The 5 Best Rain Boots For Toddlers [2022] Reviews


If you are planning to buy the best rain boots for toddlers but still in confusion which one to go with from tons of options, then you are in the right place.

We are going to discuss the ten most popular picks for toddlers and kids. They are probably the best products in the market and hopefully, they will fulfil your need.

So without wasting further time, let’s see what these boots have to offer for your little one.

Image Name Editor’s Rating Price
LONECONE with Easy-On Handles in Fun Patterns Check Price
Crocs Kids’ Handle It Lightweight and Waterproof Check Price
Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed with Easy Pull On Handles Check Price
Western Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Boots Check Price
SkaDoo Kids Toddler Boots in Assorted Colors Check Price

Benefits of Rain Boots

We all want to protect our children from the rainwater. Raincoat, umbrella and other things are used to protect their body from rain, but their feet still remain unprotected. To protect your child’s feet from rainwater, rain boots are must having thing.

Your kid can move easily during the rain if he/she has a pair of waterproof boots. No matter how watery and muddy the situation is, their feet won’t get wet. These boots will keep them dry all day.

The shoes also keep them away from the diseases caused by rainwater. Your kid can continue school, playing, walking, running and everything even if it is a disgusting rainy day.

10 Best Rain Boots for Toddlers

From the research, I came to know that these are the best waterproof boots for kids available in the market with many essential features.

1. LONECONE with Easy-On Handles in Fun Patterns

The first pair of boots is from the brand Lonecone. These were specially designed for children who are extremely active all day. If your child is busy doing messy things all the day, this one is suitable for him/her. This pair of shoes is amazingly cute, as well as easy and comfortable to wear.

It is also very easy to clean whenever and wherever you want. It has built-in handles which help the children to wear their own shoes by themselves.

These shoes are designed in Idaho and Boise. The LONE CONE has some collaboration with the local artist of Idaho and Boise where they make these classic designs that make every child happy while wearing the shoes.

Most of the designs are inspired by the interests and joys of childhood that won’t be found anywhere else. Different patterns are available for both boys and girls.

LONE CONE boots are made with a kind of rubber which is very soft and flexible. So it will be very comfortable for your child. Your child can get roughly more than 100 hours of activity without any damage to the boots.


  • Easy-on handles
  • Nonslip tread
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comfort liner


  • May crack after heavy usage
  • Heavy for the child
  • Tear inside sole

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2. Crocs Kids’ Handle It Lightweight and Waterproof

Now your children can get the classic Crocs Comfort during the rainy days. Crocs come up with their rain boots with a huge variety of colors.

The Synthetic made shoes will give your child an extra protection from the rainwater and the mud. No matter how much mess your kid makes in the mud and rain, the inner part will remain dry and cozy. The synthetic sole of the shoes will give your child enough support during running and jumping.

There are many attractive colors available to choose from. You need to find a perfect colour for your child from their collection.

Maybe sometimes the rain is heavy, sometimes it is not that much. Whatever the situation is, this product will give you the best performance. There is no chance of leaks during the heavy rains and muds. It will give your child a 100% waterproof performance.

The boots have large handles that make it easier for the kids to wear the boots by themselves and put the shoes off whenever they want. Sometimes if you want to carry the boots somewhere, this would be very easy to use the handles in this purpose.

There are reflective heel logos on the boots. The weight of the boots is not much. It is easy and comfortable for the children to walk while wearing the boots.

The textured outsole ensures the safety of your children while running or jumping.You can easily wash the boots with clean water, soapy water and detergent powder. There is no hassle in washing this product.


  • Variety of colors and design
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Handles are attached


  • Non-rubber made
  • Feels too tight for some

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3. Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed with Easy Pull On Handles

At number three, this boys waterproof boots by Western Chief is made with rubber which is very comfortable for your children. The soles are also made of rubber and synthetic material to give extra protection and comfort while wearing the boots.

These boots are printed with attractive prints that will definitely blow your kid’s mind. He will love it at first sight.

