Davis Instruments Vs. La Crosse Weather Instruments

Davis vs la crosse

Even after spending hours reading weather station reviews, comparisons, and recommendations on the internet, choosing a weather station can be difficult. All kinds of questions start popping up in your mind like, Which weather station to buy? Which is the best brand weather station? Is this weather station right for me? Which brand do I buy? 

Brand plays an important role in buying a weather station. Since almost all brands produce good quality weather stations, we understand that you tend to get into a dilemma. La Crosse and Davis Instruments are two such famous weather station brands. 

If you have gone through various forums searching for the right reviews and comparisons between La Crosse and Davis Instruments, you would have seen that most people’s recommendations and reviews are of their stations, making it difficult to get the view of both or all major brands products.

Don’t worry; we have got you covered on that front here. Through this article, you can figure out the differences between Davis’s top product and La Crosse’s main product as well. You can go through them and then take your call.

But before that, you need to consider a few criteria while buying a new weather station. Check them out below:

  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Good Quality and quantity of sensors
  • Ease of connecting data to Weather Underground
  • Device to internet connectivity with wifi or computer

Through this article, let us compare two leading brands of weather stations – Davis Instruments and La Crosse.

Davis Instruments:

Davis Instruments Weather Stations have outshined in this competitive world of weather stations in terms of accuracy, flexibility, value for money, and durability. Quality and reliability are the primary elements of all the products of Davis Instruments. Known for creating environmental monitoring, quality-filled and top-notch monitoring equipment, Davis Instruments has carved its way. The USA is the hub for Davis’s instrument assembly and design, providing unique, great and effective solutions to day-to-day problems. Davis has been a prominent and great provider of outdoor, marine, indoor, techno-based and weather equipment.

Davis has been a manufacturer of weather equipment for well beyond 50 years, boasting technology, innovation and quality. Both hobbyists and professionals are huge fans of Davis Instruments today.

After finding early success in Weather Monitor and Weather Wizard, Davis Instruments has very efficiently and successfully moved to the powerful territory of EnvironMonitor along with the new generations of Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro 2. Thanks to Davis’s tech upgrades like cloud’s 3G Telemetry, mobile technology and WeatherLink, the future of the weather stations has turned out to be very exciting along with the other weather monitoring instruments.

La Crosse:

The foundation of La Crosse Technology was laid by Allan McCormick back in 1983 with a strong vision that created history in bringing up multiple companies under a single brand name. 

Today’s multinational manufacturer began its journey as a one-person company in a mobile showroom, but today manufactures innumerable products like;

The USA became the land for La Crosse’s mobile popularity even though La Crosse’s business philosophy remains unchanged irrespective of the success they have achieved. 

Serving Their Customers To The Highest Level is how they function.

La Crosse Technology initiated its story from La Crescent, Minnesota, but now functions full-fledged from La Crosse, Wisconsin. An extensive range of products is delivered by La Crosse, like stylish accents for offices and homes, unsurpassed weather data and atomic time.

Comparison Davis Vs. La Crosse Weather Station

Unfortunately, choosing a weather station can be challenging because there are so many different products available. All the different features can get overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers, who often give up because they get confused. Different type weather stations serve different needs. This is where the rest of the purchase depends.

Don’t worry; we have got you covered with the top products of Davis and La Crosse. 

Davis Instruments 6250 Wireless Weather Station

davis instrument

Davis Instruments has raised its reach to a higher level with this top and most popular product. The 6250 wireless weather station is worth every penny of investment. Let us know why.

The sensors of this weather station are solar-powered and are built to bear all the extremities of the weather. Thanks to these sensors, the weather station is known to provide the most accurate results as per the company. The best part is, the 6250 weather station has a radiation shield surrounding the thermometer. This protects the thermometer and also helps in achieving accurate results.

One of the powerful features of the weather station is the range of transmission. The 6250 has a transmission range of 500 ft, making it the best take for workshops and big houses. On the other hand, you need not worry about the power factor as the weather station comes with backup batteries, which can be utilized in case of cloudy weather when the sun ditches in providing its solar power.

The monitor is user-friendly and very easy to understand. The display is colorful and big, making it convenient for older people to read. There is also a feature of screen adjustment for the LCD screen for easy usage.


  • The 6250 wireless weather station is a bang on product for professional use
  • The 6250 is heavily built in a way to withstand all the extremities and is thus highly durable
  • It is very easy to read the visuals on the screen


  • The app is a bit outdated.

La Crosse Technology S82967-INT Wireless Weather Station

la crosse weather instrument

Want something within a low budget range by composing a bit on the features? The La Crosse Technology S82967-INT would be the best fit for your small house or hobby purposes. It only costs around 40 dollars and provides you with a decent number of features simultaneously.

Are you looking out for a reasonable weather station with no compromises in features? Then La Crosse is your brand, and S82967-INT Wireless Weather Station is your product. It is a great fit for satisfying your hobby and perfect for your small house as well. Can you guess the price? It is just $40 and is packed with great features and perfect accuracy. 

A weather station’s basic features are covered in S82967-INT, providing you with all that you need. Humidity levels, temperature measurement, weather prediction, etc., can be seen on display. The readings are creatively displayed on the LCD screen through creative graphics. It has a user-friendly interface.

This weather station provides the most accurate results at all points in time. You will never get disappointed by the readings of the weather station. You will get more than you expect in this weather station. The display panel will provide you with loads of information. The brightness on the LCD screen can be configured with an auto-dim backlight option based on the brightness in the environment. 

Well, what more can you expect for a meager $40? The only drawback is that you will have to compromise with the application benefits and the solar powering. This weather station works with two AA batteries.

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