Acurite Weather Station Review: Brand Guide

Acurite Weather Station Review: Brand Guide [2021]

In this article you can find complete Acurite Weather Station Review, so that you can buy the best weather station for your home

About Acurite

When we talk about the best home weather station, how can we miss out Acurite brand. 

The brand has been in the weather station-making industry for a long time now and has created its own place in the market with great devices. If you are keen to learn more about acurite, then keep on reading our Acurite Weather Station Review of 2021.

The brand offers you the best weather stations, environment sensors, data-driver devices, and much more for your home. Let’s get on to the details

In Detail: Acurite Weather Stations Review

Founded in 1943, Acurite has gained a long-standing reputation as a leading and trustworthy manufacturer of weather devices. The brand builds and designs products that enhance your home monitoring effectively. 

Acurite is a brand build by Chaney Instrument Co. The company is known for its most trusted quartz clocks in the U.S.

Recently, Acurite earned the title of North America’s Number 1 Weather Monitoring Brand. They got this title by constantly producing innovative, reliable weather sensors and smart weather devices that keep you updated about the weather. 

Even after reaching the top, the brand has not compromised on the quality and is still committed to the user’s expectations. They keep on bringing new technology to their devices to give out the best weather results to keep you informed. 

The products of Acurite are known for their easy use, reliable quality, and precision. You can find their products on both offline and online stores very easily. We have listed the best selling products in our Acurite Weather Station Review Guide of 2021.

What Products To Look For?

Acurite has a large variety of products that are used for monitoring the weather of your home. Let’s take a look at these digital weather stations in this Acurite Weather Station Review

Acurite Exclusive Product

AcuRite Atlas

Acurite Atlas weather station is an all-rounder device. It rings all the bells when it comes to choosing the best home device.

The 7-in-1 weather station includes all the important sensors, add-ons, and upgrades that can help you maximize the weather monitoring experience.

It is not only a great device for the home but is also a useful option for gardeners, farmers, utility workers. You can completely rely on Acurite Atlas as your personal home weather station.

The device offers you real-time updates on your smartphone, desktop, and tablet. You also get an amazing HD touchscreen display console that looks great in every room.

Acurite Atlas Weather Statioon Review

Acurite Atlas Weather Station



Great accuracy that matches the standard
Well designed
Smart app orientation
HD display console with touchscreen feature
Amazing competitive price


Has manufacturing defect
Limited smart home care

What Users Are Saying

While Many users loved the accuracy of the device, many of them faced issues with the faulty wiring that caused false lightning strike results. Users did mention that, even with less smart home care, it one of the best other devices from Acurite.

Users loved the HD display panel and were immensely happy with the price range offered by the brand.

Take a look at the video to start your quick installation of Acurite Atlas.

Personal Weather Stations

AcuRite Iris

If you are a weather geek and plan your day with confidence then this acurite weather station 5-in-1 is the one for you. The Acurite IRIS offers all the vital weather data needed. 

It is built with Acurite’s Trademarked Self-calibrating forecasting sensor that offers 12-24 hour weather data. You can connect the professional display to your desktop and store or share the weather data. 

It is easy to view your sensors through your smartphones or computers with the My Acurite App easily. The LCD guides you through all the data like indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, and much more. It is easy to read due to the backlight and auto-dim feature.

It is very easy to mount with the one unit that is built with all the 5 technologies. 


Bright Graphic Display
Easy to Read Data
Build with Self-calibrating forecasting sensor
Offers great Accuracy
East to set up batteries


Irregular connection performance

What Users Are Saying

The users loved this stylish model of Acurite. They mentioned it delivers a large amount of information on its slick HD display console.
Users mentioned that, even though it an expensive model, it was worth the buy due to its Self-calibrating forecasting of 12-24 hours.

Portable Weather Stations

AcuRite 00256M Portable Anemometer

AcuRite 00256M Portable Anemometer


It is a great device for weather geeks who like to travel and need weather updates on the go. This handheld weather station is built with a wind meter and offers you temperature and humidity readings. 

It is a great handful device that also has features like high and low records, wind chill, and LCD backlight display for easy viewing. 

It also has a handy inspection light. 

It is a perfect weather station for hiking, cycling, boating, fishing, outdoor sports, and much more. It offers you 1-sec updates of all the data. 


Highly portable device
Extendable Air Velocity Meter
LCD backlight for easy view
Easy to mount on tripods
Calculates Wind chill and heat index
Provides 1-second updates


Cannot handle real field abuse
Not highly durable due to plastic

What Users Are Saying

The device works pretty well while considering the price tag. It is easy to handle and gives out accurate data. Users loved how the anemometer shows the average values as well for wind, temperature, and humidity.
However, you may not have long-lasting satisfaction with the buy because of the plastic material.

Indoor/ Outdoor Weather Sensors

AcuRite 02082M Home Temperature & Humidity Station with 3 Indoor / Outdoor Sensors

This weather station helps you to monitor inside and outside temperature and humidity in 4 different areas. You can easily take a look at the information and keep your family comfortable while protecting your home.

