Davis Instruments 6250 Review [2022] : A Complete Guide

Davis Instruments 6250 Review

The Davis instruments 6250 Vantage Vue wireless weather station isn’t any run-of-the-mill device. Its distinct features DISTINGUISH itself from other competitors.

This wireless all-in-one weather station has a transmission distance of 1000 feet, which is 3 times more than its competitors.

Its sensor array measures weather conditions such as humidity, wind direction, barometric pressure, wind speed, rainfall, the inside and outside temperature, and dew point.

A durable cover is employed to protect the sensor suite array from sunlight to ensure accuracy.
An AMAZING forecast system has been installed in the display console to warn you about the changes in weather conditions.

The Sonar panel keeps the weather sensor running during the day, while at night power is supplied by the onboard supercapacitor.

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Provides accurate data
Sensors send quick updates to the console compared to their competitors
The outdoor sensor suite array is well-built
Shows weather forecasts accurately
Thumbs-o-easy to install


It needs to improve its internet connectivity

Build Quality and Design

The instrument 6250 wireless weather station has been sturdily built and the simple design makes it look elegant. Perhaps, you have noticed that some part of the device is black. No, it’s not about giving the appliance a unique look.

When the weather gets cold, it can often lead moving parts of the station to ice up. As a result, it becomes unable to measure wind, speed and direction.

Well, using black parts helps the weather station to defrost faster. Although it’s not a big deal but isn’t it amazing how they take note of the tiniest of details?

Its durable cover for its sensors makes all the difference. The temperature sensor remains under the protection of radiation shielding.

It prevents direct sunlight from causing temperature sensors to read too high—which other devices often struggle with.

The rain gauge, which uses the tipping mechanism to measure rainfall, also shows considerably high accuracy.


The LCD console is abundant with amazing features. Here is a list of some of the major ones:

  • Measurements of rainfall
  • Measurements of humidity and temperature
  • Measurements of wind direction and speed
  • A clock featuring time, date, and sunrise and sunset time
  • Up to 22 alarms to warn you about severe weather including thunderstorms, floods, and snowfall
  • A user-friendly keypad that glow in the dark so that you can use it during both night and daytime.
  • Shows barometric pressure, whether it’s rising, falling, or steady
  • Moon Phase
  • Provides in-depth information on each weather element—highs and lows of the day, hourly changes in temperature, and even meteor showers.
  • A graph to compare with the weather of the previous day
  • Forecast icons to let you know whether to expect continuous rain or a day full of sunshine
  • Updates every 2.5 seconds

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The 6250 Vantage Vue is incredibly easy to install. The unit includes a mounting kit which requires you to mount it onto a 1” to 2” pole.

And that’s it.

However, as it’s a one-in-all station, you won’t be able to mount the anemometer and the temperature sensors at the recommended height. The display console will need to be installed too.

Don’t worry. It isn’t difficult either. You have the option to set up the display console on your wall or tabletop. Just follow the instructions provided in the manual and you’ll be OK.


It is recommended that the entire unit is cleaned at least once a year.

Especially, keep in mind to check regularly whether there’s a blockage in the rain gauge trap. Otherwise, it could send false readings to your console.


It comes with five different sensors. Let’s take a look at them:


Its temperature sensor is protected by a passive radiation shield. Hence, it doesn’t get affected by the direct sunlight and sends accurate data to the console.

Updates are sent to the console every 10 seconds.

Wind Speed and Direction

The spinning cups of the anemometer are STRONG and well-built. Unlike cheap weather sensors, they don’t deteriorate rapidly.

Speed of the wind is up to 180 MPH can be measured by the sensor.

It also provides precise wind direction with a 1-degree margin of error.



Its rain gauge is of a perfect size to capture precipitation.

Davis Instrument 6250 Rainfall


It has a reporting range of 1-100 with 3% accuracy. That’s much higher than its competitors. It sends an update to the console every 50 seconds.


It’s a precision device and so it’s normal to expect high performance from it. And it delivers. You will have no cause to complain about its accuracy.

Internet Connectivity

One area where this could improve is its internet connectivity. To gain access to weather reports via the internet, you’ll have to buy an extra device.

In this case, you can buy either of these two:

Weather Link USB, which directly connects the display console to your desktop or, you could purchase a Weather Link IP to connect to your router, which will automatically post weather data to the internet.

Both of them have their app, which, by the way, has a primitive design. They need to try harder to bring this up-to-date.

Unfortunately, both of them are a little bit expensive. So, it’s up to you to decide whether to buy or do without.

What Users Are Saying?

People who bought this vantage vue weather station were extremely happy. They mentioned that it lasts for a long time. The loved that the device can withstand extreme weather conditions with no residual issues.

Many of them mentioned that the system is extremely configurable and gives you instant updates on wind speed and direction.

However, many of them faced issues with the lithium battery. Overall it is a great home weather station product.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. But you will need the Weather Link USB software.


The Davis instruments 6250 Vantage Vue is certainly one of the most RELIABLE weather stations on the market.

If accuracy is your prime concern, then this is could be the ideal choice for you.

However, with the purchase of additional devices for internet connectivity, the expense could rise slightly. So be advised and mindful of that coming.

Nonetheless, with its various useful features, the weather station is surely worth the cost.

Learn how to set-up your new Davis Vantage Vue straight out to box right here.

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