Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Review [2021]: Worth it?

davis pro2 weather station

When it comes to producing top-notch weather stations, Davis Instrument is second to NONE.

They have been ruling this industry for 50 years. And the way they are going, it is expected that they will continue to do for at least another 50.

Now, weather stations don’t come any better than their latest release Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2.

The wireless weather station comes with an integrated sensor suite to measure temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, and wind speed and direction.

One thing that sets it APART from its competitors is that you can mount the anemometer separately. As a result, the anemometer can transmit precise readings of the wind speed.

An LCD console with quality features is also included in the unit.

In addition, with the cloud platform, you can now receive your data from anywhere via your tablet or pc.


  • Comes with a radiation shield
  • Well-built
  • Allows additional sensors
  • Provides precise weather reports


  • Additional purchase required to connect to the internet

Below I’m going to detail its key features.

Key features It Partakes:

Build Quality

The manufacturers have used over-molded plastic for the station. The molded plastic helps to prevent moisture from influencing the sensors.

The device has had a makeover, and most of its parts are now colored black.

 The black color carries a significant implication.

The black color helps the station to defrost quickly when iced up. It results in improved reading when the weather gets particularly bad.

In addition, it also includes a bird deterrent. So, if you detest clearing bird droppings (who doesn’t), then you will love this feature.

The vantage pro2 is powered by a solar panel, while a supercapacitor is employed to help it operate during the night. A lithium battery is also provided for the backup.


It’s difficult to find an equal to this station when it comes to accuracy.


I was wrong, it’s IMPOSSIBLE. There’s no other weather in the industry which can match their accuracy.

Moreover, Davis has included a radiation shield to provide protection for the sensors.


The vantage pro2 provides a transmission range of 1000 feet.

Yes, most of the people have no need of a 1000 feet range, as you want to install the device in your yard, not in your neighbors.

However, the extra yards will help you to get a strong signal compared to the cheaper alternatives.

Now, the unit comes in two parts:

The outdoor sensor array and a separate anemometer.

While installing the outdoor array would be a walk in the park (just mount it on a 1” pole), I can’t say the same about the anemometer.

You’ll have to set up the wind sensor at the recommended height of 33 feet.

Once you’ve mounted the anemometer, you will need to plug it into the outdoor array by using 40 feet of wire. The 40-feet wire will be provided by Davis.

Display Console

Although the LCD display isn’t colored, it has a nice design and seems more modern than its predecessors.

It comes with essential hardware for wall mounting or tabletop use. AC adapter has been employed to run the console but it can run on batteries if necessary.

The Vantage Pro2 console display has several valuable features. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Shows both time and date, along with sunrise and sunset time
  • A user-friendly keyboard
  • Shows all the moon phases, from new to full
  • Measurement of indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, wind direction and speed, and precipitation
  • The forecasting feature tells you what to expect—rain, sun, or snow
  • Allows you to compare with the temperature and barometric pressure of the previous day
  • Provides graphical analysis of weather info
  • A shedload of alarms to warn you of impending natural disasters such as thunderstorm, flood, blizzard
  • Displays the trend of barometric pressure
  • Updates of the weather elements every 2.5 seconds

Moreover, if you buy the additional sensors, the display will show data for soil moisture, leaf wetness, UV and solar radiation.


The anemometer can be installed separately at the recommended height of 33 feet. That means unlike other competitors, it won’t under-report 30% wind speed.

In addition, its wind speed also gets a boost reaching a MAXIMUM of 200 MPH.

The resolution rate of the wind vane is 1 degree.


Davis has redesigned the rain gauge to make it perform more accurately during natural disasters such as thunderstorm and hurricanes.

They have given the rain gauge a shape that prevents turbulence and stops the rain from entering the gauge.

Outside Temperature

The temperature sensor has an accuracy rating of ±1 F, which is excellent.

The unit includes a radiation shield to protect it from sunlight. The shield is of appropriate size and works pretty well.


Gets protection from the radiation shield and provides accurate data.

It uses a range of 0-100% to calculate the relative humidity.

Additional Sensors

A valuable feature of this station is its ability to add additional sensors such as UV and solar sensors.

They have an accuracy rating of ± 5%.


The only drawback of this otherwise amazing weather station is that:

You are required to buy additional accessories to connect the station to the internet. WeatherLink USB or a WeatherLink IP could help you in this regard.

Unfortunately, this can increase your overall cost significantly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the unit use rechargeable batteries?

Ans: No, it doesn’t. In fact, it has no battery recharger in the transmitter.

2. Does the station measure altitude?

Ans: Nope.

3. Does the unit come with a bird deterrent?

Ans: Yes, it does.

Final Words

The Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 is vastly superior to other competitors in terms of reporting data accurately.

Hence, the Vantage Pro2 would be an ideal choice for anyone who gives data accuracy the most priority.

Nevertheless, internet connectivity of this station is less than impressive as it doesn’t allow you to connect to the internet directly.

However, this issue can be solved easily with additional accessories.

In my opinion, if you can afford the device, then it’s a no-brainer. For there’s no better alternative available on the market.

Hence, if you can afford it, go have it!

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