climate and weather

How Is Climate Different From Weather?

The key difference between climate and weather is the measure of time. The weather represents the state of the atmosphere over a concise period of time, while climate reflects the atmosphere’s behavior over a period of 30 years or more. In other words, consider climate as the whole football season, while the weather is just … Read more

how jet stream affects weather

How Does The Jet Stream Affect Weather?

The term “Jet Stream” is a trendy term among weather forecast enthusiasts. If you’re a regular viewer of weather news, you might have heard this term so many times. Although this is a prevalent term, most common don’t know what a jet stream is and how does works. You might even ask a bigger question … Read more

how air pressure affects weather

How Does Air Pressure Affect Weather?

Being one of the most important elements of our environment, air plays a significant role in formation of weather patterns in a particular area. Although the words ‘air pressure’ and ‘weather’ sound like some scientific and technical terms, in reality they are very easy to understand. Just bear with me few more minutes; I’ll show … Read more

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