8 Best Dehumidifier In The Market: 2022 Reviewed

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We understand that needing a dehumidifier in your home is a frustrating experience. Humidity has a way of zapping energy, and as a result, patience levels inevitably drop.

That’s why we’ve compiled this review of the best dehumidifier options for you. In this review, we demystify the dehumidifier buying process.

Later, we explore the top dehumidifiers for residential use.

To find the best dehumidifier options on the market, we investigated each product’s features, price, pros and cons, energy-efficiency, uses, and warranty.

We found eight of the most reputable dehumidifiers that transform the air quality from miserable to delightfully livable.

Overall Price Range

Prices for the best dehumidifier options range from around $150 to about $400. Prices aren’t always indicative of how well the dehumidifier perform.

These machines are categorized by the amount of fluid they absorb throughout a given 24-hour period.

Dehumidifiers that pull a higher volume cost more than those with smaller capacities.

To get the best value, always compare your home’s dimensions to the specifications for each of the best dehumidifier choices reviewed below.

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Top 8 Dehumidifiers of 2021 Comparison Table

HomeLabs 3,000 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier Rating: 92/100 View latest Deal →
TOSOT 70 Pint Dehumidifier Rating: 91/100 View Latest Deal →
Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →
Frigidaire 22-Pint Dehumidifier Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →
Keystone Energy Star 70 Portable Dehumidifier Rating: 88/100 View Latest Deal →
Danby Energy Star 50-Pint Dehumidifier Rating: 85/100 View Latest Deal →
Whynter RPD-421EW Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier Rating: 82/100 View Latest Deal →
SPT SD-33E: 30 pints Dehumidifier Rating: 80/100 View Latest Deal →

8 Best Dehumidifier’s For Your Home

HomeLabs 3,000 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier


The sleek and modern HomeLabs Dehumidifier removes up to 35 pints (4.3 gallons) of water from the air every 24 hours.

Bottom wheels allow smooth rolling for convenient moving and storage.

Control seven different settings through the touch panel display; choose from a 24-hour timer, defrost, auto shutoff, auto restart, and turbo mode.

Designed for precision cleaning, the machine gives snap access to the water tank and filter.

Enjoy a marked improvement in air quality and environmental smells with the HomeLabs dehumidifier.


HomeLabs gives a generous two-year warranty plus another six months when purchasers register on the company website.


Extra quiet
Attractive exterior
Alarm rings when the tank is full
Small and portable


Doesn't feature drain pump
Plastic threading on drain connector

Best Used For

As a large-capacity dehumidifier, this one works best in spaces between 1,500 and 3,000 square feet. It’s ideal for homes, sprawling basements, cellars, and crawl spaces.

TOSOT 70 Pint Dehumidifier


TOSOT’s 70 Pint Dehumidifier is a quiet but mighty machine capable of drawing up to nine gallons of liquid from the air every day.

The device uses a gravity hose to release fluid into a sump pump or drain for worry-free continuous draining.

The Energy Star certification guarantees this dehumidifier will cut down on power bills while providing a more comfortable atmosphere.

Features include a washable air filter, adjustable humidity range, digital Humidistat display, and automatic shutoff when the bin is full.


A limited one-year warranty covers manufacturer’s defects for this product.


Adjustable humidity control
Minimal noise
Quick setup
Simple settings
Works fast


Drain hose not included
Short warranty period

Best Used For

The TOSOT 70-Liter Dehumidifier is made for use in big spaces like houses.

Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier


Ivation’s 70-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier uses compression power to lure up water into its oversized 1.3-gallon reservoir.

The hassle-free features like an extra-long six-foot power cord, dual fan speeds, humidity meter, and 24-hour programmable time make this Ivation model one of the best dehumidifier choices on the market.

Built-in safety features for tank overflow and the reusable air filter keep environments protected and well maintained.

An eco-efficient frost sensor safeguards evaporator coils, which increases the lifespan of the machine.


Manufacturer’s defects are covered for one year after the original purchase of the Ivation dehumidifier.


Extra-long power cord
Humidity meter
Frost sensor
Works quickly


Too noisy
Instruction manual is unclear

Best Used For

This dehumidifier can withdraw up to 9 gallons of liquid from the air each day in spaces as large as 4,500 square feet. It works well in homes, basements, and attics.

Frigidaire 22-Pint Dehumidifier


The breathe easy Frigidaire 22-Pint Dehumidifier is designed to eliminate harmful airborne bacteria to improve air quality and prevent mold and mildew.

The large Ready-Select® top controls help identity comfort settings to customize environmental conditions.

Frigidaire’s trademarked Effortless system alerts when filters need cleaning and when the tank is full.

