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How To Protect Paper Documents?

Today we are mostly dependent on digital gadgets for every aspect of our lives. Currently, even for protecting our documents we tend to rely on the digital world. In the past all the documents were written on papers; people used to write letters for communicating, but now in this modern world, the scenario has changed. The use […]

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Yellow Jacket ABM-100 Smart Phone Anemometer Review

If you’re a HVAC technician, you know how crucial a good anemometer is for your job. Lucky for you, this Yellow Jacket ABM-100 Smart Phone Anemometer was engineered with your specific needs in mind. And unlike the other anemometers out there, it’s designed to work with your smartphone (via an app). In our quick post below, we’ll discuss […]

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Skymate WeatherHawk SM-18 Review: Good Enough?

WeatherHawk is a trusted name in the weather instruments industry. It specializes in producing quality & innovative personal weather stations for use by the school, government agencies, homeowners, industry, farmers, and so on. In today’s post, we’ll look at the Skymate WeatherHawk SM-18, one of their top digital anemometers which have been ranked as a best-seller […]

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HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Review: Worth It?

If you’re looking for a digital anemometer with a pocket-friendly budget, you’re likely to come across the HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer as one of the top recommendations. However, you would want to know more about this anemometer before your purchase it to see if it’ll meet your needs and expectations or not. Lucky for you, we’ve come […]

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Ambient Weather WM-4 Review: Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for the best portable anemometer, then Ambient Weather WM-4 will definitely make it to your list of top choices. A comprehensive, handheld anemometer from one of the most trusted weather instruments manufacturers, this anemometer has a great deal of popularity across the globe. The device claims to measure not just wind speed but also […]

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