Acurite Atlas Weather Station Review 2023: Worth Or Not?

Acurite Atlas Weather Station Reveie 2021: Worth Or Not?

In this Acurite Atlas Weather Station Review you will learn more about how the weather station works and how efficiently it reached one of the top buying list in 2023’s market.

Acurite Atlas Weather Statioon Review

Acurite Atlas Weather Station



Super accuracy level matching that of the Davis’s Instruments
A highly designed modern app
Very handy console with high definition color and touchscreen
Pricing is highly competitive
Convenience in extendable and detachable anemometer
It is one of the great portable weather stations


The smart home supported is limited
No other noticeable cons were found

AcuRite is a very well known and a popular brand for weather stations. With many great products from the brands, there are few that are worth buying.

Atlas stormed the market in 2018 after a delay of 2 years amongst all the other types of weather stations. There was talk about AcuRite competing with Davis as it was told that AcuRite will take on the instruments of Davis in the segment of personal weather stations. 

Atlas is one of the favourite professional weather stations for 3 main reasons:

  • Top-notch Accuracy Level
  • Completely Modern Connectivity
  • Comparatively Very Cost Effective

Atlas has given a strong competition to swiftly aging Davis’s weather station. 

This acurite atlas weather station article will give you all the required information regarding the Atlas station in comparison with other types of weather stations along with its features, pros, cons and even what the users think about the Atlas.

Why AcuRite Atlas?

Studying the market for a long time, AcuRite finally decided to launch Atlas with an aim of providing the most up to date solution to the world. The market has always seen greater demand for Davis stations mainly from the function point of use.

But when it comes to  modern functionalities and latest features, the crown automatically gets diverted to AcuRite. Atlas has exceeded all the expectations especially for the weather enthusiasts.

Not only the features but Atlas comes at a substantially better price too when compared to its competitors. Going forward in this article you will understand it better as to why AcuRite Atlas as a best weather stations.


  • The readability angle is great in Atlas having the HD and vivid display for different types of weather
  • The setup is effortless thanks to the touch screen TFT display 
  • There is a feature of auto dimming of the back screen for convenient night view and also a sleep mode
  • The high and low weather records’ snapshot is stored in the weather station
  • The data can be transferred with the SD Card which has a provisional card slot
  • Each of the measured condition has a programed alarm



The installation of the atlas weather station is not very difficult and easily set. It comes with a ISS (integrated Sensor Suite) which has everything you need making it all in one. You will have to just mount it to a pole.

The attachment required to hold on to the pole is already built in the ISS. The mounting pole needs to be up to 1.25 inches. The process to mount it is as follows:

  • Slide the back part from the ISS to remove it
  • Place the other section of the ISS on the pole
  • Slide again the removed back part on to the ISS
  • Using the tightening knob secure the entire set up

You can mount the Atlas anywhere on the pole from the top all through its length as per your convenience as it will allow you to place your thermometer sensor. As the Thermometer Sensor needs to be 6 feet above the ground level this will make it easier.

If you are going by setting up instructions then you can also buy the optional wind extension kit. You need to fix it at 33 feet with no obstructions for accurate readings.

Next you have to set the AcuRite Access and the Console. Doing this is very easy. But prior to that it is recommended to set the ISS and power them as well.

In Atlas a distance of up to 330 feet between the outside sensor and console is maximum for transmitting the data. 


The Atlas was a showstopper with its accuracy. The AcuRite precedes the 5 in 1 system. The Humidity and Temperature reading are similar to the Davis and NWS readings while installing the anemometer at the required height you will get the desired wind readings. The barometric pressure and the rainfall measuring unit are also on point. The detector of lightning works accurately as well.


One of the most durable and accurate sensors is installed in Atlas amongst an array of outside sensors. Check out the atlas weather sensor featured in this weather station. 

  • Outdoor Temperature
  • Outdoor Humidity Sensor
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Rainfall
  • UV light Intensity level
  • Solar Intensity
  • Lightning Nearby


Atlas is not only an updated weather station but also has scope for upgradability. While buying the Atlas you can opt to buy it with an Access module or Console with full HD or not. You can also buy it with both the upgrades. Yet other upgradable features are:

  • Lightning Strikes Detector
  • Wind Extension Kit
  • Remote Battery Compartment Pack
  • AC Power Adapter

There is also an option to add extra sensors via the Access. These sensors work terrific but cant be seen on your console, the readings would be seen on My AcuRite App.

You can visit the website to select the kind of sensors as Atlas is compatible with all. 

Display Console

This 7 inches full HD color display with TFT touchscreen technology is one of the best consoles in the market. It works significantly well and looks great too.

The HD display is the show stopper here going above any best basic weather station. You also have an option of viewing the data in the form of graphical representation over the 6 hours or 48 hours.

There is an option to adjust the brightness as well. It comes with a sleep mode feature which dims the brightness completely displaying just the time and date, humidity, temperature outside and speed of the wind.

The display unit comes with various options for alarms. As mentioned before a negative point here is that newly added sensors cannot be displayed on the console, although it is seen on the app.

Acurite Atlas Display Console

Image Source: Amazon


The acurite 01007m atlas weather station is a minimalistic design apart from being modular and upgradable. You can easily upgrade it as per your requirements. The system’s accuracy is great and improvised due to the power and cooling mechanism.

Three solar panels are powered by the solar radiation which also has an internal fan for cooling purposes. The ATlas is highly attractive and fully loaded. The only drawback is its size. It is not compact.

Lightning Detector

Lighting is a very beautiful phenomenon yet severely dangerous too. The lighting has caused many deaths, injuries and tremendous destruction.

Now imagine the weather station having a lightning detection kit shipped along with it. This can detect the lightning from a radius of 25 miles reporting the estimated distance of the strike.

Best in AcuRite Atlas

Well, as a reviewing team it feels amazing to declare that if Atlas’s best features need to be listed then it is going to be a really long one here. Atlas almost excels in every aspect. Check them here:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Attractive Display
  • Cost Effective
  • Upgradable
  • Basic Model is an up to Date one
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Gradation from Low to High value of Readings
  • Rain and Wind Alerts

This is no doubt a top class weather station from AcuRite.

What are user’s saying?

The users have all reviewed Atlas as the right kind of product. People say it is the most accurate and apt product to read the weather. It is tested and proved by the users to be a highly accurate weather reading display.

Users have also said that this model of Atlas is much sturdier than the initial 5 in 1 models. The people are in love with its connectivity, as it allows live chatting, people are way beyond impressed.

Yet a great section of people also have mentioned that Atlas does not need any support for installation and it is very easy.

Majority of the users have given positive comments while few say it is a heavy unit, while some have issues with Atlas not connecting to the smart home devices.


AcuRite has raised its bar with Atlas. After reading this Acurite Atlas Weather Station Review article we are sure that you would also be of the same opinion. If you are planning to buy a weather station then Atlas it is. This station ticks all the parameters of being the best one.

This is the best and just go for it without having a second thought. 


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