Best Rain Poncho for Hiking, Backpacking, Travel, Survival

Have you ever sung “rain, rain go away; come again another day” before going for hiking? But if you get a rain poncho for hiking, you can rather enjoy the smell and sound of the rain while you hit the trails.

No matter how waterproof your backpack is, you always want to make sure it doesn’t get wet because no one wants to travel or camp with wet clothes and necessary gears. Things get a lot more hassle less when you consider getting a rain poncho for backpacking.

But the question is, which one to get? To make thing easy, here are the reviews of the top 10 best rain poncho for hiking and traveling along with a definitive buying guide.



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Why You Need One?

Why should you get a poncho when you already have a rain jacket? This is the most commonly asked question on this topic. For traveling and hiking, a poncho offers more benefits than a rain jacket.

  • It doesn't let you get soaked in the rain. You will enjoy every bit of the adventure.
  • The fabrics of ponchos are quite larger than rain jackets, you can easily wear one with having your backpack on.
  • Ponchos are windproof and keep you warm against chilly weather when you hike during nights. Also, it’s great for ventilation as well and doesn’t get stuffy.
  • check
    Wearing a poncho doesn’t add that much extra weight compared to a rain jacket.
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    The snap under the armpits keeps you dry for longer.
  • Long hood is perfect to cover around your face and protect you from cold wind and rain.
  • Although ponchos are waterproof, it allows you to breathe naturally.

Top 10 Best Rain Poncho

We have gathered the top 10 rain poncho for travel and hiking purpose considering their ways of making your survival easy when it rains and you are on the trail.

1. Terra Hiker Rain Poncho, Waterproof Raincoat with Hoods

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The first poncho on the list is specially designed for participating in light outdoor activities such as walking, picnic, and light hiking. It is made of light material but works pretty well when there is a heavy downpour.

210T high-density polyester fabrics is quite lightweight and more durable compared to ponchos within this price range. You will find it pretty beefy and can survive abuses to some extent at ease.

This poncho has grommet holes around all four corners so that you can stake it down and use as an emergency shelter or a picnic blanket.

However, it’s not a good idea to use the poncho for this purpose exclusively because it will shorten its lifespan. But you can use it as a replacement for any part of your tent; it will add some extra weight.

As it’s a poncho, it can easily accommodate a big sized backpack when you are going for hiking, camping, or picnic. The poncho is large enough on the backside to be able to protect your backpack from the weather.

Without a doubt, it's waterproof. But the question is to what extent? Well, for your kind information, this poncho is waterproof to PU3000mm. It provides enough ventilation compared to puffy in raincoats. Due to a fewer junction, there is no chance of entering water inside of it.

Terra has made this poncho breeze free and windproof as a protection to your body from extreme windy situations.The hood fits snugly around the head without an issue. Thickened eyelets provide further durability and security as well.


  • Made of durable high-density polyester fabrics
  • Accommodates large sized backpack
  • Thickened eyelets ensure durability
  • Can be used as an emergency camp tarp
  • PU3000 mm waterproof


  • When it’s windy, your sides can get wet
  • Moves a lot and requires to adjust time to time

2. KASU Emergency Rain Ponchos, Disposable Extra Thick Rain Gear

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If you are looking for a disposable rain poncho for hiking without compromising the quality, KASU has a great deal for you. It's a package of the total 5 disposable ponchos and costs way less. Each one of them is packed in individual bags which you can easily put inside your pocket and handbag.

Although you are paying less, the poncho is very thick. It’s actually 30% thicker than most other disposable ponchos within this price range. You are getting a poncho, so there is no doubt about the waterproofing benefit. The manufacturer asks you to refund their product if you find it not being waterproof.

Thin ponchos tent to warp and stick to the body when you wear them. But this is not the case with this thicker one. Its extra thickness prevents it from warping around your skin.

As you can easily keep this poncho with you inside the pocket or in a bag, there will be no sudden and unprepared rainy situation.The poncho also protects you from extreme wind as well.

No matter whether you are in an amusement park or going for hiking or camping, or doing outdoor activities, you can instantly bring the poncho out just after rainwater hits you.If you are thinking about getting one for Marathon, it will easily last the entire course.

How about I say, one poncho to rule them all!These ponchos come in one size that fit both men or women, boys or girls, adult or youth. Its attached hood and elastic cuff make it even more convenient to use.


