July 7, 2023

Light-Colored Clothing: Reflect the Sun's Rays

Stay Cool and Stylish with These Easy Summer Outfit Ideas

Maxi dresses, flowy tops, shorts, sundresses, rompers, and jumpsuits are all excellent options for creating effortless summer weather looks. Opt for lightweight fabrics, breathable designs, and light-colored garments to stay cool and comfortable. Remember to accessorize with sun-protective items like hats and sunglasses to shield yourself from harmful UV rays. Beating the summer heat while … Read more

La Crosse Technology V42-PRO-INT Review

La Crosse Technology V42-PRO-INT Review

The La Crosse Technology V42-PRO-INT Professional Weather Center with Combo Sensor and Remote Monitoring in sleek black. When it comes to wind data and rainfall measurements, this weather center has you covered. You can easily view the current and top wind speed, along with the direction and compass rose. The rain graph and historical records … Read more

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