All About Temp Stick – A Wireless Temperature Sensor [Review 2022]

Temp Stick

Monitoring the humidity and temperature of your house or any other storage area is key to keeping your valuables safe. For places like your basement, which have some edible items stored, proper checking of humidity is crucial for avoiding mould production, which leads to the damage of goods. This problem is one of many reasons for having a device in your house or any other area that needs continuous temperature and humidity monitoring.

Back in the day, measuring the temperature and humidity of your house or a place would require you to set up an all-in-one weather station. But with, a rapid progression or advances in technology have made it possible to develop a compact and handy humidity and temperature sensor.


Temp stick is a simple WiFi temperature and humidity sensor that effectively provides real-time readings about the humidity and temperature in your room, office, wine cellar, incubator, office, and areas with a WiFi connection. This stick sensor also alerts the users if the temperature reaches a harmful level through text, email, or mobile application.

This Temp stick review 2022 focuses on the crucial factors that define the device’s popularity, effectiveness, and applications. These factors include all the advantages, disadvantages, key features, and specifications, among many others.

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Temp Stick

Temp Stick – wireless temperature sensor


Pros and cons of Temp Stick


Precise sensor readings
Wireless or handsfree
No subscription cost
The user-friendly and straightforward user interface of the app
Durable battery life
Unlimited data history
Quick and convenient battery replacement
Text, email, or in-app notifications and alerts
Satisfactory customer service


No LCD. Requires an application to get the readings.
It does not work on a 5 GHz WiFi connection.
Repeated reports affect the battery life of the sensor.
The shortest interval to get the readings is 5 minutes.
A bit expensive

Features of Netamto Weather Station

24/7 Round The Clock Readings With Added Sensors:

The Temp stick embodies highly accurate humidity sensors and temperature sensors that help measure the humidity and temperature anywhere and anytime. The device even sends notifications and alerts when it runs low on power and needs a battery replacement.

Durable Battery Life and Excellent Battery Power: 

This useful WiFi temp stick has an excellent battery life of 1 year with AA batteries. Just replace the batteries of this device once every year without worrying about recharging it via cables or wires. Despite the excellent battery power, frequent reports may drain the battery faster than expected. So having some powerful, juicy, and durable AA batteries in advance might help.

Free Alerts Via Email and Text: 

Most of the temperature sensors available in the market charge a subscription fee from their customers for showing alerts via email or text. On the contrary, the temp stick offers this service free of cost to its users.

Unlimited Records of Data History: 

With the Temp stick, you can evaluate and monitor the temperature and humidity of all the past readings for free. The users can download the easy-to-read charts and graphs as a file for further analysis.

3-Year Limited Warranty:

Anyone can rely on the durability and longevity of this product as the 3-Year Limited Warranty backs it. A deal like this is worth the investment as you get additional sensors and the temperature sensor.

Temp Stick

Specification of Temp Stick

This section puts forward the unique and handy specifications of the remote temperature sensor- Temp Stick.

  • Accurate Temperature sensor
  • Precise Humidity Sensor
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Smartphone application
  • Alerts through texts and emails
  • -40°F TO 140°F temperature range
  • Compact and handy

How to Setup Temp Stick

The entire setting up process of the Temp stick is straightforward and effortless. The device comes with 2 AA batteries that power the device for around a year. The package also includes an adhesive velcro strap for people who might want to mount this device on the wall rather than placing it on a shelf.

It would be best if you had an active and stable WiFi connection to use this device. This device only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi routers that might work properly if your router runs on 5 GHz. This issue causes a significant inconvenience in accessing the data from the Temp Stick. You can experience the delay in making the reports available on the app even if you found a way for it to work on a 5 GHz WiFi connection. 

The slot for inserting the AA batteries is easy to locate. Insert the two AA batteries by removing the back panel of the stick. A blinking light indicates the proper functioning of the Temp Stick.

All About the App.

The Temp stick application has a very simple and responsive user interface. Even people with minimal knowledge or experience with the technical gadgets can adjust the intervals at which the Temp Stick application updates. The interval at which the application displays the room readings on your smartphone is set at 15 minutes by default. However, you can switch it to a 60-minute interval if you do not want your phone to vibrate every 15 minutes. This simple tip can ensure Temp Stick’s longer battery life.

The users can also set the standard temperature and humidity values in the application. Any value above or below this specified range sends an alert to your smartphone via text and email. In case you have multiple Temp Sticks for different areas of the house, you can personalize the name of each device for easy access.

The Temp Stick account setup process includes the setting up of an Ideal Sciences account to display your data right away without providing various information. The customers can complete the signing-up process even if they’re away from the sensor.

Benefits of Temp Stick

Having an accurate reading of the temperature and humidity of your home can help avoid a lot of significant problems and risks. The benefits of the Temp stick are listed below for your review.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Unlimited Data Collection
  • The user-friendly and straightforward app interface
  • Versatile
  • Can withstand cold 
  • Easy to Place
  • Multiple modes of alerts
  • Monitor temperature of food storage areas, freezer, Greenhouse, Industrial monitoring, etc.

What Does the Temp Stick Monitor?

