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How To Protect Paper Documents?

Today we are mostly dependent on digital gadgets for every aspect of our lives. Currently, even for protecting our documents we tend to rely on the digital world. In the past all the documents were written on papers; people used to write letters for communicating, but now in this modern world, the scenario has changed. The use […]

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What Is APRS and How To Use It?

APRS, or Automatic Packet Reporting System is used for real time communication to share information of immediate importance in a local area. APRS ensures digital communications, as it is an amateur radio-based system. This system transmits data ranging from GPS coordinates to queries and commands. APRS has a great many uses for people, as it can […]

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How Do Precipitation and Clouds Form?

Weather is something that all who live on this planet must experience. So, it is good to have some knowledge about how it works, and a few terms related to it. Because, knowing the science behind different climates can help us understand and evaluate what is happening around us. Added to that, a good understanding of the […]

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Top Gift Ideas For Weather Geeks

It is the upcoming holiday and you can’t seem to think of what to give for that one friend or family member that appears to have a deep fascination about the skies and its occasional weather. As you watch the season changes beneath your window, you rummage your brain for any possible ideas. But still, only […]

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Types of Weather Instruments and Their Usage

Until the 18th century, people were utterly dependent on sensory observations for any weather data, i.e., they understood the wind direction through the movement of leaves or estimated the time of rain through the number of clouds in the sky. Now, the time has changed. Today, we are blessed by modern technology which includes different weather […]

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