  • 30% extra thickness for better waterproof and windproof
  • Doesn’t stick to the skin
  • Individual bags for each one and easy to carry
  • One universal size


  • Not suitable for big backpack
  • It may tear if you move recklessly

3. Baleaf Unisex Rain Jacket

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B0753GRJHP" locale="US" src="" tag="theweatherstation0d-20" width="385"]

Say hello to the first rain jacket on the list. It’s a unisex rain jacket and the design is suitable for both men and women.Baleaf products are well-known for their quality material and affordability. This 100% nylon made jacket stands quite well against a perfect rain poncho for travel.

The jacket is water resistant, not waterproof; which means you will need to clean it so that it doesn't deteriorate and clog over time. It comes with a funnel-shaped hood which you can adjust through drawstring if you need to tight or loosen it. Due to this hood, it's more than a jacket and almost like a poncho.

As the hood is quite large, it’s not recommended to get if wind or drafts is the primary issue for you after rain. Besides, the hood comes with a reflective logo which is a great advantage in the case when you use it at night in high-traffic areas.

The manufacturer made this jacket providing elastic cuffs that help a lot to keep the jacket dry and keep you warm by preventing water from getting inside the jacket.

You don’t go outside without taking your gears. Baleaf had this concern too. There are two zipper pocket in front of the jacket and another one on the back side for storage. The back pocket allows you to roll and pack the jacket in it and make a lot easier to carry this thing whenever you go.

Note that, it's not recommended for extreme weather conditions. If you are looking for a rain jacket with a poncho-style hood for going to a picnic, morning walk or an outdoor stadium, this is one of the best budget option to get.


  • Unisex Design
  • Adjustable funnel hood
  • Reflective logo
  • Elastic closure
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Easily packable in a back pocket


  • It’s water resistant, not waterproof
  • The position of the pockets isn’t comfortable
  • Not suitable for heavy rain

4. ANTVEE Rain Ponchos 2 Packs for Adults with Drawstring Hood


Rain ponchos are great for quick protection against the rain in emergencies. They come quite handy when you are doing outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, touring, or even traveling and all of a sudden there are clouds on the horizon and it begins to rain.

If you don't want to spend much on a raincoat or jacket and are looking for an emergency solution for rain before going to a theme park, picnic, camping or hiking, consider getting these 2-packs rain ponchos from Antvee.

It's lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. Weighing just about 6oz., it will not ruin your enjoyable vacation day.

Unlike cheap rain jackets, it’s not water resistant; rather, it’s waterproof. That means there will be no issue with the water getting in. The hood is large enough to entirely cover your head along with most of the part of your face. This is something you don’t get with rain jackets.

One of the main reasons why tourists prefer ponchos over rain jackets is because a poncho smartly accommodates a large backpack without making you wet.

This poncho is large enough to cover you and your backpack while you are hiking or going for camping. All the valuable gears inside the backpack will not even come close to the rainwater.

The material used for making the poncho is sturdy allowing you to reuse it several times without any issue. Also, the breathable (EVA) material doesn't make you sweat while wearing it. Rather, it will keep you dry providing enough ventilation.


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable material (EVA)
  • Drawstring hood
  • Reusable for several times
  • Lightweight


  • Comes in only one size
  • The hood doesn’t stay firmly
  • A bit bulky

5. Anyoo Waterproof Military Rain Poncho


This military grade poncho can provide you with some serious protection against rain regardless of what outdoor activities you are doing.

To ensure the best protection you can get, Anyoo made this poncho with a single piece of complete cloth. The poncho is made of 210T ripstop nylon fabric with PVC coating. PU3000MM waterproof completely prevents water from entering in. It’s durable enough to repellent water and resist tearing and abrasion.

One of the best thing about using a poncho is, your face gets protection along with your body. The poncho comes with a hood which you can adjust with a cord. You can easily make the necessary adjustment until it perfectly covers your face.

The hood is sewn with a single piece of nylon fabric. To prevent leaking, the overlock is properly sealed with good quality glue.

Unlike rain jackets, ponchos are very comfortable to wear because they provide better ventilation. This poncho will not make you feel warm when you wear it because there are arm holes and the bottom is loose enough to allow the air to circulate.

It is large enough to cover you along with your large backpack. Even with the backpack, you will be able to wear it and move comfortably. Additionally, you can also adjust the side fasteners and the hood to suit your needs.

The poncho is lightweight and weighs only 10 oz. You can take it with you without any hassle and open it from the drawstring bag and wear whenever you need and store it away into the bag again. During your camping, it can also be used as a camping tarp, ground sheet as well.


