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What Indicates That Foul Weather is Approaching and Why?

Weather is capable of changing drastically, and there are times when it changes so fast that it becomes impossible to notice that the weather is going to change.

This unpredicted weather change can be dangerous for the campers or the travelers.

It is true that most of you rely on the prediction of meteorologists or the weather forecast departments.

However, certain weather changes are so sudden that it can lead to the loss of life and property.

Instead of listening to your radio or watching the news on television, you should be able to decipher from the behavior of nature if the weather is going to be bad or good.

This is important because there might be a situation where you do not have the proper technology to receive information about a storm approaching.

You can get caught in a huge storm when you are in the middle of a fun camp.

Why Learn Forecasting Weather Personally?

It does not matter if you live in an urban or rural area or you are out for an adventure.

Rather, it is extremely important to learn how you can forecast weather by making use of the observational skills that you have and the tools that you have handy for saving your life.

It is time to stop depending on the digital technology like the television or a mini computer.

Signs that You Should Look for

Relying on the observational skills that you have will help you to understand the changes that your environment is going through.

Ancient people did not have digital technology. They used to depend on their observations as well as the folklore beliefs for protecting themselves during the harsh weather conditions.

Listed below are few of the ways in which you can observe the weather changing and understand that a foul weather is on its way.

Observation of the Clouds and the Sky

One of the most obvious ways of detecting a bad weather is observing the changes in the sky and the clouds.

It is believed that an ideal day starts when the morning is good. If you see that the sky is bright blue and has high clouds, you can be assured that the weather is going to be very good.

If you find the sky dark and the clouds to be lowered and grey in color, it is an indication of foul weather.

In case you are able to spot lightning, it is obvious that a storm is approaching soon enough. It is also imperative to look for the red sky.

During sunset, if you spot the sky turning red, it indicates high pressure, which means that foul weather is approaching.

The Behavior of the Animals

Animals start behaving in a completely different manner as they are the first ones who can understand when a foul weather is coming.

They tend to go back to their homes or relocate to some other area to protect themselves and their families.

Given below are few of the distinct behavior changes of certain animals when the weather is about to turn bad.

  • Snails can normally be spotted sitting on top of the rocks. Nonetheless, if you are unable to find a single snail on top of the rocks, you should be concerned because the snails have started seeking for safety. This is because they can detect strong winds and heavy rains.
  • Red and black ants can help in indicating bad weather. If you see that these tiny creatures have started building the mounds, you will understand that bad weather is coming. Ants build their mounds for enhancing protection and safety for themselves.
  • During Spring, you will see a number of bees buzzing around your flower beds. However, if you do not see a single bee, there are chances that a foul weather is approaching soon. Similarly, butterflies disappear as soon as they can detect a heavy rain or a storm.
  • The birds are the most common creatures that change their behaviors when they can detect a change in the weather. Even if you are unable to understand the behavior of other animals, birds will never get you go wrong. If you do not see birds flying at all, you can be prepared because rain is on its way.

Animals have more capability of predicting a bad weather in comparison to you. They are capable of sensing movements of the air pressure, which is responsible for changing the condition of the weather.

Keep an Eye on Winds and Waves

If the wind is blowing erratically, it is evident that a bad weather is approaching your area where you live. You can also check the rough waves for understanding the changes that the weather can bring.

foul weather

The other things that you should keep in mind include paying attention to the Western side of the sky because a foul weather comes typically from that side.

Try to understand when the temperature drops all of a sudden. Assuming the weather changes is one of the most difficult tasks ever, but if you can make these natural observations, you can take the precautions and remain safe.

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