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How to Reset Weather Station The Right Way | The Weather Station

reset weather station

In my childhood, I’ve always wondered how news channels could predict weather forecasts. You know, weather is something very unpredictable. Yet, the meteorology office broadcasted weather news everyday more or less accurately. That’s why I was so amazed like weather news were like magic.

With the advancement of technology, we can now have our own weather stations even at hour home. You’ll certainly be amazed how such a small device predicts the unpredictable. However, while getting reading from weather stations is fun, troubleshooting the weather station can be confusing as well.

It is very common for electrical devices that you’ll have to troubleshoot in many instances. And if you don’t know your device well, you’ll lose your attraction towards that device. In case of similar incidents, most of the people think that their weather stations are broke. But in reality, they’re not!

In most cases, resetting or restarting the weather station solves the problem. In this article, I’ll try my best to give you an overview on this issue how and when to reset weather station.

When to Reset a Weather Station

At first, let’s look at some of the instances that can be solved by a reset. In some instances you might find that your station and sensor are having trouble connecting with each other. In such situations, your station is less likely to show accurate weather readings. A reset might solve the issue.

On the other hand, you might also find that the batteries of the station or the sensor have gone dead. If this is your situation, you’ll need to reset the weather station. Why? Because random energy stored in the station might manipulate data. Similar situation might also occur if you experience a power outage.

There is yet another situation when you would want to reset your weather station. You might find that the outdoor readings of your station are showing dashes. Or, you might also see that your station showing the letters O, F, L instead of outdoor readings.

How to Reset a Weather Station

The most common fix to troubleshoot these issues is to reset your weather station. If your weather station doesn’t have a reset button, you can perform a basic restart of the station to reset all the data. There is a special restart that is used very often that would bring everything back to normal very quickly and easily.

At first, bring your sensor inside the house. Then place it within five feet distance from the weather station. Check whether the batteries of the sensor and the station are okay. If not, you need to get new sets of batteries.

After removing the batteries, don’t forget to unplug the power cord of the weather station. What you need to do now is press any of the buttons on your weather station minimum 20 times.

Then you’ll have to wait for at least 15 minutes. This waiting period will provide the sensor and station with a clean connection opportunity. What actually happens during this period is your weather station gets rid of any random energy stored in it. Basically, this returns the units to its out of the box condition.

When the waiting period is over, insert new set of batteries into the sensor first. Then reconnect the power cord of the weather station after inserting new batteries into the station as well.

You’ll have to wait two more minutes at this point. Within a minute or two, the data from the outer sensor would show up on your weather station’s screen. But, don’t get so excited yet!

It is recommended that you to wait for another 15 minutes or so before you place your sensor and weather station at their previous positions. This will allow the devices to make a strong connection between them.

After 15 minutes, your devices are ready to go to their previous positions. You must keep in mind that the sensor outside must be positioned in a shaded location.


As I’ve already told you, this is a very special basic restart process that will reset your weather station to its out of the box condition. So, try to follow all the instruction as meticulously as possible.

In my opinion, this article should solve your problem regarding the basic reset process of a weather station. In case, your station is still showing dashes or the letters O, F, L, then I recommend you to contact the manufacturer. What you need in those situations is professional help.

This is all from my side today. Enjoy weather forecast from your station and stay safe!

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