Hurricane Proof Mobile Home – Can It Withstand One?


Have you ever heard of “one-eyed monster”? I don’t think so, but I am sure that everyone is familiar with the word HURRICANE. Even if you don’t know how it is formed or where it is formed, everyone is aware of its life-threatening consequences.

So, a hurricane is a deadly tropical cyclone that can take millions of lives within a blink of an eye. It is impossible to resist the storm, but we can surely reduce the damages it causes.

To reduce the damage by this natural disaster, some amazing innovator has come together and created something which is just amazing. Want to know what that is?

That something is “Mobile Home.” To know the details about this fantastic innovation, keep on reading.

I will discuss everything that you need to know about Hurricane and mobile homes and answer one major question, whether it capable of withstanding a full fledge Hurricane or not.



Before we move on to the main topic, let me give you an idea of what hurricane is, so that you can have an idea about what the mobile house have to deal with.

All the storms are not called a hurricane. The one that occurs on the tropical or subtropical water mostly in the Atlantic Basin is the Hurricane. When the maximum sustained wind of a storm goes beyond 74mbp, that storm is a hurricane.

This storm is so vigorous that the wind can cover about 74miles per hour.The hurricane mostly occurs from 1stJune to 30th November which is also called the “hurricane season.” But sometimes it hits the areas in the other months too.

We might be unaware of what hurricane is or how it is formed, but we are familiar with its consequences. The impact of the hurricane is deadly, and because of its strong windand heavy rain, it is quite impossible to withstand it.

The storm can cause great damage through flooding and washing away the belongings.Not only things, but the storm also takes away people’s valuable lives.

This monster not only causes damage to an individual, but it also affects the country’s economy and brings a significant loss to the properties of the area as well as the nation that takes a long time to recover and sometimes the damage is so massive that it becomes difficult to nurse the affected ones.

Luckily, through smartphones we can track and get information on how strong the storm will be and the estimated time of its attack, considering which necessary steps can be taken to protect ourselves.

Mobile Homes

A prefabricated structure that is attached permanently on a chassis for moving from one place to another quickly is what we know as a mobile home.

This is a bit different from modular homes in case that modular homes are permanently built in a site that can never be moved, but mobile homes can be moved to another place if required or for any legal reason.

Mobile homes can be used for accommodation as well as for traveling. The young folks are now keen to live in mobile homes rather than modular homes. The homes can be of different structures and sizes according to cost, location, space inside it and of course need.

Types of Mobile Homes

There are mainly three types of mobile homes among which one can be moved easily, again the other can’t be moved easily but is suitable for accommodation.They are:

1. Singlewides


Singlewides are the smallest and made up of one structure. They are the most common one in the market. As they are very light, they can be moved easily from one place to another.

2. Doublewides


Doublewides are made up of two structures that are put together. They are heavier than singlewides and are not so easy to move. It is often seen that the doublewides leak and are unstable.

3. Triplewides


Triplewides are made up of 3 sections, and sometimes it can be either 4 or 5. The structures are made and transported separately but put together at the required area. They are not so common in the market.

Can A Mobile Home Withstand A Hurricane?

A mobile home can withstand a hurricane or not depends upon several factors like the location where the mobile house is built,the construction of the home,the age of the mobile home, etc.

Mostly, they are made of handy carport which is very comfortable to live but unsafe while considering storm. This is because they might sink in the heavy flood caused by the hurricane.

A mobile home is to be constructed considering in which zone it is built as every zone has different speed of the wind.So,the same kinds of construction cannot withstand all the speed of the wind.

Before building the mobile home, the expert consultant is required, and the mobile homes need to be tie-down for surviving a hurricane.

If we consider which type is more suitable, then it is the singlewide. The singlewides are easily moveable and can effortlessly move away from the place where there is a possibility of a storm.

The double and the triple wides are not easy to move because they are divided into sections. They are unstable in normal condition so it is not wise to think that they can withstand a storm like a hurricane.


It will be wrong to say that a mobile home can’t withstand a hurricane. If they are constructed taking expert’s advice considering the location, then it is possible that a mobile home can withstand a hurricane.

Last but not least, before moving into a mobile home, we need to consider if it’s safe for us or not for the sake of our existence.

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