Best AcuRite Indoor Outdoor Thermometer – 2023

A thermometer should have some specific features on point to be the best. It should be precise in readings and should have a good display with easy-to-read graphics.

AcuRite has been a leading manufacturer of weather products and devices for the past 79 years. They have a wide range of weather devices to choose from, each of which has its unique feature.

AcuRite is North America’s #1 weather monitoring brand, and this article is all about the best indoor and outdoor thermometer AcuRite has in the market.

There were endless choices, but only 6 of them made it to our list cause we wanted you to have the liberty to choose among the best AcuRite thermometers.

How we Picked:

All the products we picked for the review are unique with their functions and have their own USP, but one thing that is common in all of them is accuracy.

The thermometers display precise readings and provide reliable multizone temperature information. We made sure all the products we list are quality products by AcuRite.

We reviewed the products after researching in-depth about them and going through hundreds of user reviews. Considering the quality, features and overall design, we came up with the best Indoor and outdoor thermometer that AcuRite offers in the market today.

We have mentioned the features, pros and cons and all the other necessary information about thermometers.

Note that we provide you with unbiased and honest reviews to choose the right product for yourself.

1. Acurite Digital Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Thermometer 00754w4 with Self-setting Clock and Daily High/low

Acurite Digital Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Thermometer 


This wireless thermometer by AcuRite has some nifty yet useful features. It has a self-setting clock with features like string signal penetration (433 MHz). The display is good and easy to read, and the build is weather-proof.

It gives you reliable temperature readings, and the LCD display ensures you get all the information in just a glance. It shows all the important readings; the trend indicator arrows show the indoor/outdoor temperature, daily high and low, and time and date.

The time clock intelligently updates itself and is accurate. The build is sleek and can be mounted on a wall or kept on a tabletop. Wireless technology powers the whole system, making it more convenient.


Wireless and convenient.
Intelli-Time clock & calendar.
Strong signal penetration


The negative LCD display doesn’t have the best contrast.

2. AcuRite Digital Weather Forecaster with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature, Humidity, and Moon Phase (00829)

AcuRite Digital Weather Forecaster with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature.


AcuRite digital weather forecaster shows you real-time weather conditions. Its temperature gauge allows us, users, to receive accurate readings for the indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure trends on a wireless weather station.

It has an integrated hanger for easy placement, and thus it’s very convenient to place or hang. The A-B-C switch inside the battery compartment makes sure units always synchronize to the wireless display.

The weather forecaster shows you the weather conditions, heat index, dew point, barometric pressure, moon phase, time and date and a lot more. It is a feature-packed thermometer by AcuRite, and the best part is it gives you a forecast 12 hours in advance.

It uses 3 AA alkaline batteries in the display and 2 AA alkaline or lithium batteries in the sensor. The operating frequency is 433MHz, which is quite good.

Just like any other product, even this thermometer has some pros and some cons, and this area could be a deal breaker for many prospective customers. Thus, here are the pros and cons listed below so that you make the right choice.


Twelve hours advance weather forecast.
Packed with much nifty information about weather like moon phase and heat index.
Integrated hanger for easy placement.


Some customers faced transmitter connectivity issues.

3. AcuRite 02049 Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature, White

AcuRite 02049 Digital Thermometer


AcuRite 02049 is a good product with a compact build. It has a thermistor to measure outdoor environmental conditions with accuracy and precision. The design is weather resistant and has mounting options available.

It is wireless, easy to install, and works down to -40 degrees. The wireless connectivity range is 165 feet or 50 meters. The thermometer also features a signal strength indicator which comes in handy to locate optimal placement for the outdoor sensor.

The display is an LCD panel and shows you all the essential information like indoor and outdoor temperature with high and low records for the past 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours and 48 hours. The LCD panel measures 4.3 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. Powered by 2 AA batteries.

The sensor measures 4.8 inches tall and 1.6 inches wide and features a full all-weather design to get accurate measurements no matter the weather outside.


Weather-proof design.
Outdoor signal strength indicator.
Focused Sensor Data Collection.


Resetting is difficult as it is located in the battery compartment.
The outdoor sensor doesn’t work at times.

