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If you’re a hobbyist or a professional whose daily activities highly depend on the weather, then you’ll need a portable weather station that you can easily take with you out there.

The device will help you monitor various weather conditions and provide you with reliable, accurate info about the weather around you.

However, finding the best handheld weather station for you might not be an easy task as the market is flooded with multiple devices with varying features and costs.

The purpose of coming up with this post is to introduce you to the 8 most popular handheld weather stations you can find on the market today.

Benefits of Having One

The MAIN benefit of owning a pocket meter is that you can easily take it with you to any place you want.

It features a compact design that allows you to easily stash it in your backpack or pocket for easy carry.

Other than the portability feature, a typical handheld weather station comes with a couple of electronic sensors to provide you with crucial info about the weather.

A typical model comes with an anemometer which helps provide you with reliable info about wind (i.e., you’ll know the direction and speed of wind)

Most models also incorporate additional sensors and features that provide you with info such as air temperature, relative air pressure, weather forecast, dew point, and even compass calibration.

With all these features, there’s no single doubt that a handheld weather station will prove to be the most important device you can have beside you when carrying out your favorite outdoor activity.

Some of the activities in which the portable weather station has proven quite helpful include racing, hunting, long-distance shooting, fishing, storm chasing, backpacking, firefighting, sailing, windsurfing, hiking, HVAC professionals, agriculture, and even weather enthusiasts.

Below is our list of the top 8 portable weather stations you can purchase on the market today…

8 Best Handheld Weather Station of 2021 Comparison Table

Ambient Weather WM-4 Handheld Weather Station Rating: 92/100 View latest Deal →
HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Rating: 91/100 View Latest Deal →
Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind Meter Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →
Ambient Weather WM-5 Handheld Weather Station Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →
Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter Rating: 88/100 View Latest Deal →
Proster Anemometer Portable Wind Speed Meter Gauge Rating: 85/100 View Latest Deal →
Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather Meter Rating: 82/100 View Latest Deal →
BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer Digital Wind Speed Meter Rating: 80/100 View Latest Deal →

Our Top Handheld Weather Station Meters:

1. Ambient Weather WM-4 Handheld Weather Station

Ambient WM-4 is one of the most popular handhelds –  best weather stations on the market today, probably due to its affordable price tag. This is the ideal portable weather matter for those who are interested in tracking wind speed and temperature conditions.

It features a wind turbine that’s securely mounted on its body for instant wind readings. Keep in mind that this impeller can withstand wind speeds as high as 67 mph. It also comes with a temperature sensor for accurate air temperature as well as wind chill factor readings.

Another helpful feature of this weather station is its ability to record average and Max wind speed.

Because it offers you the temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units, you can easily determine which unit to use. It can also easily switch between various wind measurement units—like knots, ft./min, m/s, km/h, and mph.

Above all, this device features an intuitive design that makes it super-easy to use. It has rugged, water-resistant construction for exceptional durability.

Highlighted features:

  • Measures wind speed and temperature
  • USA-made fluxgate compass
  • Jackknife case design for protecting the unit
  • check powered by a CR2032 Lithium battery (included)
  • check dimensions: 5.5″ x 1.75″ x .75″

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Measures a variety of weather conditions
Compact and portable weather station
Included battery lasts for years
More accurate data readings
Two (2) year warranty
Backlit LCD display
Reasonable price


Displays one type of data at a time
Doesn’t measure barometric pressure
LCD display doesn’t work below 14 degrees F

What Users Are Saying

This device is super easy to use. I would say that this is one of the best handheld weather stations that Ambient has ever created. LOVED IT!

2. HOLD PEAK 866B Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter

Sale \

HOLDPEAK 866B is another highly affordable pocket-size meter that allows you to keep track of wind speed, temperature, and wind chill factor. It provides you with all these readings on one LCD (with a backlight function for easy reading in low light conditions).

Unlike most of the other devices that fall in its price range, this device provides you with highly accurate, steady wind speed measurements. Mind you; it has a speed range of 0.3-30m/s and Accuracy: 0.1dgts.

What’s more, it provides you with fast measurements for quick analysis of critical environmental conditions. This means you’ll get to know a hurricane trend before you can go out to carry your favorite outdoor activity.

