Year End Lists

The record was so fortunate to be included and thought of on so many year end lists.  So kind!

Honoured to be amongst Willie Nelson and Gillan Welch in Deep Roots’s top twelve here: CBC Radio 2 Deep Roots .

And then there is the tireless and wondrous Soundscapes, where my album appeared at number four, and a great list to check out anyways: Soundscapes

Said The Grammophone, song list, beautifully written as always.  He says: “I think it ends prematurely, this folk song. But it is acutely – sharply – lovely, in a manner that recalls Sandy Denny, Shirley Collins. Tamara Lindeman’s voice feels like it is exactly the same shade as the notes she plays on her guitar, as the malleted drums, as the bells that are not in fact sounding.”

An American fellow, Will Stratton saw fit to say: “this sounds so at home with itself, so unpossessed by pretense, that it belongs to no particular era–not now, not ever. That timelessness is impossible and even harmful to aim for, but when it happens on its own, it is remarkable.”

Torontoist said that the record was “truly sublime” as they saw fit to put it on their top ten year end list.

Also, the record did real well on the year end Campus Charts.  Nationwide it wound up at number 4 on the folk/roots/blues chart, and number 68 on the top 200.


2 responses to “Year End Lists

  1. eMusic, a slightly more independent online music vendor, listed All of It Was Mine at #44 on their editor’s Best Albums of 2011 list which includes all genres.

  2. In Spain, a radio program called “Islas de Robinson” listed your album as one of their favourites. They don’t list in order (no numbers):

    By the way, I didn’t know your album until last sunday. Nice job, congratulations.


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