4. AcuRite 00611 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Wireless Temperature Sensor & Hygrometer

AcuRite 00611 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


This specific digital thermometer is quite a good option for people looking for a thermometer with a hygrometer. The hygrometer tracks the humidity and tells you comfort levels inside and outside your house.

AcuRite 00611 is calibrated for precise temperature and humidity readings. The thermometer packs an LCD display which shows all the important readings. The display is large and easy to read.

The sensor is weather resistant, just what you would expect from AcuRite; thus, it can be blacked outdoor and indoors. If skin issues and humidity conditions affect you, this thermometer can be a lifesaver. You can check the humidity rising or falling with just a glance.

The display and the sensor together use 4 AA batteries and last quite a long time.


The hygrometer helps you keep track of humidity conditions.
Fully wireless system.
Easy to read large display.


Some people complain about transmission issues.
Outdoor readings are frequently wrong.

5. AcuRite 00888A3 Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer, Silver, Small

AcuRite 00888A3 Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer


This AcuRite thermometer has a plastic build and an LCD, easy-to-read display. The display also features a push button backlight which can be helpful when you’re viewing it in the dark.

The build does not feature a wireless system; thus, a 10-foot weather-resistant cable is provided to monitor the outside conditions. It is both mountable and can be kept on a tabletop.

In the display, the minimum and maximum temperatures are shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius; nothing much is shown. It is a smile and compact thermometer, which is also budget-friendly.

You can also view the 24 hours high and low records with a push of an integrated button. Setting up the device is easy and convenient. You can also use the 10-foot-long cable to reach the places you can’t and monitor the temperature.

It requires only one AA battery and is very energy efficient. One battery can last for months.


Easy to read digital display with push button backlight.
Tabletop or mountable design.


No wireless system.
The 10-foot wire can be small at times.
The display is small.

6. AcuRite 00782A2 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, Temperature, White

Acurite Atlas Weather Statioon Review

Acurite Atlas Weather Station


AcuRite 00782A2 is an affordable and compact wireless indoor outdoor thermometer and is quite popular among users. It has an easy-to-read LCD display and a small outdoor sensor that is easy to place.

It can be mounted on a wall or can be kept on a tabletop. It has a strong signal penetration of enhanced frequency around 433MHz and shows accurate results in all weather conditions.

It weighs around 0.16 ounces and uses two AA batteries to keep working. This thermometer has excellent battery life; some users report they didn’t have to change batteries for almost a year. The compact design makes it very portable; thus, it is a popular model among users.

It shows the temperature in Fahrenheit, and you can monitor the temperature status from multiple locations in your house.

The main USP of this thermometer is its price point and its wireless build. This model is a bang on your bucks if you want a wireless weather thermometer on a tight budget.



Affordable thermometer with a wireless design.
Compact and portable.
Easy to read display.


Can show you the temperature only in Fahrenheit.
The thermometer is built using not-so-good quality plastic.
Temperatures fluctuate in harsh conditions.

Is AcuRite a good brand?

The company produces around 10 million clock motors annually and has been focused on innovation and technology to bring the best quality high-tech weather devices.

It is North America’s #1 weather monitoring brand, providing its customers with dependable weather sensors and smart home devices. Their products are easy to use and have accuracy. They also give you pre and post-purchase support for all their products and ensure product satisfaction.

Long story short, Acurite is a good and dependable brand with goodwill in the market. You can definitely choose an Acurite product and stay satisfied with its service.

People Also Ask: 

The Acurite thermometers are one of the most reliable thermometers present on the market, and they show precise temperature in all weather conditions.

They might be several reasons behind it; it might need a battery change or might be malfunctioning and needs a repair.

You can easily calibrate your AcuRite thermometer on the display unit.

You can reset the display by pressing the RESET button inside the battery compartment on the back of the display unit.


In this article, we went through some of the best products by Acurite, and we have made sure our reviews were detailed and informative. At the same time, we also endured you bringing out unbiased and honest reviews of each product. All the weather devices have some unique touch to them; thus, with the pros and cons list, you can be assured of what is the right pick for you.

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