Top 15 Weather News Bloopers of All Time: Compilation 2018

Who doesn’t love to watch funny videos on YouTube? And I’m not an exception as well. You would probably call me a falsifier if I tell you that I can spend hours watching funny video at a stretch. Yes, I’m that addicted to funny videos!

I love those amusing videos mainly for two reasons. First of all, they’re not fake. And they are sources of unlimited fun. But, watching people making bloopers live on TV takes that fun to a whole new level, right?

Personally, I’m not a hardcore fan of weather forecasts. But, weatherman bloopers? I wouldn’t mind spending an hour!

People say that sharing is fun, but I say sharing funny videos is more fun! In this article, I’ve picked up top 15 weather news bloopers of all time to share with you. So, here you go. (Oh boy, this escalated too quickly!)

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How to Make a Simple Weather Station: DIY Project

Recording and collecting weather data personally is fun. I’m sure you would also agree with me.If you want to know how to make your own weather station at home and make weather forecast all by yourself, thank God. You’re at the right place.

Making a weather station can be very easy and simple as well as interesting.Just you need to collect some simple materials which are available in online or offline stores.And then you need to assemble them to foresee the weather conditions like a meteorologist.

In a simple weather station, you can easily measure temperature by thermometer, rainfall by rain gauge, air pressure by barometer, humidity by hygrometer,etc. To build a weather station by assembling those instruments is very easy and simple.

In this article, I’ll the step by step process about how to make a simple weather station at home by which you can easily record and collect weather data yourself.

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DIY Raspberry Pi Weather Station: How to Do It at Home?

Have you ever wondered how weather stations work? Or, have ever thought of building your own weather station at home all by yourself? If so, I’m pretty sure you love to seek knowledge.

When the thought of making a weather station at home hit my head, several questions also popped up in my brain as well. For example – how does the machine acquire data and display it? So, I started searching on Google for answers.

Among the DIY projects I found online, I loved the Raspberry Pi concept. And when I researched about Raspberry Pi projects, I found this post on their site.There are many tutorials available on YouTube too. You can watch the following video if you want. It might help you understand how this weather station thing looks and works.

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