Western Chief Boots have handles on top that will help your child to put-on and put-off his/her shoes by his/her own. You don’t have to worry about the opening of the shoes of your child anymore.

The shoes will give you 100% water protection. Your child can give as much pressure as he wants on these, the boots will remain as strong as it was before. You will definitely fall in love with the performance of the western chief boys boots.

A comfortable insole is attached with the boots. So that the child will not feel any discomfort while wearing it. There are some boots in the market that are rough and uncomfortable. Kids don’t like to wear those boots. I hope you would never face this type of issue with this product.

The boots are completely slip-resistant. It will ensure the complete safety of your sweet child. The chances of fall by accident will be reduced to zero if you buy these boots for your kid. It will give you an extra relief.

The rubber used in this product is very much flexible. It will give the shoes an extra durability. Again, using the shoes will give your child an extra flexibility because of this durable material in the product. It’s a vice versa stitch!


  • Very much comfortable
  • Cosy insole
  • Slip resistance
  • Rubber made


  • Got crack after a few days of use in extreme cases
  • The color fades

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4. Western Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Boots

These Western Chief made waterproof boots are of 100% rubber. This rubber shoes would be very comfortable for your child.

As it has a rubber sole, it would give your child extra comfort during jumping and running.The outsole used in these boots is very easy to clean. You would not face much hassle while cleaning the product. So it is definitely a very good feature of this brand.

The shaft measurement is 6.5-inches from the arch.

With the lighted treaded outsole, it has EVA insole which is easily removable. You can change the insole when you feel that it is torn or is no longer wearable.

Pull handles are added with the shoes as well. Your child can wear these shoes by himself. So you don’t have to worry about it. Your child can manage it by himself.

Plus, cushioned footbeds are added with the shoes for providing extra comfort to your child. No matter how long your kid is wearing the shoes; he/she won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The pair of boots have a special moisture absorbent feature that will never let your children’s feet to get wet. They will remain dry and warm throughout the day.


  • Easy to clean
  • Pull handles are added
  • Special Moisture absorbent


  • Feels a bit heavy
  • Not durable

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5. SkaDoo Kids Toddler Boots in Assorted Colors

Kids are fond of bright colors. And SkaDoo Kids seems to understand it very well. You will be amazed to see the color variations from the brand Skadoo kids. As far as the durability is concerned, these PVC made products will accompany your little one for long time unless there are no extreme abuses.

The most interesting thing about this product is it’s completely manmade. Hundreds of workers work in the workshop to make these amazing rain boots for children.

There is always an appeal for the handmade product. Therefore, many people would definitely consider this pair of amazing handmade boots for their little nuggets.

This product is extremely flexible which will give your child a new experience in running. Jumping will be even more fun when the kid wears this extra comfortable shoes.

Your child’s feet will remain dry all day even if it is a heavy rainy day. The product gives you a non-leakage guarantee. It won’t get crack even after heavy use of a few months. So you can stay without worrying about it.

You can have an accurate idea about the measurement of the shoes before going to buy them for your kids.


  • Flexible
  • Assorted colours
  • Manmade product


  • Not durable

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6. KushyShoo Girls Fun Printed Rubber Boots

At number six, we are going to talk about a product which will blow your mind at first sight. I am sure, your child is going to love it. The amazing print on the Kushyshoo girls boots will surely make everyone fall in love with the shoes.

All the shoes of this brand are made of 100% natural rubber instead of PVC. There is no strong odour of the rubber. So it will not cause any discomfort or irritation during the use of these products. More so, the rubber used in these shoes is very comfortable for wearing.

The handles on the top of the shoes are designed for kids to make the put-on and put-off experience easier.

Now they can do it by themselves. Their parents can also use the handles on the top if they want. When they want to carry the boots somewhere, they can do it easily by grabbing the handles on top.

You can rest assured with its waterproof feature while your child out in the rain. It will keep your little one’s feet dry and clean all the time.

