Best RV Weather Station in 2023

Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Some of the key features of these best weather station devices include accuracy, vivid display, remote access, and durability. A weather station is a climate-predicting device with sensors and unique features that record and showcase the real picture of different conditions of your chosen locations. These include giving accurate temperature, wind speed, rainfall/snow, humidity and barometric pressure of your location.

Moving along in your vehicle to the countryside with this device helps you keep updated about the weather conditions. Frequently travelling becomes a wake-up call for you to have the devices like weather stations as these keep you close to weather updates.

How We Reviewed:

In order to help you find the best device, we have tried to do justice by reviewing around 50 popular RV weather stations and similar devices. We checked all the features and tested them in different conditions to know how they can help the users. We reviewed these on the factors like user-friendliness, display size, cost, and other features before choosing the top four in this post.

Once we were sure which works the best, we narrowed down the best weather station for RV for you. All four devices offer several cool features; needless to say, these are extremely affordable. So, how about checking the recommended RV weather station in 2023, which we have narrowed down for you as enlisted below, Have a look.

1. Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

If you are looking for a portable weather station for RV in terms of exciting features and greater affordability, In that case, you can always count on Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer. One of the critical features which make this device worthy include a 7.5” LCD color display that offers more information that you require regarding both the indoor or outdoor temperatures and humidity,

Plus, you get some customizable alerts, alarm (with a 5-minute snooze), clock, time date, a 7.5 LCD screen, which gives a vivid and big display of these numbers for you to check. It gives you clear visibility of the weather information like the indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity level, temperature rise, custom alerts, and forecast of 8-24 h weather and moon phrases. Then you have features like full-color forecasting, which calculate the forecast for the next eight hours. Lastly, the two power modes and brightness help in adjusting the brightness.


  • Indoor Thermometer Dimension 8L X 5.1H inches
  • Hygrometer Inside & Outside – 20-95%
  • Inside Temperature – 9.9℃(14.2°F) – 50°C(122°F)
  • Outside Temperature – 20°C(-4°F) – 60°C(140°F)
  • Indoor Station Power – 2x AA batteries(not included)
  • Item Weight 1.12 pounds
  • Manufacturer Newentor
  • Batteries2 AA batteries


Moon phase monitor with helpful and interesting features.

Crisp, clear and visually appealing display

The forecast function requires a week to calibrate

Establishes a wide range of alerts to keep a check on weather conditions


Support is restricted to only the four time zones across the US

Outdoor sensor requires precise placement to avoid any kind of damages

Final Verdict:

It is always a pleasing experience traveling with this RV weather station as your companion. As you catch the beautiful sights during your drive, the device keeps you updated about the weather conditions of the upcoming locations during your trip. You will instantly fall in love with the Newentor Wireless Weather Station as it has a list of wonderful features. You get everything handy with it, including temperature, humidity, and others, in no time. Thus it would be fair to call this RV weather station a worthy device to consider.

2. AcuRite Digital Vertical Weather Forecaster 

AcuRite Digital Vertical Weather Forecaster

If you are looking for a quality portable weather station for RV, you will find  AcuRite Digital Vertical Weather Forecaster to be a decent choice. Thanks to its numerous features, which makes it a worthy choice. Some of these include getting real-time weather conditions with stylish display, simple-to-read LCD, and multiple placement options to name a  few. 

The atomic self-setting clock and calendar help you block the right dates as per your set dates so you can gain the perfect weather regulation. The auto-dimming display makes everything visible for you to plan your day. The forecasting technology helps you connect with weather stations allowing you to get a personalized and hyperlocal weather forecast for around 12 hours from your current location. The outdoor temperature gauge, makes this work for you.


  • Temperature Range Outdoor:  -40 °F to 158 °F; (-40 °C to 70 °C), and Indoor: 32 °F to 122 °F; (0 °C to 50 °C)
  • Humidity Range:  1% to 99% RH
  • Wireless Range:  330 ft / 100 m depending on home construction materials
  • Operating Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Power Display: 5V, 250mA power adapter, 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (optional); Sensor: 2 x AA alkaline or lithium batteries
  • Data Reporting:       Outdoor Data: 16-second updates; Indoor Data: 60-second updates



It comes with a personal, hyperlocal weather Forecast 12 Hours feature from your current location/conditions.

You get outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity readings.

You get barometric pressure, high, and low records.

It comes with a wall-mountable or tabletop design.