You get a display that features built-in sensors for temperature, wind, and humidity to monitor the conditions. You can place this display inside your home in the kitchen or living room.

The sensors are water-resistant and are placed in the backyard outdoor conditions. It is very to install in the bedroom, basement, attic, garage, wine cellars, etc. It is easy to track the data from all the different areas.

It also offers you a programmable alarm feature that helps you to preset or changes the environmental conditions.


Helps you to protect valuable investments like instruments and artworks
Ensures ideal sleeping conditions
Easy to read colorful display
Can be accessed easily
Simple to set up and use
Completely Wireless


Require time to show the readings

What Users Are Saying

Great device at such an amazing price range. It works as stated and is a very handy device. The users loved the Auto-dim feature for the night and said that it was easy to operate.
The only drawback was that it has no phone connectivity for alerts.

Thermometer and Hygrometers

AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer 

Ensuring proper temperature and humidity inside your home is important. It helps you to maintain your skin and reduces the growth of mold, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.

The Acurite Temperature & Humidity Monitor helps you to check the conditions at a glance with this indoor temperature and humidity combo device.

It is a multifunctional device that stands upright and has a magnetic back for easy magnet mounting to your refrigerator.
It is highly accurate and is designed pre-calibrated.


Magnet and tabletop mountable design
Easy to operate
Compact Intuitive design
The wider base that allows to stand in an upright position
Accurate and easy to read


The lit-up display is not easy to read

What Users Are Saying

Many users liked the accurate readings of the devices. They liked that the weather station was easily mounted on the refrigerators. The device has a slide wider base and was easy to use.
However, many of them faced issues with the durability of the device.

Rain Gauge

AcuRite 00850A2 Rain Gauge

The rain gauge helps you to determine whether your garden needs water or not. It is a great device you should have to figure out when it rains too much.

The device measures up to 5 inches of rain that can be monitored for more than a day. The number of the rain gauge is magnified by 35% so that it is easy to read and calculate.

It is designed in such a way that it is easy to mark your inches. It is a durable device is built with acrylic weather-resistant construction.
You also have a hang hole for easy mounting that can be stacked to the ground.


Simple and easy design
Cheap price
Can be mounted with pre-drilled holes
Hardened plastic that lasts long
No installation needed
Magnified number for easy measurement


Basic Accuracy
Self Emptying

What Users Are Saying

The users loved this simple rain gauge from Acurite. It was easy to mount due to pre-drilled holes and easy to hang. The rain gauge does not last long due to its hardened plastic but can stand up to elements for long period.

Acurite Weather Station Pros and Cons


  • High Precision weather station device with self-calibrating technology
  • Installation is manageable and is easy to mount
  • The weather stations are accurate and offer high precision
  • Offers real-time driven data
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Provides daily, monthly, and annual rainfall tracking


  • Lose wireless connection
  • No other cons were found

Acurite Prices, Packages, Deals, Where to Buy It?

Acurite weather station is a well-known brand and has great devices in the market. The products you purchase from the manufacturers are offered with a 1-year warranty. 

You can find the products on many platforms. Amazon is one of the best authorized dealers along with You can find the products on many other e-commerce websites as well. Check the retailers right here: Acurite Retailers.

You can find great deals and offers on Amazon. Starting from $50 to $300, all products are listed with additional features. 

Acurite Warranty, Return and Exchange Policy

The brand offers a 10-year warranty of the products that come under normal and service use. The transportation cost is to be paid by the purchaser. 

The warranty is not breached, and they give no credit to the products which are received normal wear and tear. 

They also refund the amount if the replacement or the repair is not feasible. 

You can also return the product if you are not satisfied with it within 90 days and a refund will be allowed back to you. However, this is applicable when you purchase the products directly from the website. 

Generally, the refund takes 5 days to commence once the product is received.

Common FAQ’s

The company is located in Lake Geneva, WI in the USA. However, the products are made in China.

Acurite suggests New, High Quality, lithium batteries for product performances. Make sure you verify the batteries are fresh. The expirations should be minimum of 5 years.

Hard Reset – 

Bring both the senor and display together and remove all the batteries from each other. Also, remove the power cord. 

Change the A-B-C switches from both units to a new, then press the matching channels and then hold the reset button of the display for at least 20 sec and see if it works.

It is a stand-alone device that gets the readings from Acurite indoor and outdoors sensors and sends the reading to My Acurite and weather Underground.

Find the A-B-B switch in the battery compartment. Set the switch to A, B, or C. You should select the same choice for both the unit display and sensor to synchronize your thermometer.

Open any web browser on your device and type in the address bar. You get access to the Acurite WiFi display settings. Select your WiFi name and password.


Weather Station is a great addition to every home and professional space to gather essential weather data. These devices offer accurate weather updates to any location. 

We have tried to cover the best home weather stations in this Acurite Weather Station Review. Having Acurite as your weather companion is a great start. They have amazing products listed in the market and growing rapidly. 

Get yours today!

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