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How Are Weather and Climate Alike; Similarities Between Them?

Are weather and the climate the same thing? Nope, they aren’t. Although they are different from each other, they certainly share some common traits. But before we delve into their similarities and differences, let’s talk about what exactly they are.What Is Weather?Weather indicates the current condition of the atmosphere. For instance, it tells you whether the atmosphere is […]

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DIY Eclipse Glasses: How to Make It At Home?

Solar eclipses must be observed with eclipse glasses. You can’t look at the sun with naked eyes as it’s dangerous and can cause permanent damage to your eyes. But, it can be very difficult to find one right before the event.  As most stores run out of the eclipse glasses pretty quickly. And even if you manage to […]

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A Watch Or A Warning: Which Is Worse and Why?

During severe weather, weather alerts can be incredibly helpful. But what if you don’t know which alert means what? Confusing one weather alert with another can prove extremely problematic, especially if you live in a storm-prone area. Many people in our society don’t know the difference between a Watch and a Warning. But is it too difficult to discern […]

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