Atomic self-setting clock and calendar.

Simple to read and auto-dimming display.


The only con from a few customers is that it has poor readability and field of view.

Final Verdict:

If you look at the features, AcuRite weather forecasters have some exceptional ones. It uses data collected over the wireless weather sensor seen over the backyard that allows you to render the current outdoor temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. So, you have a weather station that gives you the report of any chilly wind or heat index. All these features, with several other pros and fewer cons, make this device worth considering. You can always count on it for any weather-related information.

3. Davis Instruments 6152 Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station 

Davis Instruments 6152 Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station

The next on this list is Davis Instruments 6152 Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station, which is regarded as a rugged and professional device. It is known for its incredible features allowing you to monitor several weather variables like humidity, temperature, wind, rain, dew point, barometer, wind chill, and heat index, to name a few. 

The best part of this device is the quick updates that come within 2.5 seconds in a wireless transmission range of 300 m or 1000 feet. A big backlit console with graphs, alarms, and forecast remains the additional feature that makes it noteworthy. The outdoor sensor suite supports solar power, while the battery remains as the backup. Lastly, you can even install an anemometer separately.


  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH)- 18 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Power Source- Solar Powered
  • Number of Batteries – 3 C batteries required.
  • Display Type LCD
  • Item Weight – ‎5 Pounds
  • Brand Name- ‎Davis Instruments
  • Country of Origin- ‎United States
  • Model Name- ‎6152
  • Color- ‎Black, White
  • Size- ‎6″


It comes with customizable features with robust performance.

The rich technology sensors give greater accuracy and flexibility.

Quick weather updates (within 2.5 seconds).

Backlit console with graphs, alarms, and forecast.

Operates with solar energy with the battery as backup.

Option to mount Anemometer separately.


The only con we have come across is that some customers have complained about its durability.

Final Verdict:

The Davis Instruments 6152 Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station is something that offers too many features. The several pros and barely one con, you have all the reasons to shop it from any online retailer. If you are among a serious travel freak who often needs to keep abreast with the weather updates, you cannot ignore this weather station. We can certainly call it a worthy product to shop for.

4. BALDR Weather Station 3 Sensors

BALDR Weather Station 3 Sensors

The next on this list is the RV weather station from the brand BALDR. It offers too many features, making it a reliable choice for people highly dependent on weather updates. You quickly get all the weather reports of different variables like humidity, temperature and others on the screen. Thanks to the powerful chips and sensors that make this possible by getting quick signals. 

The other features include the wake-up service and snooze function. All you have to do is to press the top button, followed by activating the snooze feature. The adjustable backlight controls the light intensity on the screen, making it comfortably visible to the users. The advanced outdoor thermometer wireless helps predict weather updates upto 24 hours.


  • Power Source Type Battery Powered
  • Size 6.3”x4.52”x0.75”
  • Brand Name BALDR
  • Outdoor temperature range: -40℉~140℉(-40℃~60℃)
  • Indoor temperature range: 14℉~122℉( -10℃~50℃)
  • Weather forecast for next 12-24 hours with barometer
  • Measures in/out humidity and temperature (℉/℃)
  • 4 groups of temperature & humidity data
  • Record of temperature & humidity: Max/min
  • In/outdoor humidity range: 1%-99%
  • Clear color LCD display: Yes
  • White backlight with dimmer: Yes
  • Comfort level indication: Yes
  • Time display: 12/24H
  • Color: Black


It comes with five vivid weather forecast modes.

Work with 3 comfort level indicator.

Enjoy wake-up service with Alarm Clock and Snooze Function

Get Radio clock & Power-off memory.

Better visibility with large size LCD color screen.


The only con we have come across is that a few customers find the data on the screen too cluttered, which confuses them.

Final Verdict:

BALDR Weather Station 3 Sensors, Weather Stations come with too many features which are too good to believe. So, if you are looking for a versatile kind of RV weather station, then this is the right choice. You have too many pros and barely a single con with this device, which makes it a worthy choice for users. It is completely reliable in terms of weather updates, which makes it a perfect companion for weather-related updates. In a nutshell, a decent choice for you.


There is no dearth of RV weather station devices; however, if you are keen on getting the best, the above list can suffice all your requirements. These are worthy choices in terms of functions and features, and you can anytime rely on any of these to get real-time weather updates. Planning your day and traveling ahead to your chosen location becomes easy. So, why wait when you want the best Happy shopping!

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