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How Does Air Pressure Affect Weather?

Being one of the most important elements of our environment, air plays a significant role in formation of weather pattern in a particular area. Although the words ‘air pressure’ and ‘weather’ sound like some scientific and technical terms, in reality they are very easy to understand.

Just bear with me few more minutes; I’ll show you how easy these two terms are to understand. Let me first tell you why it is easy. We all are habituated with the basic characteristics of air. And these basic characteristics are the reasons why weather is affected by air.

Still confused? Don’t worry. I’m not going to give up on you just yet! The atmosphere surrounding the Earth is made up of air and different other gaseous substances. You can compare the atmosphere to a vast ocean of air and the Earth is in the middle of that ocean.

Besides, air is an element that has mass and weight. That means this vast ocean of air inserts tremendous amount of pressure. So, isn’t it natural that the air will affect the Earth’s weather as weather occurs in that atmosphere?

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