Top 10 Best Outdoor Thermometers | 2021 Reviewed

Best Outdoor Thermometers

Have you ever been outside in your yard, enjoying nature, without the distractions and potentially harmful radiation produced by your cell phone, when you are suddenly struck with curiosity: what is the temperature out here? Having a numerical measure of your environment’s temperature is essential for being able to plan outdoor adventures. That is exactly what makes the best outdoor thermometers so essential to the modern yard, deck, hunting blind, or shed.

There are many outdoor thermometers available on the market today. In fact, the modern buyer has so many options that it can really make your head spin. We wanted to reduce some of that vertigo by providing you with a list of the best outdoor thermometers that money can buy and what these are actually able to do. The options were myriad, but only the cream of the crop made this list.

How We Reviewed

Accuracy is a major consideration when it comes to measuring the ambient heat of an outdoor environment. It is very easy to make a device that visibly changes or displays a number when the temperature changes. However, it is much harder to make a device that will confirm what weather balloons and radar will attest to.

To pick out the cream of the crop, we narrowed some best weather station for your home and our search to those products with a reputation for being among the best outdoor thermometers is on the market. Once we had picked the top ten of these, we evaluated them in depth. Their features, price point, and overall design were scored to allow us to pick out the single best outdoor thermometer around.

What We Reviewed

  • AcuRite 02081M Indoor Outdoor Thermometer
  • La Crosse Technology 308 – 141B Indoor Outdoor Thermometer
  • LaCrosse WS-9160U Indoor Outdoor Digital Thermometer
  • Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
  • ThermoPro TP65 Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
  • Taylor Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
  • X-Sense Wireless Weather Station
  • Oregon Scientific BAR208HGX Advanced Wireless Weather Station
  • Springfield Big and Bold Patio Thermometer
  • Lily’s Home Hanging Wall Clock/thermometer Indoor/Outdoor

AcuRite 02081M Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


We’re kicking off our list with a real fireworks show. The AcuRite 02081M Indoor Outdoor Thermometer is certainly one of the best outdoor thermometers to make your yard feel like it has a science fiction temperature droid monitoring your ambient environment. The AcuRite 02081M looks very much like a type of tablet device with a big colorful display. Or, you can opt for the more subtle aesthetic of the monochrome display and save a bit of money.

Either way, the AcuRite 02081M will give you all the data you need to plan your day. The nice part is that it uses sensors that are placed outdoors to feed its data into the display which you can read inside your house. At a glance you will know the exact temperature of your yard, and fourteen different display icons will give you an idea of what the weather forecast is like.

La Crosse Technology 308 – 141B Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


The La Crosse Technology 308 – 141B Indoor Outdoor Thermometer pulls double duty. Not only does it wirelessly communicate with its probe to tell you what the environmental temperature is, it also gives you a direct point of comparison to the temperature inside your home. This is extremely valuable for knowing how much of a shock you are in for if you step outside and for monitoring the cycles of heating and cooling that the outdoor temperature can impose on your home.

It comes in either black or white, and its aesthetic greatly resembles that of a minimalist smartphone theme. We imagine it would easily find a place in both classic and modern styles of room. It can tend to be one of the more expensive items we considered for the best outdoor thermometer title, but you can often find it on sale on Amazon.

LaCrosse WS-9160U Indoor Outdoor Digital Thermometer


The LaCrosse has huge, easy to read letters that show you both an indoor and outdoor temperature alongside the time. It uses double A batteries, so you can place the unit practically anywhere. The unit uses three sensors to store data and averages the temperatures. It is beyond accurate. The price point is reasonable for the product that you receive.

Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer


If you are a gardener with multiple greenhouses or just love temperature data, then this is the thermometer for you! The WS-10 has three separate sensors that read back to a central component (which also has a sensor built in), so you can look at your screen and instantly know the temperature of four locations.

ThermoPro TP65 Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer


The ThermoPro TP65 Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer is another thermometer that comes with a detached sensor, so you can use it indoors for the weather outside. The ThermoPro is a great product, easy to use, and it even comes with a one year warranty. It may be a bit underwhelming aesthetically, but we actually quite liked its understated look.

Taylor Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer


The Taylor thermometer comes with a sensor that accurately measures the humidity and temperature outside. It is complete with a clock for ease of use. The Taylor has fewer features than some other weather forecasting systems on our review, but it gets the job done for next to nothing. If you are looking for a reasonable price and dependable product, then this is the thermometer for you!

