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How To Reinforce and Secure Garage Door For Hurricane


In times of disaster, the damage of property increases in value due to the strong winds and massive rainfall.

Many have attempted to stop this phenomenon by providing immediate response, but the damage is inevitable.

In the process of protecting ourselves and belongings, our garage door may be one of the weak spots in our home that may lead to the extent of destruction.

The entire concept worried me which is why I did some digging to find everything I needed to know about squiring those weak spots.

Get a Garage Door Hurricane Reinforcement Kit

The largest opening that may exist within one’s home is their garage door. Being the most vulnerable part of the house, the essentiality of its maintenance should be secured.

Failure to do so may lead to unwanted harm and may even blow the roof off one’s home. To prevent such happenings, the importance of the garage door hurricane reinforcement kit is accentuated to avoid any potential danger.

As you install the kit in your garage door, its expected vulnerability is lessened due to the added protection of the product. In the process of protection is also the prevention of structural damage, as the breaking of the garage door may lead to the ripple effect of destruction in one’s home.

It can also be treated as a mode of investment, as the safety can not only prevent further damage, but also provides a piece of mind. Do not settle for reinforcement kits with cheap material, but rather, choose a hurricane-rated one that you are sure of.

The braces and needed kits depend on the size of your garage, especially for single and double garage door scenario. Storm proof garage door sounds too good to be true, but it can be achieved with the proper usage of the existing reinforcement kits.

How It Helps

The Garage Door Hurricane Reinforcement Kit usually offers the standard wind that it may surpass, and with this, you know the storm signal and choose the perfect kit wisely.

Its installment varies with its material and design, as there are kinds wherein numerous pillars support the door, while the kinds with panel hinges are often installed by a professional as its improper installment may disrupt the door’s balance.

The frame should also be taken into consideration, and some prefer steel pins in its material. The glass panels in your garage door may also be a source of vulnerability, which is why it is crucial to cover the glass by a shutter.

Furthermore, consult a professional if the garage door hurricane reinforcement kit is ideal for your garage material, as some requires the overall replacement of garage door due to its weak material that may not withstand the upcoming storm.

Having a garage door that is reinforced is a one step away from harm. The proper maintenance of the garage door is also an act ofmaintenance for the overall house.

Make sure that all of the necessary precautionary measures are met before the storm in order to achieve a safe and secured home!

Opt foraGarage Door Hurricane Brace

In a snap, the garage door may break that may cause the unwanted wind to enter your house and ruin all of the belongings that you obtain in your lifeline’s work.

To prevent such occurrences, the garage door hurricane brace is invented. It is known to be affordable and effective depending on its source and durability. It does not attach permanently, and is convenient because of its lightweight characteristic.

In the occurrence of hurricane, the wind creates pressure towards the door. As it increases, the center of the door is pushed inward as the ends are pulled towards one another.

It can also occur in reverse wherein the door is pushed outward instead of inward. Furthermore, this is where the role of garage door hurricane brace takes place; itwithstands the wind pressure in order to prevent the deformation of garage doors.

The rollers’ main function is to keep the garage door in place. In the deformation of garage doors, the rollers are tilted which causes for the position to be out of proportion.

In order to prevent this phenomenon, a bracing system should be installed to keep the garage door intact, eliminating all of the possible negative effects of the hurricane.

How It Helps

The garage door hurricane brace is often made with high-quality aluminum that ensures its credibility as protection for garage doors.The braces support the garage door even if the garage is known to be high due to its design, causing to protect the door against negative and positive pressures.

Its brackets are joined with hinges, and are uncomplicated to install. The storage is also not a problem to behold as it does not require maintenance.

Even with these benefits, it still secures the garage door efficiently and can withstand strong winds.With its wanted function, it can ensure the safety of your establishment and the families living in their homes.

It acts as a guard, which protects the people from unwanted debris and harm in the days of calamity.

Make Your Own DIY Garage Door Hurricane Brace

When times get rough, and the ordered hurricane brace wouldn’t make it in time, it is better to do one of your own.

First, make sure to take into consideration the material of your garage door and its size, as the perfect garage door to withstand the hurricane still depends on these factors.

Then, take into account the frame and the needed horizontal and vertical bracing. The stair thread hangers or clamps can be used to hold the bracing in place.

Make sure that the screws of the garage door is not too short for its function, it is much safer to install a longer screw for better attachment of the door to the wall and its hinges.

If the material of the door is not in good condition, it is much safer to install a new one in order to assure that the function of the hurricane brace is at its full potential.

Here’s a Short Video That Might Help:

Final Thoughts

Still doubtful of the effectiveness of your garage door? Do you feel that it would not withstand the storms for the following years?

Be prepared, for you are informed about the needed measures in order to maintain your garage door. Install a garage door hurricane reinforcement kit or hurricane brace now!

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