It can be a very good holiday gift for your child. There are varieties of designs printed on the shoes including car, fireman, dinosaurs, and pink bugs.

These boots can be used for another different purpose as well. The amazing variety of its extraordinary design would make it a very good match with your child’s Halloween costume.


  • Natural rubber
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% waterproof
  • Attractive design
  • Can be used with Halloween costume


  • Insoles are not so good
  • Has some issues with comfort

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7. Hibigo Children’s Natural Rubber

These rain boots from Hibigo Children’s can be a perfect choice for your honey pie if you do not want to compromise with the longevity of the product. Hibigowaterproof boots are made of special anti-aging rubber which will ensure a long lifespan. That makes it one of the best rain boots for kids on the list.

It doesn’t matter how roughly your child uses these shoes, they will give the maximum output. No toxic materials are used during the manufacture of the product. This is a very important thing to keep in mind if you are concerned about your little one’s health.

Thick outsole has deep grooves that provide two amazing things for the boots. It makes the traction strong and channels water away so that the shoes always remain dry. It reduces the risk of slip as well.

Your kid will feel like he/she is standing on a firm ground though he is actually standing on a wet and muddy place.

The materials used in the product are 100% comfortable for the child. A highly resilient rubber was used to manufacture the shoes. These are natural rubbers.

It goes through about 12 handmade processes followed by the recurrent quality control. So the possibility of finding any leak while using is nearly impossible.

These shoes are easy to wear by the kids themselves. There are handles on the top which helps the kids to wear the shoes as well as the parents to carry it anywhere very easily.


  • Non-toxic materials
  • Comfortable
  • Thick outsole
  • Completely handmade


  • Week handles
  • Falls apart quickly

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8. Outee Toddler Kids Boots

Outee rain boots brings a large variety of colors and designsfor this specific model. It offers some exceptional colors and pattern like purple dots, colorful hearts, dinosaur blue, butterfly pink, camo, camo blue, red dots, black stars pink heart, cosmos blue, striped navy, navy stripe for your child.

100% natural and non-toxic rubbers are used to produce these boots. so it is very comfortable as well as safe for your child.

Rubber soles are given inside every pair of shoes. It ensures the extra comfort of the kid. Your little one’s feet will remain protected.

When it comes to its durability, these shoes are absolutely stunning. No chances of leaking while using the product. These shoes are equally fit for both snows and rains. Your kid will get the best protection from water while wearing these shoes.

Cleaning of Outee shoes is very easy and hassle-free. Thus, it won’t take long to clean your kid’s little boots. Only water and soaps are enough to clean them.

By purchasing this product, you are going to get a cost-effective item with some very important features like safety and heavy service.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Keeps your child safe


  • Feels heavy

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9. NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots for Kids

Nortymakes waterproof boots with exclusive colors, design.These are 100% waterproof to ensure your kid can have limitless fun even with water while wearing them.

The rubber used in the fabrication of the product adds more value to the waterproof feature. So, if you want to keep your little one’s tiny feet dry, it will be very hard to skip these boots.

Other common features that you expect to have in a pair, are also available in these products. The most common reason why kids don’t want to wear such boots is because they feel uncomfortable. But this isn’t the case with Norty rain boots at all.

In fact, these pairs will completely change their experience with these types of boots. Your kid will surely love how it feels when he/she walks and runs wearing these and most probably it will be hard for you to get them off from the tiny little feets.

The exterior of the Norty waterproof boots is specially designed by keeping the slipperiest and muddiest roads and situations in minds. Your child will not face any difficulty during running and jumping through the muddy and slippery roads. He/she will stay 100% safe and free from the risk of falling.

Astounding variation of colors and design will give you options to choose from. There are 22 different patterns and colors. You would surely fall in love with any of those amazing collection.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Huge variation of colors
  • Specially designed exterior


  • Size is not accurate
  • Durability isn’t up to the mark

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10. CasaMielKid&Toddler Boys Boots for Children

And the last product that we are going to tell you about is the CasaMielrain boots for children. These are completely handcrafted with some amazing graphics pattern both for boys and girls.

