6 Best Whole House Humidifier Reviews 2022: Keep Your Home Hydrated

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The modern house is not only a home: it is a carefully controlled environment where you can select not only the decor, but the temperature, and humidity as well.

A dry air home is taxing to your skin, lungs, and overall sense of happiness. Having a way to keep your home at a desired humidity level is essential for your comfort and wellbeing.

We wanted to make the process of finding the ideal environment for you as easy as can be, and that is why we have compiled this list of the best whole house humidifiers that you can find on today’s market.

There are many whole house humidifiers available online, but many of them over-inflate their value. We wanted to help you avoid these pitfalls by testing and reviewing six of the absolute best whole house humidifiers you can purchase today.

We will share with you the best whole house humidifier that we found and the features of all of them.

What is a Humidifier

A humidifier is a device that distributes water vapor throughout an environment to keep it from drying out.

Heaters and some air conditioning systems can leave you with dry air and uncomfortable to live within and a humidifier helps solve these problems.

Those that are especially sensitive to dust benefit from humidifiers as they can help reduce the irritability of the air in your home.

What Is a Whole House Humidifier?

A whole house humidifier is simply a type of humidifier whose effects can be scaled up to affect your entire household. Some humidifiers are targeted at humidifying single rooms, but our focus is those that can be used on larger spaces.

Some of the best whole house humidifiers are attached directly to the house’s HVAC system so that anyplace you can get air conditioning can also receive humidity.

Types of Humidifiers

Evaporative Humidifier

An evaporative humidifier is one of the simplest forms of humidifier. It essentially consists of three working parts: a reservoir of water, a wick, and a fan that blows across the wick.

The wick is a substance which is absorptive enough to draw water up from the reservoir.

It also needs to be porous enough that the fan can easily knock the water from the wick into the air as vapor. With these three elements, you really can get quite a bit of humidity flowing

Natural Humidifier?

Natural humidifiers are even more simple than evaporative humidifiers. They consist of only a wick and a reservoir, meaning they do not include a fan.

A houseplant is technically a natural humidifier, since it draws water up from its soil (its reservoir) and acts as a wick by losing this water into the air through evaporation.

Some people set up fans near their plants to create a homemade version of an evaporation humidifier.
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Ultrasonic Humidifier?

Chances are, you are looking for a humidifier because you want the air in your environment to be wetter. We support that plan.
However, there is a point when humidity levels are too high, and you should not run your humidifier nonstop unless it has auto humidity detection.

Experts recommend keeping indoor humidity levels between 40% and 60% to avoid encouraging the growth of mildew and mold, so if your humidifier does not monitor levels for you, consider a humidity monitor for better indoor air quality.

Impeller Humidifier?

Impeller humidifiers work differently than both natural and evaporative humidifiers. An impeller uses a spinning disk and a diffuser.

The disk flings water droplets at the diffuser which further breaks them up into a fine mist that humidifies the air. These tend to be a bit noisier than the previously mentioned types of humidifier.

How We Reviewed

Only the best whole house humidifiers made our short list, which was further narrowed down to only six entries.

These six entries were evaluated according to their salient features, whether their pros outweigh their cons, and what sort of price point the manufacturer had set for the humidifier.

In the end we had enough data to determine which of these six deserves to be named the best whole house humidifier for your money.

What We Reviewed

  • Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier
  • Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier
  • Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier
  • Vornado EVDC300 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier
  • AIRCARE H12600 Digital Whole-House Console
  • AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House

Top 6 Whole House Humidifier of 2021 Comparison Table

Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier Rating: 98/100 View latest Deal →
Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier Rating: 95/100 View Latest Deal →
Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier Rating: 92/100 View Latest Deal →
Vornado EVDC300 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →
AIRCARE H12600 Digital Whole-House Console Rating: 88/100 View Latest Deal →
AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Rating: 85/100 View Latest Deal →

The 6 Best Whole House Humidifier

Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier


Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier was created by the very inventors of the whole house evaporative humidifier. This is a brand with a long reputation, and a very positive one at that.