Effortless also allows for seamless all-day humidity control with the touch of a button.The Energy Star Certified 22-Pint Dehumidifier is proven to reduce costs and preserve energy.

This machine operates in temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit to stabilize room conditions.


Frigidaire provides a full-year ‘parts and labor’ warranty and a five-year sealed system warranty for their 30-pint dehumidifier.


Easy to use control panel
Perfect size for smaller spaces
Quiet when running
Helpful customer service
Simple cleaning


No auto de-icing feature
Doesn't have inbuilt drainage pump

Best Used For

The petite 22-Pint dehumidifier is on castor wheels for easy transport from room to room.

Taking in 22 pints of water per day, this Frigidaire model works best in spaces. The smaller the area, the more effective it is.

Keystone Energy Star 70 Portable Dehumidifier KSTAD70C


The Keystone KSTAD70C Energy Star 70 Portable Dehumidifier with modern LED display offers simplicity at its finest.

The machine’s electronic controls allow for feature settings automatic defrosting, a 24-hour timer, and turbo mode.

A transparent water level indicator always reveals how full the tank is to prevent spills and leaks.

Removing up to 70 pints (9 gallons) of liquid from areas measuring up to 4,500 feet each day, the KSTAD70C is a midsize machine that works overtime.

Continuous draining and a washable dust filter add convenience to Keystone’s modern castor wheeled dehumidifier.


Parts and labor are covered under Keystone’s warranty for a full year after purchase. The sealed system has an extended warranty lasting five years total.


Simple assembly
Works in colder temperatures
Turbo speed works well


Continuous drain hose not included
Loud when in use

Best Used For

The 4,500 square foot range for the KSTAD70C makes it suitable for homes, basements, and any enclosed space needing increased moisture removal.

Danby Energy Star 50-Pint Dehumidifier


The dual-speed Danby Energy Star 50-Pint Dehumidifier is an eco-friendly and cost-effective water sucking powerhouse.

Taking in up to 50 pints of water per day the machine makes large spaces comfortable while improving air quality.

The front-loading 12.7 bucket and vertical pump for continuous drain offer two exceptional options for water control.

This dehumidifier has an automatic de-icing function to prevent frosting, and the low-temperature feature helps the machine operate when degrees dip to 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smart features included in the unit include automatic humidity control based on ambient room temperature and setting recall after a power outage.


Danby warrants plastic parts for their 50 Pint Dehumidifier for 30-days after purchase, and all functional parts are covered for 24 months.

Danby warranty terms apply only to the original purchaser of the dehumidifier.


Energy Star compliant
Works in low temperatures
Smart humidity control
Works in large spaces
Quiet operation


Drain has plastic threads
Storage tank fills quickly
Housing is flimsy

Best Used For

Any damp space up to 4,500 square feet could benefit from the Danby 50 Pint Dehumidifier. As long as the area is sealed from the elements, this machine delivers powerful results.

Whynter RPD-421EW Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier


The Whynter RPD-421EW Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier is an Energy Star-rated money-saving option for the most humid days.

Equipped with a 5.6-liter removable water bin, the RPD-421EW draws up to 5 gallons of moisture every day for ongoing absorption without leaks.

The machine allows for humidity control adjustment ranging from 30% to 90%. For maximum convenience, it features dual fan speeds, automatic shutoff and restart, and a 24-hour timer.

Draining the Whynter RPD-421EW is comfortable with the direct drain option or 20-inch drain hose.


Whynter offers a one-year limited warranty for manufacturer’s defects with three years on the compressor.


Extra-large water bin
Two drainage methods
Many automated features
Suitable for large spaces
Humidity level adjustment


Too noisy for some people
Humidity sensor is temperamental

Best Used For

The Whynter RPD-421EW operates best in enclosed spaces measuring up to 2,000 square feet, and its compact design allows it to fit almost anywhere.

SPT SD-33E: 30 pints Dehumidifier


Get more for your money with the SPT SD-33E: 30 pints Dehumidifier’s double draining options.

Whether you opt to drain with the provided hose continuously or drain directly, this machine swiftly removes air moisture into a three-liter tank while upgrading air conditions.

A washable air filter with wash reminding indicator ensures the filter stays fresh with continued use.

Auto settings include a humidity controller built to accommodate five percent increments ranging from 35% to 85% levels to customize your surroundings according to weather.

A full tank indicator with automatic shut off keeps water in the machine even when left unattended.


SPT gives a limited one-year warranty for the SD-52PE Energy Star Dehumidifier to cover manufacturer’s defects.


Smooth and whisper-quiet operation
Durable, long-lasting construction
Double draining options
Simple and straightforward features


Shorter warranty than average
Only suitable for rooms or small spaces

Best Used For

Although this dehumidifier pulls up to 30 pints of liquid from the air throughout a day, it’s recommended for smaller spaces.

