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Why Use Low VOC Non-Toxic Carpets And Some Top Brands!


A few days back, I went to an invitation to my father’s friend’s house. The house was beautiful, but my eyes got stuck to the floor of his living room that was covered by a black carpet.

The carpet was soft, wear and stain resistant. When someone told me that it was a branded one from one of the best brands available, I realized that brands are not just for show.

Moreover, the carpet was nontoxic i.e It was made of wool rather than any synthetic fiber, and the presence of volatile organic compounds was low which is a critical factor to keep in mind before buying.

Seeing and knowing about the carpet, I made up my mind that I want such a carpet on the floor of my home. Coming back home, I quickly did some research. Though rugs are a straightforward thing, it was quite challenging to find the best one to buy as many industries manufacture the product.

Here, I am going to tell everything I came across about the brands of the carpet and what is the importance of using a nontoxic carpet.

Without further due, let’s get started.

Why Is Low VOC Non-Toxic Carpet Used? 

Before some decades, the carpets on which we walked were fully made of wool. But now, the scenario is different. Nowadays, the mats are made of synthetic fibers like polypropylene, polyester etc. During the finishing of the carpet, latex is used as a coating to improve the quality and durability.

Moreover, from the newly made carpets, some volatile chemicals are released that are very harmful to the body and can cause several problems like asthma, skin disease, etc.

The issues don’t stop here!These toxic substances are especially harmful to babies.

For the sake of our health, it is essential to use a carpet that is nontoxic and releases low volatile compounds. This is so that our health is not compromised by decorating our house.

Some Top Most Brands

Now, let’s talk about some top brands from where we can get nontoxic carpets that look pleasing but don’t harm our health.

1. Mohawk Industries

The Mohawk industry is an American manufacturer and the oldest one that produces different flooring products. This is one of the leading brands from where the best carpets can be bought. The carpets of these brands are soft and the looks are pleasant. This is achieved by giving customers a variety of color options.

While purchasing a carpet, the first thing that we inquire about is whether it is stain resistant or not. Mohawk branded carpets are designed in such a manner that won’t be an issue.

Moreover, along with stain resistant, the brand can give you wear resistance and makes the carpets durable. The mats are made of different fibers; this gives consumers a wide variety of choice.

2. Shaw

This is one of the best manufacturers of carpets. The carpets of this manufacturer are nontoxic and contain low volatile chemicals.

You can get carpets of different colors and different textures. There are about eight colors of carpets that are presented into about 350 different styles.

The best facility you will get from this brand is you can get two samples for trial, and if you like it, then you can ask them to make you a custom carpet with your design.

3. Stainmaster

The carpets of this brand are very durable and easy to clean without compromising the quality.

Some of the best fibers are used to manufacture the carpets of this brand.

Houses where there are pets, the brand of this carpet is the best choice as they are made of the strongest fibers scratched by your beloved pet won’t be an issue.

4. Dream Weaver

This manufacturer made carpets that ensure environmental safety, and this characteristic makes it a company respected by many.

The carpets of this brand are of high quality with minimum effect on the environment. Again they ensure that no volatile chemicals can pollute the air of your home.

One can get fantastic, stain resistant carpets that provide about 25 years of warranty. Moreover, the carpets of this brand can be bought at a reasonable price.

5. Dixie Home

This brand provides 25 stunning colors of carpets. They manufacture carpets of traditional velvets and contemporary styles.

They provide a various pattern of design and use a high quality of fibers which makes the carpets long lasting, stain and wear resistant.

This brand provides carpets at an affordable price and can save up to 30-50%. And they provide a warranty of about two years.

6. DuPont

The DuPont brand offers naturally stain resistant carpets for both private and commercial places. This carpet is made of the highest quality of fibers.

The carpets of this manufacturer can repel liquid stain and can be bought at an affordable price. The carpets of this brand even look new even after using 3-4 years.


Carpets can give a pleasant look in our house. But it looks more amazing when you use a branded one as the branded products are made of high-quality fibers.

The carpets of those brands are nontoxic and of low VOC which will not affect the indoor air environment and our health will not be compromised.

It is wise to choose a branded carpet for a stunning look in the home from one of the top most brands.

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