Top 15 Weather News Bloopers of All Time Compilation

top weather news bloopers

Who doesn’t love to watch funny videos on YouTube? And I’m not an exception as well. You would probably call me a falsifier if I tell you that I can spend hours watching a funny video at a stretch. Yes, I’m that addicted to funny blooper  videos!

I love those amusing videos mainly for two reasons. First of all, they’re not fake. And they are sources of unlimited fun. But watching people making bloopers live on TV takes that fun to a whole new level, right?

Personally, I’m not a hardcore fan of weather forecasts. But, weatherman bloopers? I wouldn’t mind spending an hour!

People say that sharing is fun, but I say sharing funny videos is more fun! In this article, I’ve picked up the top 15 weather news bloopers of all time to share with you. So, here you go. (Oh boy, this escalated too quickly!)

Top 15 Weather News Bloopers of all time

1. Weather Map Goes Crazy Live on the Air

What would you do as a weatherman if you see your weather map displaying 2,960 degrees in an area? Yes, technology isn’t always cooperative!

Luckily, weatherman Cory McCloskey of FOX 10 was smart enough to handle the malfunction. He performs a hilarious weathercast; you should watch it for yourself.

2. Weatherman vs. Cockroach Bloopers

Although this video never went to life, this is one of my favorite video clips.

Justin Mosley became famous after making this blooper. He is damn lucky. He freaked out and literally left the stage after seeing a cockroach on the stage. Haha.

You might call him a coward, but I think it’s completely natural to freak out if you encounter a cockroach in an unexpected situation.

3. Funny Kid Interrupts Weatherman 

I’ve seen many clips where common people make fun of reporters by intentionally interrupting them. All of such clips were outdoor incidents.

But in this clip, a funny kid appears on the stage and starts asking some hilarious questions to the weatherman.

The kid is probably the son of any of the coworkers. The kid really surprised the weatherman.

4. Weatherman Goes Diarrhea on Air 

Although I felt pity for this weatherman, this is one of the top funniest videos ever.

Have you ever been faced with a situation when you’re not in a position not to hold back your poop any longer?

This is one of those situations where the man in action suffers, but everybody else laughs.

The weatherman couldn’t wait to finish his forecast. He had to leave the stage.

5. Spider Devours Dinner During Weather Forecast 

This is a clip where a weather forecast clip becomes a National Geography channel clip.

At first, the weatherman got shocked to see a spider. When he understood what was actually happening, the spider starts eating its prey.

Can’t understand? Watch the clip and see for yourself.

6. Weather Man with Tourettes Syndrome – Bloopers

Do you know what Tourette Syndrome is? According to Wikipedia, it is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics.

Although the weatherman in this clip is not a serious patient, he becomes annoyed with his performance.

He also mistakenly uses slang out of anger. We all do that. But if it is in front of the camera, it becomes an embarrassment.

7. Weatherman Farts on Live TV 

Farting is very common and natural. However, farting in front of others is considered offensive. It’s even more embarrassing if a sound is heard.

In this blooper, the weatherman farted in front of the live camera. That, too, had a clear sound. Can you believe that?

You might think that it was unintentional. If so, you must watch the clip.

8. Giving Forecast on a Mechanical Bull 

This weatherman is probably the dumbest weatherman I’ve ever seen. And I’m sure you haven’t seen one either.

He thinks he is a superman, or he intentionally wanted to make fun in front of the live camera.

People find it impossible to stay on the mechanical bull for 4 to 5 seconds. And here is our weatherman who intends to report riding a mechanical bull.

See it for yourself what happens to the poor guy.

9. Channel Goes Live in front of Unprepared Weatherman 

This is actually a common news blooper.

At first, everything goes black due to power failure. You won’t even see a thing for quite some time.

And suddenly, power comes back to reveal our unprepared weatherman.

What was he doing? Nothing shameful; I can assure you that.

10. Griffey the Weather Dog Wants to Play during Weather Forecast

Griffey, the Weather Dog, is a famous name in the weather news industry. You might even hear about this amazing dog. He is trained to act in the local weather news program at Springfield, MO.

However, in this clip, you’ll find that Griffey acting unusual. He wants to play during the weather forecast. And the anchor was helpless!

11. Weatherman Blown away by Storm

Have you ever seen someone being blown away by a storm or strong wind? If not, you won’t be able to stop laughing if you watch this clip.

Apart from the fun, this weatherman should be applauded for his courage to go out in such a strong wind to make his report.

This clip is also proof that reporters work really hard to take the news to people’s bedrooms.

12. Weatherman Starts Talking before Camera Goes Offline

This is yet another funny blooper made by a dumb weatherman.

He is not impressed with his performance, and he gets over-excited. And the consequence is as expected. He starts bullying himself before the camera goes off.

What did he say? You won’t get real pleasure if I tell you everything.

13. Skeleton Weatherman Predicts Bone-chilling Forecast

Although this weather report was prepared using graphics, it is on my list of top 15 weather news bloopers. Why? Simply because of humor.

Instead of a weather forecaster, the producer has used the graphics of a skeleton to anchor the forecast.

In that report, one of the areas was expected to experience a shallow temperature. And our skeleton anchor says, “Bone-chilling”!

14. Tropical Storm John Weatherman Blooper

This is a hilarious clip where the weatherman seems to get very excited about Tropical Storm John.

His over-excitement is not the main attraction here, though. If you don’t watch the clip, it’s “TOUGH” to explain why this is funny.

15. Bird Interrupts Cory’s Forecast

Let me finish my list with another Cory McCloskey cameo.

When the camera shifts from the studio to the reporter, a hawk appears on the screen. And, SMART Cory handled the situation well.

Instead of a weather forecast, Corey starts talking about the bird-like an expert on the National Geography channel. Haha.

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As I’ve said earlier, I can spend hours watching foolish videos on YouTube, making a list of top 15 is too petite for me.

However, taste and humor varies from person to person. So definitely I’ve prepared my list based on my own taste and humor. Hopefully, you’ll like the videos.This is all from my side for the moment.

Let me know about any hilarious video you see – cause, no blooper shall pass unwatched. Have fun!

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