Which Dehumidifier Is Right for Me?

refrigerator type humidifier
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Finding the right dehumidifier for your home might seem tricky at first because of the sheer number of options out there.

The review below highlight some of the best dehumidifier choices for you, but here’s a crash course in how to decipher dehumidifier lingo so you can find the right device for your needs.


Choose a dehumidifier size based on the space’s size plus how wet it is. An extremely wet 1500 square foot room needs a bigger dehumidifier than a damp 2,500 square foot room.

Basements and cellars are often some of the wettest rooms in a home. If a very wet basement is 1,000 square feet or more, choose a dehumidifier that can process 60 pints or more.

A 40-pint dehumidifier suffices for damp or slightly wet areas up to around 1,000 square feet.Keep in mind that larger dehumidifiers work more efficiently in any space, but an area under 500 square feet never requires a large dehumidifier.


When researching dehumidifiers, you notice that each option mentions how many pints the machine can process, which is the device’s capacity.

That number is the amount of water the dehumidifier can take in during a 24-hour time frame, not the size of the condensation tank.

Water tanks are small, and unless you hook up a hose for continuous draining, you must empty the tanks frequently.


Noise is one of the most common concerns with dehumidifiers. Some operate extremely quietly while others do not.

Noise concerns aren’t as pressing when the dehumidifier is placed in an unused area of the home. It’s a big deal if you are using it in your bedroom or living space.

If noise is an issue for you, look for quiet dehumidifiers in the review below.


a humidifier

Many people who use a dehumidifier do so to make the ambient temperature in their home tolerable during scorching summer days.

If this applies to you, look for a dehumidifier that doesn’t create excess heat when it’s turned on. Some dehumidifiers are better than others for use during the summer.


Most dehumidifiers these days are Energy Star Certified, which can cut electrical usage costs. Running any machine will cost money.

When looking for the most cost-effective dehumidifiers, always look for the Energy Star certification to keep your bills as low as possible.

Low Temperature

Humidity isn’t just a summer problem, and many people need to use a dehumidifier in the winter.

If this applies to you, look for a model that works in low temperatures. Low-temperature dehumidifiers can function even when a room or space is as cold as 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Dehumidifier for Small Spaces

The Frigidaire 30-Pint Dehumidifier is our choice for anyone who needs a dehumidifier for a large room or small apartment.

Although this model is more expensive than average, it comes with the company’s pristine reputation and extended warranty terms.

We appreciate how easy the model is to clean and how quickly it sucks up moisture from even the dampest environments.

Because of its whisper-quiet operation, this is the best dehumidifier to use while sleeping.

Best Dehumidifier for Large Spaces

The 70-Pint Dehumidifier by TOSOT is our pick for the best dehumidifier for big jobs.

Whether you want the machine to work throughout a home or to throw into a wet basement, the TOSOT dehumidifier delivers.

The features on this machine are easy to use, which eliminates stress and saves time.

Common FAQs

Dehumidifiers are electronic appliances that draw in and collect moisture from the air.

Each dehumidifier works differently based on the technology it uses. Some dehumidifiers use a refrigeration method to chill air for water removal. 

Absorption dehumidifiers suck air into an absorbent material to trap water. Both types of dehumidifiers separate water from the air and collect the extracted water within the machine for draining.

All dehumidifiers come with a condensation bin to store the collected water. Most also feature a drainage valve to hook up to a hose for continuous draining. Continuous draining is crucial when you want to run the dehumidifier without regularly emptying the water tank. 

If you already know that you’ll use a continuous draining feature, look for models that come with a drainage hose.

Humidity is a powerful opponent that can wreak havoc in ways you might not realize. The benefits of using a dehumidifier include:

  • Improved breathing air quality
  • Mold prevention
  • Increased energy
  • Eliminates dust mites
  • Reduces airborne allergens
  • Improved home aroma
  • Food stays fresh longer
  • Lowers energy costs
  • Improves skin

Determining if you need a dehumidifier at home is an entirely sensory experience. If you see damaging mold, mildew, or wet spots anywhere in your home, it’s a good idea to invest in a dehumidifier.

Moisture in a home can cause health issues and damage your property. Condensation-covered windows are another indicator of excessive humidity inside as is a musty smell. Finally, how you feel can point you to humidity levels. Rooms with high humidity feel stuffy and uncomfortable even when air is flowing.


Each of the best dehumidifier models listed in our review is effective for improving the condition of a suffocation humid environment.

Big or small, there is a dehumidifier that will work for your space. Even though each option is the best dehumidifier in its own right, we’ve highlighted our favorites below.

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