It provides full coverage for up to three thousand square feet. It can hold twelve gallons per day. It uses dual sensors to monitor the humidity level and adjust your home accordingly.


  • Comes with a great brand reputation
  • Digital control is easy to read and use
  • Automatic sensors keep the humidity level ideal


  • Sometimes air leaks between the unit and the HVAC

Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier


The Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier is one of the best whole house humidifiers for operating quietly. If you have been bothered by the hum and drone of devices in your house in the past, this could be a great option for you.

It puts off three quarters of a gallon of humidity an hour. It can easily handle humidifying a space of up to 4,200 square feet. All this, and it even operates automatically.


  • Operates very quietly
  • Covers an area of up to 4,2000 square feet
  • Automatically regulates your home’s humidity


  • One of the more expensive items on this list

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier


The Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier may be one of the best whole house humidifiers for those with large rooms.

It uses three gallons of water, knows how humid the room is thanks to its humidistat, and it automatically shuts itself off when your home has reached the optimal humidity. It can humidify spaces up to 2,300 square feet.


  • Easily humidifies spaces up to 2,300 square feet
  • Uses cool moisture technology
  • 3 gallon capacity


  • Does not hook up to an HVAC system

Vornado EVDC300 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier


The Vornado EVDC300 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier is truly remarkable. Not only does it humidify your air, it also lets you tailor the evaporation process which removes dust, dander, and many other types of allergen and irritant from your air.

The design is minimal and offers 1 gallon of water. It is highly simple and easy to maintain with a low water indication.


  • Incredible five-year warranty
  • Humidifies and purifies your air
  • Consistent Intellegent comfort


  • A bit poor in quality control

AIRCARE H12600 Digital Whole-House Console


The AIRCARE H12600 Digital Whole-House Console is one of the best whole house humidifiers in terms of looks. It has a woody, 60’s happy household sort of vibe. But its positive features are not relegated just to its looks.

The AIRCARE H12600 easily humidifies 3,700 square feet and can produce up to 11.9 gallons of output per day. It does not produce white dust, and it uses a four speed fan.


  • Two-year warranty included
  • Humidifies up to 3,700 square feet
  • Can produce up to 11.9 gallons of output daily
  • Auto shut off


  • Not the cheapest unit available

AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House


Another great showing from AIRCARE, the AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House is a fairly unique design for a humidifier.

Shaped as a type of column, this humidifier is among the best whole house humidifiers on the market. It can easily humidify up to 2,400 square feet.


  • Unique column design
  • Humidifies up to 2,400 feet squared
  • Automatic shutoff


  • An expensive humidifier

What to Look for in a Whole-House Humidifier 


Few models help in preventing wooden floors from drying out and help to control console static electricity. You need to find out which humidifier works the best for you. 

Make sure you consider the climate and weather you live in, the size of your rooms, and your budget.


Few humidifiers are easy to handle, and some require more of a hassle. Certain models are required to be plugged into the wall and some require professional installation.

Consider the size of the water tank of the humidifier and how often you will fill water in it.  


While many humidifiers that balance the humidity in your home, and some come with more features. You may get diffusers for essentials oils. 

Make sure you choose a design that does not clash with your inner decor. 

Common FAQs

Nobody setups a whole-house humidifier unless they are having problems. Many people feel dry skin during winter and can be painful for most. A humidifier can be helpful in these situations. Also, it helps to keep the dry air out and keeps the wood furniture from cracking.

Excessive moisture can increase mold growth. It can easily affect your and house health causing allergies and reactions.

The whole house humidifier adds moisture to the air of your home. It also helps your skin to keep up the natural moisture.

Yes, you can install a whole-house humidifier by yourself. You can expect to spend around $250 for the unit and the necessary tools to install it.

A whole-house humidifier may cause some issues. Introducing moisture of air through the ductwork in your house can cause plenty of issues.

The Verdict: The Best Whole House Humidifier

When it comes to humidifying your whole house, you want a model that lasts a long time. That is why we have chosen the Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier to be the best whole house humidifier for your money.

It alone can do the job of humidifying your whole house and comes with an unbeatable brand name. It is highly easy to use and manage

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