10 Countries That Have The Most Tornados In The World!

Is America the only country that gets hit by tornadoes?

Considering the number of times (more than 1000) the USA gets hit by tornadoes, one can be forgiven to think that tornado is the sole property of the United States of America.

But that's not the case.

Apart from America, there are many other countries which have the misfortune of getting hit by tornadoes frequently.

But news of tornadoes in other parts of the world doesn't get as much coverage as it gets in America.

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How Is Climate Different From Weather?

The key difference between climate and weather is the measure of time.

The weather represents the state of the atmosphere over a very short period of time, while climate reflects the behavior of atmosphere over a period of 30 years or more.

In other words, consider climate as the whole football season, while the weather is just a few minutes of a single game.

Now, the length of time isn't the only difference between them. There are several others.

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How to Measure Snowfall: A Complete Beginners Guide For You!

Measuring snowfall isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I won’t sugarcoat; measuring snowfall in an accurate, consistent manner is quite difficult and will take a lot of efforts and your complete dedication.

But it’s worth all the trouble as the snow has a profound impact on the national economy.

Therefore, without wasting any time let’s get to how you can measure the snowfalls accurately.

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How to Protect Your Car from Hail Damage Without Garage?

The sight of your beloved car being wrecked by a hail storm is certainly not pleasant.

In some cases, heartbreaking.  Especially, when it cost you a fortune.

So, what can you do to escape the devastating wrath of the hail-storm?

Apparently, a lot.

With some simple steps, you can escape the terrible fury of this white monster AKA hail-storm.

Following are some of the tips that you can follow to safeguard your car against hail storm.

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AcuRite 01075RM 5-in-1 Weather Station Review: Yay or Nay?

There's one golden rule that you must follow while making a purchase; always buy from reliable brands.

Brands always produce products of superior quality.  Yes, there are occasional hiccups but they are too few to be taken into consideration.

Now, when it comes to buying reliable weather stations, you can trust AcuRite blindly (both literally and figuratively).

They have always come up with great products without exception, which earned them the people's trust. They have again hit the bull's eye with the AcuRite 01075RM 5-in-1 weather station.

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Ambient Weather WS-1002-WIFI OBSERVER Review: Worth Your Money?

Over the years, Ambient Weather has earned a stellar reputation for manufacturing excellent home weather stations.

Now, it has released another exciting product called WS-1002 Wi-Fi Observer. 

This multi-faceted station can measure temperature, wind speed, humidity, wind direction, rain, UV and solar radiation from its multiple sensors.

On top of that, it is also able to tell you about the inside barometric pressure, temperature and humidity of your house via its indoor temperature sensors.

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