The manufacturer selects first class natural rubber for the making of the shoes they sell. They are completely scratch proof, tear-resisting and never crack easily.

Handcrafting of the products somehow gives us the guarantee of non-toxic product. Being completely BPA free,this product is not going to harm your children’s tiny little feet.

Special handles are attached with every pair of the boots on the top. So your child will never face any difficulty while wearing and putting-off the shoes by themselves.

You can carry the shoes by grabbing the handles as well. You won’t find it difficult while you would clean the shoes. It is very simple and easy in case of this particular brand.

After buying CasaMiel Rain Boots, you don’t have to think about the comfort of your child. His or her tiny little feet will remain clean and dry throughout the day. There won’t be any discomfort while using this product.

Your child can use it for hunting, camping, hiking, walking and many different purposes and occasions as well. They won’t get muddy no matter how messy the situation is. Overall, this pair of shoes will safely guard your child’s feet throughout the day.


  • Totally handcrafted
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile usability
  • First class rubber made


  • Lacks durability

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Key Factors to Consider Before Buying

There are a few very important things that you must keep into consideration while you are going to buy the best rain boots for toddlers. Be sure to check these key things to make your investment worth.


The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is the comfort. If the product is not comfortable, your child will not want to wear the shoes in the first place.You would not feel safe and satisfied by giving your child an uncomfortable product to wear as well.

As far as the comfort-ability is concerned, getting lightweight rain boots for toddlers is the key to utmost comfort-ability. If the shoes are comfortable, then you can check other things like designs and other stuff. But the comfort should be given the priority as the skins of the kids are highly sensitive.


Another very important thing I will tell you to consider is if the product is non-toxic. There are some rain boots in the market that use toxic materials during the fabrications of the boots. These materials are very harmful to your kid’s feet.

I would suggest you to avoid those products which contain toxic materials. Maybe those are low in cost, but it will harm your child. I know you don’t want your children to get harmed. So try to avoid those products.

Ease of Wearing and Removing

Make sure you are buying the rain boots with handles on its top. These handles are designed for the kids so that they can put on and put off their shoes by themselves. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. When your kid can do it by himself, it will save your time.

It is also a very good practice for the children to learn how to do things by themselves. The handles have another use. If you want to carry the shoes when your little one is not wearing those, you can simply grab the handles and take them anywhere you want.

This is amazing, right? Yup, buy a product that has handles.


If I ask you about only one feature that you want in boots for your kid, I bet you would answer that; it has to be waterproof. Yes, this is the most important part of this type of boots. The best rain boots for kids always comes with 100% waterproof feature. The features that make such boots are different from ordinary ones.

So, make sure you are buying a product that will give the guarantee of utmost waterproof. You should choose a product that will not get leaked after heavy usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best rain boots for toddlers?

There are a few things to consider in this case. Try to buy boots that are comfortable for them. This is the most important thing. Make sure the material used in the product is non-toxic. Consider getting lightweight rain shoes for toddlers, so that they can move easily.

2. Is the rubber comfortable for toddlers?

The rubber used in the fabrication of most of the waterproof boots is natural and selected. Those are very much comfortable for your child. So you don’t have to worry about the comfort at all while buying toddler rubber boots.

3. Will my kid love the design of the boots? 

Most of the products in the market are very attractive for toddlers and children. Those are printed with amazing patterns and colors. Your child will never get a chance to avoid the attraction of these exclusive boots.

4. How to clean the rain boots? 

It is not a tough task at all. You just have to spend a few minutes on simply cleaning the boots with water and soap.

5. How much it costs? 

The price of the product varies from brand to brand. But I can ensure you one thing; almost all the brands that sell these boots are giving you a reasonable range of price.


Final Verdict

So that was pretty much about rain boots. Now, you know the factors that tell whether the shoes are good or not. Hopefully, you will be able to go for the best toddler rain boots at ease.

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