Like the above model, this meter also displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It shows wind in up to 5 unit options: knots, ft./min, km/h, m/s, and mph. And can also record the Max/Min/Average/Current of wind speed and temperature.

Highlighted features:

  • Digital handheld anemometer
  • Steady, high-accuracy readings
  • Critical environmental conditions analysis
  • check built-in temperature regulator
  • check low battery indication
  • Enjoy after-sale service


Accurate wind speed recording
Backlit LCD
Low battery indicator
Auto power On/Off
Multiple wind speed units
2 AAA batteries included


Instructions are less helpful
Faint LCD; works better with backlight on

What Users Are Saying

The device does provide real-time data with almost 100% accuracy. However, the manual is a bit unclear. Worth the money. 

3. Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind Meter

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind Meter comes with a higher price tag than the two models above. But that’s for a good reason…it’s an advanced pocket weather meter designed to meet the needs of anyone who wants to receive the most accurate data on the current temperature, humidity, dew point, and wind speed.

The portable digital meter features a highly responsive temperature sensor plus a temperature-corrected humidity chamber—which enables you to accurately and quickly measure important weather data.

Other important weather readings provided by this meter include maximum wind gust, wind speed average, wind chill, relative humidity, heat stress index, and dew point temperature.

This high-end meter has a genuinely rugged design; it has been drop-tested and found to meet military standards. It also holds an IP67 waterproof rating and floats in water. Combine these two aspects, and there’s no off-road job this portable meter can’t handle!

The compact, portable design of Kestrel 3000 makes it extremely easy to take with you to all places. You can choose to put it in your vehicle, backpack, pocket, or any other convenient place.

Remember this all-in-one anemometer, hygrometer, and thermometer unit is backed by a whopping 5-year warranty which shows how much faith the manufacturer has in its quality.

Highlighted features:

  • Accurate, rugged handheld weather meter
  • Reads Min/Max/Average wind speed
  • Features a large, clear LCD
  • checkWaterproof (IP-67); floats
  • check powered by CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Drop-tested to military standard: (MIL-STD-810G)
  • 5-year warranty


Accurate and Rugged
Real-time data with Min/Max and Avg Wind Speed
Can provide repeatable results quickly
Military Standard Drop-Tests


Calibration might drift off
Battery Dependent

What Users Are Saying

It’s overall a good purchase. It has high accuracy. What I like most about this device is that it gives you the details of minimum, maximum and average wind speed.

4. Ambient Weather WM-5 Handheld Weather Station

Ambient WM-5 acts as a bigger version of its brother WM-4 we discussed earlier. This station comes with a jackknife flip cover design which helps protect the screen and impeller. It also acts as the handle to ensure your body heat and moisture don’t interfere with the meter readings. This weather station will help you keep track of the wind speed, temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point, pressure, and attitude. Like all the other weather meters from the Ambient brand, this model will offer you the most accurate and reliable readings for various weather conditions. It boasts of a Swiss-made precise barometer and Honeywell humidity sensor—both of which can be easily re-calibrated for the most precise readings. The pocket weather station is powered by a battery that lasts for 4000 hours and can be replaced by the user. Keep in mind that you can mount this handheld weather station on a tripod if you want to, thanks to its tripod mounting fixture. It comes with a rugged and water-resistant (up to 4”) design to ensure it can withstand regular outdoor abuse and harsh weather elements. Highlighted features:
  • Jackknife flip cover design
  • Large LCD screen display
  • Measure wind speed up to 87mph
  • checkRain and water-resistant
  • checkRugged build quality

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High-end Weather Station

Tracks Wind Speed, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Altitude.

Built-in Impeller
4000 hrs of battery life
Cover to protect interface
Rainfall Resistant

Can float if dropped in liquid


Display can be difficult to read in low-light

What Users Are Saying

I bought this on a suggestion from my professor and I LOVE IT! This one is the best in class weather station. Recommended.

5. Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter

If you’re looking for the perfect pocket weather meter for industrial hygiene, military, law enforcement, research, windsurfing, etc., you can’t go wrong with this Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter.

100% made in the USA, this kestrel weather meter provides you with constant, immediate updates of the changing weather conditions. It provides you with accurate readings of the current wind speed, dew point, relative humidity, temperature, and wet bulb temperature—all in one device. The device is soo easy to use that you only need a press of a button to obtain all the weather info you need.

