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10 Countries That Have The Most Tornados In The World!

Is America the only country that gets hit by tornadoes?

Considering the number of times (more than 1000) the USA gets hit by tornadoes, one can be forgiven to think that tornado is the sole property of the United States of America.

But that's not the case.

Apart from America, there are many other countries which have the misfortune of getting hit by tornadoes frequently.

But news of tornadoes in other parts of the world doesn't get as much coverage as it gets in America.

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Does Weather Affect Your WiFi Signal? Know the Truth

Have you ever heard any of your peers asking whether WiFi signal gets affected by weather or not? It might also happen that this thought has popped up in your mind a hundred times till now.

In this of advanced modern technologies, WiFi has become an integral part of our daily life. And a poor signal from your router or nearest network is more than enough for you to lose your temper for the day, right? On top of that, you might have heard many heart breaking stories centering poor WiFi signals and weather.

So, let’s look into this issue – does weather affect WiFi signal? In this article, I’ll try to explain all the weather factors that are most likely to affect your WiFi signal. Eventually, you’ll also be able to understand whether these factors can affect WiFi signal in all situations or not.

Many business communities and localities have already conducted experiments in this regard. One example of such area is the community WiFi of Google at Palo Alto in San Francisco Bay. These experiments show that there are a number of weather conditions that weakens WiFi signal significantly.

But, you must know that weather can only affect WiFi signal in outdoor conditions. So, if you’re using WiFi from a router stationed inside your house, you need not to worry about weather conditions. Now, you might also ask how these weather conditions affect Wi-Fi signal. Don’t worry! I’ll tell you how.

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Top 15 Weather News Bloopers of All Time: Compilation 2018

Who doesn’t love to watch funny videos on YouTube? And I’m not an exception as well. You would probably call me a falsifier if I tell you that I can spend hours watching funny video at a stretch. Yes, I’m that addicted to funny videos!

I love those amusing videos mainly for two reasons. First of all, they’re not fake. And they are sources of unlimited fun. But, watching people making bloopers live on TV takes that fun to a whole new level, right?

Personally, I’m not a hardcore fan of weather forecasts. But, weatherman bloopers? I wouldn’t mind spending an hour!

People say that sharing is fun, but I say sharing funny videos is more fun! In this article, I’ve picked up top 15 weather news bloopers of all time to share with you. So, here you go. (Oh boy, this escalated too quickly!)

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