  • Cord adjustment hood
  • Durable nylon fabric with PVC coating
  • PU3000MM waterproof
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Large enough to accommodate a big backpack
  • Can be used as ground sheet, camp tarp, sleeping bag cover


  • Quite long for short people
  • The plastic visor creases a lot

6. Tsonmall Rain Poncho


Most of the ponchos have multi-using functionality and it isn’t an exception with Tsonmall’s rain poncho. You can use this poncho as a traditional raincoat, tent tarp, backpack rain cover, and in many outdoor activities.

The poncho is made from 210T polyester cloth with tear-resistant function. When it comes to waterproofing capability, it is able to bear water pressure up to 3000mm. Unfolding 86.6x57-inches size would be large enough to use it as a picnic mat and emergency shelter as well.

To make it even secure from water getting inside, the poncho is seamed with caulking treatments.It was designed to cover your backpack too. The cloth is longer on the back side due to the extra space required for a backpack.

This large poncho can cover you as well as the backpack even when you ride a bike.The hood has got a drawstring design which prevents water from wetting both your hair and face.You can better adjust the hood with hook and loop fasteners to get a perfect fit and leave no space for water to get in.

There are Velcro attachments that secure both the sides of the poncho and makes sure it fits tightly. You can easily turn it into a shelter tarp with its 4 grommets, strings and support sods.Also, it’s quite easy to take on and off.

This lightweight poncho comes with a mini storage bag. Weighing only 9.17 oz. the poncho is very easy and convenient to carry. It comes with only one size, so it’s only for adults. You can reuse it more than other conventional ponchos.


  • Extra-large space for backpack
  • Adjustable drawstring hood
  • Well secured by Velcro
  • PU3000mm waterproof
  • Tear resistant


  • Comes in only one size
  • Too much wind makes the bottom unsettle

7. REDCAMP Rain Poncho


If you are planning for your next tour or camping trip with a large backpackand looking for a rain poncho to tackle rainy situations, look no further.

This rain poncho from Redcamp is large enough to prevent rainwater from getting inside of your backpack and making contact with your body. With such a large space, it can be the best rain poncho for backpacking to get for your next tour.

The product is designed for men to do various outdoor activities without worrying about the weather. One can use it like a raincoat, a waterproof picnic mat, a tarp shelter in the camp, and many more.

It’s available in 5 different colors. There is a camouflage edition of it for the campers in the jungle. No matter for what reason you are looking for a poncho, the colors can easily suit your condition and taste.

The poncho is made of PU and it prevents water from getting in due to its waterproof factor. All seams caulking treatment further ensures there is no leak and space available for the water.

As I have said earlier, the poncho is large enough to accommodate a large backpack without much trouble. You can rest assured that you will not get wet even with your huge backpack on the way of hiking.

With an unfold width of 95-inches, it's quite large to use it as a ground mat and tarp shelter. The length for hiking is about 55-inches. You can easily fold it into a compact size. It weighs only 0.65lbs. which is exceptionally lightweight and you will barely add more weight to your backpack.


  • Comes with multiple color options
  • Waterproof with all seams caulking treatment
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Multi-using purpose
  • Large space for accommodating huge size backpack


  • The material is very thin
  • It's short when tall people wear with a backpack

8. SoticalVeamor Rain Poncho

Sotical Veamor

Walking in the rain while holding an umbrella is something that almost everyone like. But when you are away from your city for traveling purpose with a huge size backpack, getting a rain poncho is the only option to make you feel comfortable.

Having said that, this rain poncho from SoticalVeamor can make traveling a lot easy for you during rainy seasons. You can use it as a raincoat and when there is no rain, you can use it as a ground mat or a tarp shelter to protect your skin from direct sunlight.

Made of 210T polyester fabric which can block both sunshine and wind. The fabric is durable enough to wash it. Also, the poncho is PU3000mm waterproof. So, it can protect you from serious heavy rainfall. The 3-layer thicken eyelets tells you about how durable this poncho is.

On the collar, it attaches an elastic drawstring closure with sticky fastener tape making it easy to take on and off whenever you need. Therefore, if you are in a situation where it rains suddenly, you will not have to struggle to wear it. The hood got an elastic rope to make adjustment easy.

You can easily fold and pack the poncho into the quality storage bag provided by the manufacturer. It's lightweight and very convenient to carry.

To accommodate your huge travel backpack, it has enough cloth on its back. The poncho will not rise too high from the backside when you wear it with a backpack.

For further protection from the water, pressure rubber fabric is there to prevent it from leaking. Cuff with Velcro closure ensures more secure fitting. There are four holes in the corners for nails.

