, the manufacturers ship it to you with a soft belt carrying case for no-hassle transportation to the camping, hiking, backpacking, golfing, paddle sports, skydiving, snow sports, firefighting, and so much more.

Don’t forget it comes equipped with a healthy, replaceable 400-hour lithium battery which grants you years of reliable service. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your device going off out there when you need it most.

Super-easy To Use!

The last thing you’d want is to invest in a weather station that takes you through a long path before it gives you the weather readings.

Ambient has done their level best to ensure that this device doesn’t give you headaches when using it. It features a straightforward design and comes with a set of easy-to-follow instruction on how to operate it.

Unlike the traditional compasses that require leveling for accurate recording, the WM-4 will read data when held vertically and you can even use it to take the bearing of a landmark or reference location that’s far away from you.

For extra convenience, the unit comes threaded to allow you to mount it to a tripod and backlit LCD display.

It also has an auto shutoff function to help preserve battery. The unique pocket-knife design will help protect the unit when you’re not using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the price difference between this Ambient Weather WM-4 and WM-2 too huge?

This WM-4 device comes with a lot of additional functions such as humidity, dew point, wet bulb, to name but a few. This explains why it has a higher price tag than its cousin—the Ambient Weather WM-2.

2. Can this weather station be operated using the CR2032 lithium batteries?

Yes. The device is operated using one CR2032 Lithium battery. Previous users have admitted that this battery last for a pretty long period of time. Replacing the battle when the need arises is also possible and easy.

3. How quickly does this weather stations measure the temperature?

The all-in-one weather stations tend to return accurate readings for the temperature within 60 seconds. However, some people have complained that it takes forever to display the readings.

To avoid delayed readings, consider keeping your device covered and away from the sun.

4. does the device have a memory of the temperature recorded over the last 12-24 hours?

No. The device is only meant for real-time, instant temperature recording. It doesn’t keep the memory of temperature recordings over a given period of time.

Final verdict

So that’s it for our Ambient Weather WM-4 Review. From our in-depth review above, we can conclude that this all-in-one portable unit will help you measure a wide array of weather conditions with high precision.

Some of the types of data you can collect with it include wind speed, wind direction, temperature, compass, humidity, comfort index, wind chill, and dew point.

The model is extremely easy to use and come with several convenient features that you’ll find quite helpful.

Just like any other unit, this Ambient weather station has its weaknesses too. The biggest issue is that it displays only one type of data at a time, which means you have to keep scrolling until you get the data you want.

Everything else about this unit is great, including a price tag which is no match for the functions and features you’ll get from the unit.

Overall, we believe that the unit will give you the REAL bang for your buck. And we recommend you to invest in it.

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