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10 Best Handheld Weather Station 2019 – Reviews and Newbie Guide

If you’re a hobbyist or a professional whose daily activities highly depend on the weather, then you’ll need a portable weather station that you can easily take with you out there. The device will help you monitor various weather conditions and provide you with reliable, accurate info about the weather around you. However, finding the best handheld […]

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How To Become A Storm Chaser And Get Paid?

Becoming a storm chaser is a later step on the agenda of storm chasing. First, we need to get familiarized with what storm chasing actually is. Storm chasing is not something metaphorical; this is an actual job that people do. It is actually self-explanatory. To chase a thunderstorm, a tornado, or a hurricane – all of these […]

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What Kind of Weather Would an Anticyclone Bring?

Anticyclones are the regions of huge atmospheric pressure, which is relative to the air in the various surrounding regions. These are known for the huge diameter that they have. They are also referred to the high-pressure systems. Anticyclones appear on all the weather charts in the form of concentric and spaced isobars. The center of the anticyclones […]

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