The poncho smartly checks all the factors for being the best rain poncho for travel within this price range.


  • The fabric is sturdy and washable
  • Elastic drawstring closure
  • Pressure rubber to prevent leakage
  • Velcro closure cuffs
  • Triple layer thick eyelets
  • Hood with elastic rope


  • Available in only one color

9. The Clean Explorer Disposable Rain Ponchos

The Clean Explorer

Planning for going on a tour with your friends and colleagues any time soon? If there is a chance of raining, you need to make sure that all your gears along with the backpack don't get soaked in the rain. To prevent your day from ruining, you can consider buying this package that comes with 4 adult size ponchos.

The fabric is of PE material and it doesn’t get rippedoff easily likewise the conventional ponchos. It’s 40-inches long and 50-inches wide which easily fits a 6’ tall person with having a small size backpack.

The poncho doesn’t require much of the space to keep it. Each one of the resealable packages is 7x5-inches and easily fits to a pocket, purse, and a small pocket of a backpack. Why carry an umbrella when you have such a smart option?

Although you are paying much less, there will be no compromise when it's about waterproofing. The products are made of biodegradable material which is 100% waterproof and keep you and the backpack dry throughout the day. The fabric dries quickly as well.

It's environment-friendly and allows you to breathe comfortably. You will not feel warm and sweaty when you wear it even for a long time and can enjoy your outdoor activities without any issue.

To protect your head and neck from water droplets, the hood includes a drawstring which provides perfect fitting around the face as well. The most fun factor about this package is, the ponchos come in four different colors.

With all these benefits, it’s certainly the best rain poncho for survival to a quick tour.


  • 4 colorful ponchos in 1 package
  • Disposable PE material doesn’t rip easily
  • Easily fits to pocket, purse
  • Biodegradable environment-friendly material
  • Hood with drawstring for a better fit


  • Not large enough for big size backpack

10. TRIWONDER Reflective Backpack Rain poncho


The last item is from Triwonder and it is the most durable and the best rain poncho on the list. This rugged poncho is made of 200T polyester taffeta which is pretty sturdy to survive serious abuses. The fabric is reflective, so if you are in a low light condition, it will not be hard for other people to detect you.

With 5000mm waterproof, it has some serious ability to protect you from heavy rainfall. As the poncho is made for toughest hiking, traveling purpose; you will get well-secured protection. It has 360° reflective stripes on both arms and waist ensuring you walk safely during nights.

The hood has got extended transparent TPU brim design that prevents water from entering your eyes and face ensuring you have better field view while you walk down the trail. You can further adjust it with a flexible string on the waist.

As I have said before, this poncho isn’t a toy. It’s made for accompanying touriststo their toughest journeys. The manufacturer also implemented the elastic design on the sleeve openingsto ensure good protection from the extreme windy condition.

When it comes to cover your backpack, this is the best rain poncho for backpacking that you can get. It comes with a separate section for the backpack. When you wear it carrying a huge size backpack, the poncho will not raise high from its total length. You also have the option to completely hide this backpack section.

Even with a backpack, its large tail makes you to move comfortably with the necessary amount of walking space. You will have full control over air circulation with its double zipper function. When you need more airflow to come, simply unzip it, and when you need a warm hug, zip it.


  • 5000mm waterproof and reflective stripes
  • Transparent TPU brim hood
  • Waist adjustment
  • Separate space for backpack
  • Heavy duty rain poncho


  • Quite heavy to wear
  • You may sweat time to time

What to Look for Before Buying?

When you are about to purchase a rain poncho, be sure to look for these key things.

1. Material

The material is the most essential thing in rain ponchos. Factors like durability, waterproofing, weight, air circulation largely depend on the material.Ponchos are made of the following materials –

Sil-Poly and Sil-Nylon materials are inexpensive and the commonly used ones. They are saturated with silicone and create durable and waterproof fabric.

Breathable laminates fabrics are made of sandwich nylon exteriors and have underlying layers allowing water vapor to pass outward. This material is waterproof as well.

Cuben fiber ponchos are the most lightweight waterproof fabric. But this material easily tears. It is not recommended for kids.

PVC made ponchos are the most inexpensive ones. Even though a PVC plastic rubbery poncho easily tears, you can repair it using a duct tape.

PU Coated Nylon has nylon fabric on its outside, and on the other hand, waterproof polyurethane on the inside. In humid weather, ponchos are of this material feels sticky and clammy.

