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Top 6 Gift Ideas For Weather Geeks | The Weather Station


It is the upcoming holiday and you can’t seem to think of what to give for that one friend or family member that appears to have a deep fascination about the skies and its occasional weather.

As you watch the season changes beneath your window, you rummage your brain for any possible ideas. But still, only a question can be seen, and that is “What can I give that they would love?”

Wait no more! As here are some ideal gifts for weather geeks:


1. Portable Lightning Detector

It is suitable for those who are afraid of lightning, or for that cautious human soul. As it detects a lightning strike, it alerts the device and its proximity within the area. The portable design can be attached in any attire or bag and can be used the next time all of you go for outdoor activities.

2. Storm Glass

Storm Glass is an ornament that would please the eyes of that weather geek beholder. It is an enclosed teardrop-shaped glass that shows the crystallization of the chemicals beneath it, depending on the atmospheric pressure and temperature of the room.

It is known to be an exciting piece of furniture due to its uniqueness, which accentuates its gift for weather geeks.

3. Sundial

The device is known in history to be the oldest instrument in telling the time, but the vintage ambiance can be suited for those who like old things. It casts a shadow depending on the angle of the sun, which tells the present time.

To work accurately, it is crucial to be placed correctly outdoors, which adds beauty to their home.

4. Weather Lab Science Kit

This kit is for the kid that won’t stop asking about the weather. The kit may include a wind vane, rain gauge, anemometer, and other tools that can be used for science experiments.

In this way, the responses wouldn’t be with only words, but also with imagery

5. Pocket Weather Meter

Pocket weather meter is for those who are always curious about the exact weather pattern in their location. It is better to be informed!

6. Rooster Weather Vane

This is for your cowgirl or cowboy friend that is also a weather enthusiast. Just watching the wind may calm their senses, and may also tell its direction. It may be suitable for their barn as their topper, and your memories can be recalled as he/she sees it every day!

Specific Gifts For Those Who Are Cautious About The Weather

We all know that one person who always has an umbrella on the go, or always wears a jacket seven days a week. With this trip into the memory lane, consider their most prized possession and relate it to your gift.

There is no use for thinking deeply about that ideal gift for a weather geek if what they want is right in front of you!

The one who always hides from the sun can be gifted sunblock, shades, or a unique umbrella. Those who always feel cold can be given a personalized beanie, jacket or sweater. Designer boots are also suitable for your fashionista friend.

Whatever your gift may be, as long as you are reminded of them, it will surely be appreciated. It is the thought that is embedded within the gifts that counts.

Meteorology Gifts For The Science Enthusiast

“If I were a meteorologist, what would I want?” is a crucial question to ask oneself, especially if their existing possessions are not familiar.

But rather, think about what they would want which involves the weather.

A simple personalized T-shirt is fine, but here is the list for some ideal meteorology gifts that they would love.

1. Galileo Weather Station

For that one person who is a fan of Galileo Galilei, or the one who seems stuck in the past, this is an ideal gift for them! It shows time, pressure, humidity and temperature reading while keeping that vintage look.

2. Wireless Forecast Station

It is ideal to know the current conditions of your hometown while being away. Simply install a wireless forecast station at one’s home, and it will give information about the temperature, and current forecast.

3. Emergency Kit

For a weather enthusiast, an emergency kit is considered as one of the essentials in life. They are cautious about the weather disasters, and with this kit, it would show that you truly care for their safety.

But really, it should be obtained not only by them but by everyone to prepare.

4. Combination Clock

Instead of just knowing the time, you will also know the temperature and moon phase of the day. They will surely thank you as the portable device would surely come in handy in planning the picnic outdoors while watching the night sky.

5. Emergency Crank Weather Radio

Emergency crank weather radio is an ideal gift for an extrovert, as it may come in handy along the ride. The power source can also be either with its solar panel, or a rechargeable battery.

With a built-in flashlight and weather bands, what could they ask for more?

6. Book Nerds: A Genre with a Hint of Meteorology

Storm Chaser: A Photographer’s Journey by Jim Reed” –The art of photography can exist beneath the beauty of the weather and climate. Such photography in the skies can include Aurora Borealis or a great shot in the middle of the typhoon.

In this book, these photographs tell a story, and instead of knowing that “it is just one of those hurricanes”, it will be remembered by its name, and impact on people.

The Man Who Caught the Storm: The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras by Brantley Hargrove” –This book shared a great concept of meteorology with a hint of interest in storm chasing.

Specifically, it tells one of the greatest storms known to man, and how the characters are killed with the El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado. It is undoubtedly a weather-related gift for the aspiring meteorologist.

Specifically, it tells one of the greatest storms known to man, and how the characters are killed with the El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado. It is undoubtedly a weather-related gift for the aspiring meteorologist.

7. Weather Guide 2019 Wall Calendar

At the start of the year, everyone needs a calendar. This calendar for weather geeks features fifty-two pages of weather photography, alongside your important holidays. This meteorology gift will indeed give happiness to his/her weather loving heart!

To end, with all of the weather-related gifts stated above, you will surely now find a suitable gift for them. Don’t waste time, buy them now!

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