The fact that this meter comes equipped with a high-contrast, sunlight-readable monochrome LCD makes it easy to read in broad daylight.

As it’s the case with all the other portable weather stations from Kestrel, this model comes with rugged construction to enable it to hold up to regular outdoor abuse. It has a sturdy protective cover for extra protection. What’s more, it has been drop tested for maximum durability. And it’s waterproof up to 3’/1M deep for 30 minutes.

Highlighted features:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Handheld, rugged weather meter
  • Up to 10 environmental measurements
  • checkWaterproof rating: IP67
  • check drop-tested to meet the MIL-STD-810F
  • Hard, rubberized slip-on cover


Useful in Meteorology, Hunting, and Military Outings
Can Measure Altimeter pressure and barometric pressure.
LCD display with backlight
Waterproof and Military standard drop tested.
Waterproof and Military standard drop tested.


The Cost is High

What Users Are Saying

Even though the price is high, I would recommend investing in this weather station. Well-designed and accurate handheld weather station ever. Loved It.

6. Proster Anemometer Portable Wind Speed Meter Gauge

This particular weather meter fits the perfect definition of a portable, affordable, professional weather measuring instrument. The digital anemometer will help you keep track of the wind speed (measures speed up to 67mph) so that you can plan your outdoor activities better.

The station provides you with not only current wind speed reading but also maximum and minimum records. The large, easy-to-read LCD with backlit makes it extremely easy for you to read the display data. Not to forget the intuitive control panel for user-friendliness.

Regarding the power source, this device is powered by a 9V6F22 battery (included). The low battery indicator lets you know when to recharge the battery. And the auto-shutoff feature helps preserve as much battery power as possible when the device is idle.

The rubber cover that surrounds this portable digital anemometer is anti-slip and prevents damage to the unit in case you drop it accidentally. With the included carry case, storing and carrying this handheld weather station becomes even easier.

Highlighted features:

  • Portable, professional weather meter
  • Large LCD display w/backlight
  • Powered by 9V6F22 Battery (Included)
  • check low battery indicator & auto-shutoff
  • check carry bag for convenient carry


Easy to Use
Both Celsius and Fahrenheit Reading
Rubber Protective Cover



What Users Are Saying

The battery is somewhat an issue in this device otherwise it can be perfect for any professional weather enthusiast. Good.

7. Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather Meter

Ambient Weather WM-2 is another great handled meter with a wallet-friendly price tag. It measures temperature, wind speed, and wind chill. It also displays data for wind gust and the Beaufort Scale.

It provides you with all this data on a large easy to read LCD display. This screen is so versatile that it lets you hassle-freely switch between various units of measurements: km/h, mps, knots, ft./s, and mph. The display is backlit for easy reading at night or in low-light conditions. It also boasts of a long-lasting battery which you can easily replace when the need arises (the low battery indicator will let you know when to replace the battery).

The model can withstand wind speed up to 67mph. And sends you temperature readings at intervals of 10 seconds.

Another feature you’ll find helpful in this meter is its ability to record the average and maximum wind speed.

As you’d expect of any product from a reputable company like Ambient Weather, this unit has an excellent build quality and ruggedness to enable it to withstand any abuse out there. Additional features include an optional tripod mount and a neck lanyard.

Highlighted features:

  • Compact, portable, and rugged design
  • Versatile LCD display
  • Low battery indicator
  • check optional tripod mount
  • checkNeck lanyard for easy carry
  • Comes with a user-replaceable battery


Affordable and Compact
Beaufort Scale
Large LCD Screen
Various Operating Modes
Optional Lanyard or Tripod mount


No on/off switch

What Users Are Saying

Apart from the on and off switch, the weather station is one good product. Easy to handle and operate. You can invest in this.

8. BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer Digital Wind Speed Meter

Lastly, we have the BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer Digital Wind Speed Meter, a thoughtfully designed, durable handheld weather meter at a reasonable cost.


The device comes ready to help you track wind conditions when out there. When measuring speed, making this device is one of the most accurate mods you can get on the market today thanks to its sensitive dual temp sensors.


 The wind speed range of this meter is 0.67~67.1 mph. This means it has a higher wind speed range than most of its competition. This makes it the perfect model for storm chasers.


Unlike most of the models that take time to stabilize temperature readings, this device’s temperature sensor reacts excellently to temperature changes for more reliable temperature readings.