The Temp Stick accurately measures the temperature and humidity of the room or area. There are many applications of the Temp Stick. For example, you have valuables stored in your basement where high humidity could support or boost mould growth and may cause damage. Or maybe have an interest in gardening and have a greenhouse where both temperature and humidity are critical deciding factors for productivity and health of the crops.

Apart from these applications, the uses of Temp Stick include monitoring the temperature in cold storage rooms, RVs, vacation homes, wine cellars, animal monitoring, and attic conditions, among many other uses.

A brief description of the various applications of the Temp is listed below.

  • This sensor effectively monitors the temperature and humidity at home for a pleasant and comfortable living environment.
  • Monitoring a damp basement to help prevent mould and mildew.
  • Ensure safe storage of wine, cigars, art, or guitars at an ideal temperature/humidity.
  • To provide early warning against frozen pipes.
  • Temp Stick is apt for monitoring Greenhouse temperature to ensure optimal growing conditions.
  • Another application includes using it as an RV temperature monitor to protect pets while on the road.
  • To monitor a vacation home or cabin when you’re not there.
  • You can use this sensor for freezer and food storage monitoring to ensure food storage at a safe temperature in a freezer, fridge, or pantry.

What we like about Temp Stick

Although the Temp Stick may be costly, the device’s features and specifications are worth every penny. The zero subscription fee gives this product an upper hand over similar products by its competitors. The unlimited reports and storage for your data ensure prolonged use of this device. The personalized interval of alerts in different ways, whether through text message, email, or the application, is truly remarkable.

Even people who are not so sound in using gadgets or are inexperienced can easily set up this WiFi temp stick without any hassle. The long and powerful battery life is admirable and its sleek design.

The indoor sensors are brilliant for outdoor use as well. We are in awe of the app dashboard sensor check as it is super user-friendly. Also, the top-notch accuracy of this digital sensor is unmatched.

What we don’t like about Temp Stick

We don’t like a few things about the Temp Stick that one can count on fingers. The first thing that we don’t like about the device is that the unit does not feature an LCD screen display. This unavailability of display essentially means that one would require the Temp Stick application downloaded on their smartphone to check the temperature. Another downside of this remote temperature stick sensor is that it does not support 2.4 GHz WiFi routers.

Temp Stick only reports in 15, 30, and 60-minute intervals to help save your battery life, but this can cause inconvenience for those who need to receive an update every five minutes or less. The 5-minute interval between taking the readings and displaying the reports on the application can be annoying if you want instant reports.

Who should buy it?

Based on the Temp Stick reviews on Amazon, we can confidently say that the Temp Stick is accurate, portable, and easy to use, making it one of the best and most precise remote temperature monitors available in the present market. 

There are no hidden subscription fees, and our experience with the Temp Stick was hassle-free. The customers who have owned this device for a long time say that the battery goes months at a time without changing or replacing. In case of some problems or need help, one can talk to Ideal Sciences’ customer support which is helpful and responsive.

Therefore, if you are scrounging the market for a device that monitors the temperature and humidity of a place with reliable alerts and you don’t mind spending a little more for quality—the Temp Stick is supposedly the ideal way to go.You can grab your Temp Stick from the Amazon store or visit the official Ideal Sciences website to get outstanding deals and discounts.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

If monitoring the temperature and humidity of the desired place is not of importance, buying a Temp Stick is not worth it. The entire purpose of purchasing a Temp Stick is to monitor and evaluate the temperature of your house, and if that is not the purpose, you should not buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal Sciences, the manufacturer of the Temp Stick, claims the device to be within the accuracy range of ±0.4 degrees Celsius temperature. When we consider the humidity readings, they are accurate to within 4%, given that the humidity stays below 80%. It is one of the most precise Temp sensors available on the market.

The Netatmo Outdoor Weather Station, on the other hand, gives you the pressure, humidity, and temperature readings around your house and locality. It renders the most accurate figures that help you out should you plan an outdoor activity.

The Temp Stick uses two AA batteries and an active WiFi connection to give readings on the smartphone app. The temperature sensor, among various other sensors, provides accurate readings about the temperature and humidity of the room.

There is no way to remove sensors from your account using the app. You need to contact customer support to delete the sensor from your account. All you need to do is email the sensor ID number to for the sensor you want to delete from your account. One can find the sensor ID in the following locations- 

  • Within the battery slot of the device, after removing the batteries.
  • Under the “sensors” tab, when you log in via the app/website.

To reset your sensor into setup mode, go through the steps described below: 

Step. 1→ Remove one battery from the device and wait for 10 seconds. 

Step. 2→ Insert that battery back into the sensor six times. Now insert the battery in the sensor and let it be. 

Step. 3→ The device’s light might flash two times and go back to the normal blinking state. This state denotes that you have entered the setup mode. You can now follow the easy and quick startup guide again to allow the sensor to a different WiFi network.


It’s challenging to keep track of the possibility of freezing pipes and fire hazards at home when you are in your office, college, or somewhere else. The irregular temperature and extreme humidity can also damage the precious goods of your house. Hence, grabbing WiFi temperature and humidity sensors seems to be a practical approach for preserving valuable items and property.

With the Temp Stick, you can rest easy about the temperature and humidity levels going beyond the average values by getting a notification via text or mail. Also, the device has a wide range of applications.

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