What Should You Do If Caught In Severe Storm Conditions?

stuck in storm

Storms are scary! Maybe not in the initial stage, when it feels like a fast-blowing wind and you kind of enjoy it. But when picked up a fierce speed, they are frightening.

It is ironic though, how air and water – two wonderful creations of nature, without which life is impossible –go on to become their ferocious selves, are so bent to swallow the same life.

Well, guess the proverb “Too much of anything is good for nothing” came to subsist with this kind of instance only.

But it’s nothing like the storms, and even the severe ones are inescapable given that you try.

A degree of alertness and spontaneity and some quick-witted efforts can save you from these natural catastrophes.

Have the Know-Whats About Weather

Wherever you are, be it your home city or your relatives’ place or you are traveling somewhere for work, have sufficient information about the climatic conditions of the place.

Along with keeping your ear on weather radio, observe the current weather.

Newspapers carry news on Met department’s forecasts about any upcoming adverse weather phenomena.

Also, the locals can very well guide you if they feel the air around is going unfavorable. Markets start shutting down earlier than usual timings.

Therefore, having a watch on the activities around will give you the leads to be prepared to save yourself.

What To Do If Caught In Severe Storm Conditions?

So even after taking enough precautions so that you can escape any bad stormy situations, what you will do if you are still trapped in some severe storm.

stormy situation

Let us have a look at some measures you can adopt to save yourself and if possible, others too, in those devastating circumstances.

In Case of Thunderstorms/Tornadoes

  • Head immediately for shelter and protect your head and neck. Do not take support under trees, poles or hills – they are the first thing to fall or slide in case of thunderstorms or tornadoes.
  • Do not hide in a vehicle. It’s not a safe place in storms. However, driving out of the way of the storm is an option to avoid being caught in the winds. But you cannot possibly outrun the storm.
  • Do not be in a visible range for the storm, it is not safe. You may easily get sucked by the vacuum created by the air in the storm. Try to hide in a close and substantially strong structure.
  • Stay away from the glass structures. Glass is prone to shattering before any building material.
  • In the buildings, choose the lowest floor and with the least possible openings. Keep your level of hiding as low as possible. Basements are the safest place to hide in this situation.
  • If stuck in an open area, try to find a valley kind of section to crouch down. Stay as close to ground as possible.
  • Do not use or be near any electronic equipment. Avoid the use of cell phones. Any magnetic field in effect will have the chances of catching lightning.
  • In the home, find heavy props to cover your windows and other openings in the house, before bashed upon by the high-speed winds. Keep yourself covered with thick coverings like blanket, pillows, jackets, cushions, carpets or anything you can reach out to.

In Case of Blizzards (Snow Storms)

  • Keep your home winterized and stay in. Avoid going out by your vehicle in the snow storms.
  • Don multiple layers of cloth instead of one hefty clothing. Cover your mouth and nose to refrain from inhaling excess cold air.
  • If trapped in your vehicle in the middle of a snowstorm, keep your vehicle fuelled up for as long as possible. Do not panic and do not try to remove the snow layers from around your car. It is an over-exertive task with no significant results. Just keep the head and tail lights on for indication and wait for the help or for the storm to subside.

Having the knowledge about acting on the instant when trapped in some severe storm becomes more pertinent when you are in a new place.

Being in your own city, you will leave your home packed up with resources to save you from any climatic flops.

But in a strange city, you have limited means to resort to, if confronted by the problem of any kind. So keep track of the weather reports of the place you are in.

Finally, be well prepared based on the above-mentioned ideas, so that you will be in a position to help not only yourself but others as well if needed.Take

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