Skymate WeatherHawk SM-18 Review: Good Enough?



Weather Hawk is a trusted name in the weather instruments industry. It specializes in producing innovative and personal – best weather stations for use by the school, government agencies, homeowners, industry, farmers, and so on.

In today’s post, we’ll look at the Skymate WeatherHawk SM-18, one of their top digital anemometers which have been ranked as a best-seller for 10 plus years.

After our review of this unit in the following post, you’ll be in a better situation to decide if the machine is worth investing your money in.

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Auto shutoff
Tripod adaptable
Data lock feature
100% water resistant
Non-corroding impeller
Replaceable lithium battery
2-year manufacturer warranty


Display lacks backlit function
Might not hold up to extreme wind conditions
A little bit pricey

MORE Than an Anemometer

The first thing you need to know about this anemometer is that it follows in the footsteps of the top-end models, providing you with additional weather conditions measurements apart from wind speed.

These conditions include the temperature and wind chill.

This makes it a highly reliable weather meter that can be used to analyze critical weather conditions in different areas like shooting, agriculture, climbing, boating, piloting, and so on.

While still on it, keep in mind that this weather meter offers you up to 6 unit options for taking wind speed (which include MS, FPM, KNT, KMH, MPH, BF (Beaufort)) plus the Fahrenheit and Celsius options for temperature readings.

Accuracy! Accuracy! Accuracy!

As you’ll all agree with me, accuracy is the most crucial aspect of any weather meter.

The unit does not disappoint when it comes to accuracy. It doesn’t just deliver the data of various weather conditions…it delivers them with the ultimate accuracy! It measures wind speed with an excellent accuracy rate of 3% (and in an extended range of 0.5 to 99 MPH).

Unlike most of the competition, it’s also able to capture the current, maximum, and average wind speed at the intervals of 5-, 10-, or 13-seconds.

NOTE: The unit’s unique pocket-knife design also contributes to the overall accuracy of this meter. That is, it allows you to hold it when taking temperature, ensuring that your hands’ temperature does not interfere with the temperature sensor and wind impeller.

Skymate Weatherhawk Sm-18

Portable (can be taken anywhere)

Remember that this is a handheld meter which means you’ll handle and carry it as if it were your smartphone.

What makes it even more portable is the pocketknife-style case which protects the entire unit during transportation for easy carry. Plus, it prevents accidental turning on of the machine while inside your pocket, ensuring even more convenient carry.

Thanks to the bright yellow color of this high visibility case, you can quickly retrieve this weather measuring device if it gets lost when out there.

Convenient To Use

The manufacturer of this hand-held digital anemometer designed it with the end user in mind. They wanted to make it as easy and convenient to operate as possible.

You’ll find multiple convenient features which make this unit user-friendly and easier for you to operate. These include the auto shutoff feature, low battery indicator, tripod adaptable, data lock feature, and waterproofing (making it ideal for use in rainy/wet conditions).

And oh! A detailed user manual available in up to 6 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, and Spanish) also comes with the box to help you smoothly operate this weather meter.

Two-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

What could be a better way for WeatherHawk to express the confidence they have in this product to meet your wind speed measuring needs and expectations?

The anemometer is backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty which covers all the defects in the device materials and workmanship.

This will surely give you some peace of mind when using this device, knowing that you’ll have an option when your unit fails.

It’ll also assure you that this is 100% risk-free investment, clearing any doubts you might have on whether to invest in it.

Take a look at a full guide of Weatherhawk SM-18 right here!

Frequently Asked Questions

The anemometer runs on a CR2032 Lithium battery, which comes included in the package. You can replace the battery whenever the need arises.

Unfortunately, WeatherHwak SM-18 only provides you with real-time temperature readings. It doesn’t keep memory of the temperature recorded overnight or over a specified period of time.

When the time to replace the battery comes, you might find it a bit challenging to put it the right way.
To correctly install your battery, you just need to open the slotted cover at the back of this anemometer by turning it clockwise and put the battery in place. When positioned correctly, the positive side of the cell should face you.

No. The anemometer doesn’t come with the backlight function, which might make it a bit challenging to take the readings at night. However, you can get over this by using your flashlight.


Professional and recreational users who wish to measure accurate wind speed data should go for this Skymate WeatherHawk SM-18.

All the previous users have given positive remarks on the unit’s ability to do its intended job of delivering precise wind speed, wind chill, and temperature readings.

We also liked all the extra features aimed at making this unit convenient and easy to operate for you. These include the pocket-knife style carry case, waterproofing, low battery indicator, auto-shutoff, multiple measuring unit options, data lock feature, and ability to mount to a tripod.

The only area where the manufacturer failed when designing this unit is not adding backlight display to help you easily take readings in low light conditions or at night.

Most importantly, the unit comes with the manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty (covering material and artistry defects) to assure you that you’re making a risk-free investment.

While the price might be a bit higher than what you find in most digital anemometers out there, it’s well worth it.

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