This weather station is designed using a low battery indicator on a bright LCD backlit screen. This allows you to read easily. It also comes with a tripod hole on the bottom so that you can fix it on your tripod for constant wind gauges.


Note that this unit is also water-resistant and floats in water. But don’t get this wrong: fully submerging the device in water isn’t recommended, else the unit will get damaged. It is a great backpacking weather station.

Highlighted features:

  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Automatically shuts down after 5 minutes
  • Chill wind indicator
  • Designed with a tripod hole
  • Beaufort scale indicator


High Accuracy
High Quality
Lightweight and Portable
Clear Digital Display
Auto Power Off


Fan Quality is Low

What Users Are Saying

Overall the cost of the weather station is worth the capability. Contains everything that a handheld weather station must. Satisfactory product.

Handheld Weather Station Buying Guide

As we said at the beginning of this post, choosing the right handheld weather station isn’t an easy task due to the multiple devices flooding the market right now.

However, you can make the whole process easier and faster by knowing what to look for in a portable weather unit.

Below, we outline the most crucial factors to help you pick the most suitable unit that matches your unique needs:


First things first: you should have a clear picture of what you intend to use the handheld weather station for.

This will help you find a weather meter that measures the weather conditions that affect your activity. For instance, if you’re a hunter or long-distance shooter, you’d want to ensure that you buy a unit that tracks wind speed and direction.

A typical unit will provide you with wind speed and temperature readings, so if this is all you need, you can get a basic, budget-friendly model.

If you want to get more details about the weather, however, (like barometric pressure, wind chill, humidity, dew point, etc.), then you should look for a fully-fledged handheld weather station.

Just ensure the weather station you buy reliably meets your specific weather measuring needs.


Once you identify a weather station that provides you with the kind of weather data you need, your next step is to look at how accurately and reliably it delivers the data.

A unit that constantly updates you with weather data is more preferable to one that takes forever to update its readings.

The perfect model should also have an error rating of not more than ±3. If possible, look for a model that allows you to re-calibrate it for even more precise readings.

If unsure about the accuracy of the station you want to buy, quickly go through the previous user reviews. Trust me; this is the best place to find honest info regarding the reliability of any model you’re planning to buy!


The other important thing to look for in a pocket weather meter is its build quality.

The most durable models are designed using durable plastic casing. Some also feature a rubber cover on top of the housing to cushion against breakages and damages in case of accidental drops.

Still, on durability, look for a model that comes with a certain level of water resistance to ensure it holds up to various outdoor conditions.

Overall, the benefit of investing in a quality unit is that it’ll be able to withstand most of the outdoor abuse and serve you for an exceptionally long period of time.

Ease of use

A handheld weather measuring device should also be extremely easy to use for you.

Look for a model that comes with an intuitive control panel, with clearly labeled buttons, for easy navigation.

Also, ensure the model comes with a large LCD display screen for easy reading of the recorded data.  A unit with a backlit display is even better as it lets you see the weather data in low light conditions.

Other features that contribute to the ease of use of weather meters include low battery indicator, pen knife cover design, non-slip rubber cover (for easy handling), tripod mounting option, etc.

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  2. HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer
  3. Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind Meter
  4. Ambient Weather WM-5 Handheld Weather Station
  5. Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter
  6. Proster Anemometer Portable Wind Speed Meter Gauge
  7. Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather Meter
  8. BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer Digital Wind Speed Meter

Wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and precipitation can all be measured with portable weather stations. During response efforts, these stations can be utilized to monitor weather conditions.

When weather changes are noticed, having a weather station on hand can help you and your loved ones stay safe. You will always be updated about the weather thanks to real-time data and warnings, which will help you stay safe.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a weather enthusiast or your daily activities entirely depend on the weather, you’ll find a handheld weather station quite a helpful tool.

The portable nature of this device allows you to easily carry it in your pocket, vehicle, backpack, or jacket and take it with you to any place you want. The basic models allow you to monitor crucial weather conditions like wind speed, temperature, and humidity. More advanced models provide you with even more weather data.

The best handheld weather stations also come with excellent build quality to be able to withstand various forms of abuse outdoors.

We hope that our list of top 8 handheld weather stations above will help you easily choose the most suitable model for your unique weather tracking needs.

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