2. Waterproof and Windproof

Although rain ponchos offer protection against rain, not all of them are waterproof. Some ponchos are just water-resistant and work well only for light rainfall. There are various levels of waterproofing. Ponchos with PU5000mm are the most secure one.

Most of the good quality ponchos has PU3000mm waterproof which is enough and doesn’t allow the water to get in.

Having a windproof poncho will protect you from extreme wind and keep you warm during cold nights. So, look for this feature as well.

3. Fit Sizes

In general, ponchos are quite bigger than conventional rain jackets and coats. But, you don’t want to wear poncho which is too large to fit more than one person and too constricting on the other hand.

Therefore, choose a poncho according to your height and width.

4. Hood

Having a hood with a poncho isn’t just enough. Make sure the hood comes with drawstring adjustment so that your hair and face don't soak in rainwater.

5. Space for Backpack

More or less, every poncho can accommodate backpacks quite well. But not all of them are able to cover large size backpacks. So, before making your purchase, make sure whether the poncho is suitable for the size of your backpack or not.

Another thing to take care is how far poncho raise when you wear it with a backpack on. It should have enough length on the back to perfectly cover a backpack without looking weird.

6. Other Features

Best quality ponchos come with useful features like zippers, pockets, hoods with drawstrings, vents, and storage bag.

Rain Ponchos Vs. Jackets

Although rain ponchos and rain jackets are primarily used for the same reason, there are significant differences between them in the way how they function.

Rain Ponchos

Rain ponchos cover an individual up to his or her mid-thigh area and stay open from the bottom end for providing air circulation. It takes a very short time to put on and off.

Windproof ponchos keep people warm and protected from the chilly wind. So, a rain poncho comes great in the cases of both air ventilation and protection from wind.

One of the most common reasons why people prefer rain ponchos over raincoats is due to the large space for accommodating backpack. Ponchos are long enough on the back to easily cover a backpack along with a person. If you don’t want your important gears to get soaked, a rain poncho is all you need.

Rain ponchos are very lightweight and don't add much weight to the backpack. Disposable ponchos come in a packet that you can put inside your pocket, purse, and even on a small pocket of your backpack. And they are very convenient to store.

Rain Jackets

On the other hand, rain jackets fit like ordinary fitting jackets. But they provide great protection against rain compared to rain ponchos. If you wear a rain jacket with a pant, there will be less chance for water to get inside. You will get total coverage against the rain.

However, a rain jacket only cares about you and doesn’t bother protecting your backpack. You cannot wear a rain jacket with having a backpack on. That’s the biggest disadvantage of rain jackets.

In case of an emergency, you cannot wear a rain jacket as fast as a poncho. It takes longer to get ready. Rain jackets are heavier than rain ponchos. Although they are great for keeping you warm, there will be quite less ventilation.

Rain jackets are way more durable than ponchos and last longer. Rain ponchos are great for providing an emergency solution, and mostly, you can wear for several times if the quality is good. But with rain jackets, you can rest assured about its longevity.

If you compare the price, a poncho is the more inexpensive option to go with. Considering a temporary solution, getting a poncho is the most cost-effective one.

On the other hand, if you want to invest for getting longer service and doesn't need any protection for your backpack while on the go than consider getting a rain jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did ponchos come from?

The poncho refers to a sleeveless garment without sewn sides and has space for the head to go through. The origin of this type of garment is in South America.

2. What are rain ponchos made of?

Ponchos are made of water-light material such as nylon, polyester, PVC, poly. These materials are waterproof and keep the body dry from rain when someone wears it. Due to the material, ponchos feel quite light and its large size makes very comfortable to move while wearing it.

3. What do you wear under a poncho?

There is no restriction of what to wear and what not to wear under a poncho. However, you can always try to have a better appearance while wearing such a transparent garment.

You can wear an outfit of one color, for example; all black, all blue. Make sure you wear rain boots. If the weather is warm, you can wear a light poncho with shorts and wedge sandals. Wearing a hat would be much better than pulling the hood over your head in such weather.

4. What is the best way to dry a Nylon Rain Poncho?

Hang your nylon rain poncho in an air-conditioned or heated room for about 20 minutes. Always make it dry before you store it. Although it's mildew resistant, it can develop mildew in some conditions.

5. Should I get a rain jacket or rain poncho for hiking?

A rain poncho would be the best option for hiking as it requires you to carry a backpack. You will feel more comfortable if you need to walk for prolonged hours.

Final Words

The weather is unpredictable. But that doesn’t mean rain can ruin your vacation. Having a rain poncho for survival keeps you and your belongings dry no matter how hard it’s raining.

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