X-Sense Wireless Weather Station


Of all the products on our review, this one makes some of the most practical sense. It is a thermometer that uses outdoor sensors, but feeds the information back to a well designed panel indoors. The X-sense is a thermometer, weather predictor, atomic clock, and humidity gauge. The screen even has an LED back light. It does it all!

Oregon Scientific Advanced Wireless Weather Station


If you are looking for a thermometer with more features than almost any other, this is the thermometer for you. The Oregon Scientific BAR208HGX can forecast weather with graphical icons, tell you the date, monitor temperature and humidity, and alert you about ice. The atomic clock even sets itself.

The thermometer is highly accurate. It even comes with a remote. The only drawback is the price, but you get what you pay for.

Springfield Big and Bold Patio Thermometer


13 inches of fully legible temperature in black, san-serif font are featured prominently on this clock shaped thermometer. If you position this correctly, then you will not even have to step outside to read the gauge.

Luckily, the thermometer comes in three-pack options. You can put one in the shade and another in the sun to tell the difference. The thermometer reads the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Lily’s Home Hanging Wall Clock/thermometer Indoor/Outdoor


This tell-all device can do everything but make you a sandwich. It has a built-in thermometer that can read Fahrenheit and Celsius. It has a humidity reader. It even has a clock! There are no ugly cords or straps. The clock uses one battery to power the whole operation. It even comes in 5 decorative options, so you can match your deck furniture. The clock works both indoors and out, so you might get two!


Product FAQs

An outdoor thermometer is a device for measuring and displaying the ambient temperature of an outdoor environment. This usually means that the display is somewhat larger than those used indoors so that it can be read from across the deck or the yard. This is a trend, however, and not a hard and fast rule. Additionally, the outdoor thermometer tends to be a bit more hardily constructed than those whose purpose is to remain under the protection of four walls and a roof.

To some people’s minds, an outdoor thermometer is a bit like a solar-powered flashlight: it can seem redundant. After all, if you are outside to read it, then won’t you know what the temperature is like?

What those people fail to realize is that many people place outdoor thermometers in positions where they can be seen through a window in their house. This allows you to know exactly what the temperature is outside at a glance. This is extremely helpful for avoiding situations where you under or overdress and are dealt a nasty shock by the weather. The best outdoor thermometers are also interesting art objects in their own right and can provide an interesting conversation piece.

Tailoring your wardrobe to your environment is merely one function of the outdoor thermometer. There are also technical reasons why people may need outdoor thermometers. For instance, certain plants need to be brought indoors when the temperature falls below a given point for their own protection. Other crops such as grapes need to have fans turned on so that the frost can be blown off of them and not ruin the harvest. If you have dogs who run outside, it’s nice to know when the temperatures are comfortable for them and when they might need to be brought in to cool down or warmed up.

Other people like having outdoor thermometers to help them predict and adapt to animal behaviors. If you have the mathematical data of your environmental temperature, you can predict when certain animals will be hibernating. On the other end of the spectrum, other animals only breed or hunt when the temperature rises above a certain number. Knowing these things can help you master your environment.

The main reason is that people often have greenhouses or parts of their property which differ in temperature from other parts of their domain. Having two or three outdoor thermometers lets you get very precise in your knowledge of your property. Other people like buying multiple outdoor thermometers so that they can see them from multiple windows in their house. Sometimes you need to know the outdoor temperature from your bedroom. Other times you may need to know when you are in your kitchen.

Not necessarily! Many modern outdoor thermometers use probes that feed their data back to a display that is housed indoors.


Modern technology and the spirit of competition have blessed us with more designs of outdoor thermometers than we can shake a stick at. We trust that you will now have a great idea of the landscape when it comes to the realm of the outdoor thermometer.

But which one do we consider the best? For our money, you cannot beat the La Crosse Technology 308 – 141B Indoor Outdoor Thermometer. Its full-color LCD display easily relates whether it is sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy, or snowy. That means it operates more like a personal weather station than simply a thermometer.

Knowing the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature was immensely useful. It provides great information at a glance, and its price point is completely reasonable. If you can find it on sale (which it often is) you can really get a steal.

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