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About La Crosse

Allan McCormick had a vision that laid the foundation of La Crosse Technology back in 1983. This fire of imagination created history in building multiple companies under one brand umbrella. 

Today’s multinational manufacturer of numerous electronic products like La Crosse weather stations, clocks, mobile systems, thermometers and rain gauges and various kinds of alarm clocks began as a one-person company in a mobile showroom. The mobile brand got popular all across the United States. Even though La Crosse Technologies achieved multitudes of success, their business philosophy remains the same; that is – Serving Their Customers To The Highest Level. 

La Crosse Technology is presently located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, which initiated its story from La Crescent, Minnesota. The brand delivers an extensive range of unsurpassed weather data, stylish accents for offices and homes and atomic time. All the products are easy to use and understand. All of its products, including the La Crosse Technology weather station, are not only available online but in most of the retail stores across North America.

What Products To Look For from La Crosse Technology?

La Crosse Exclusive Product

La Crosse Featured Product: T85647 Wireless Color Weather Station

The La Crosse Wireless Weather Forecast Station is accurate, easy to read, and reliable. It provides specific and detailed data straight from your backyard. The weather station transmits the humidity level and outdoor temperature using a weather-resistant outdoor transmitter. 

This La Crosse forecaster gives the indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity level, trend indicators and comfort level charts. With this weather station you can anticipate the weather changes in the coming hours through trend indicators. The setup is easy and is powered by an AC adapter. It also has a self-setting atomic time and date.

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La Crosse Wireless Colours  Weather Station



  • Displays indoor temperature in °F / °C
  • Gives alert on indoor temperature high or low
  • Indoor temperature trend indicator 
  • Indoor humidity with trend indicator
  • Forecast tendency indicator
  • Animated forecast icons
  • Backlight control 
  • Mould Risk display 
  • The unit must be plugged in for continuous backlight
  • Signal strength icon for sensor transmission
  • 12/24 hours atomic time and date
  • Displays Outdoor temperature in °F / °C
  • Gives alert on outdoor temperature high or low
  • Outdoor heat index and dew point
  • Outdoor temperature trend indicator 
  • Outdoor humidity with trend indicator
  • Min or Max indoor or outdoor temperature
  • Atomic reception indicator
  • Station and sensor low battery icon
  • Perpetual calendar displaying day, month and date
  • Snooze or alarm icon


  • 19% to 97% RH is the indoor humidity range
  • +32°F to +122°F (0°C to 50°C) is the indoor temperature range
  • TX141TH-B Wireless Outdoor Temperature/Humidity Sensor is included
  • 19% to 97% RH is the outdoor humidity range
  • -40 °F to 140 °F (-40°C to 60°C) is the outdoor temperature range
  • Up to 300 feet is the transmission range
  • For display a primary power of 6.0V AC adapter is included inside lower panel
  • It requires 3 “AAA” Alkaline batteries for backup which is not included
  • For sensor 2 “AA” Alkaline batteries ir required which is not included
  • The display board dimensions are 8.34″ L x 1.03″ W x 5.48″ H
  • The sensor dimensions are 1.57″ L x 0.82″ W x 5.11″ H


It includes weather predictions
The weather station is very convenient to set up
The instruction in the manual are easy to follow
The accuracy is incredible
The display is very big
The weather station looks smart
It is highly reliable and works perfect


The barometric calibration takes 7-10 days to be accurate after setting up

What users are saying:

The users have a unanimous vote for its smart looks and easy readability. The accuracy level has made all its users very happy. The assembly being simple, users are very happy with the product.

Personal Wireless Remote Monitoring Wind Station

V21-WTHV 3 Complete Personal Wireless Remote Monitoring Wind Station:

This weather station can function with the La Crosse View Application or even as a stand alone station. With the help of the app accessing the data of weather stations from a tablet or a mobile remotely becomes easy. The weather station monitors outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed and dew point. V21-WTHV 3 has inbuilt everyday low or high-temperature records, an option for Wi-Fi connection and dynamic forecast icons. This helps in viewing all the sensor-based data on smart devices through the La Crosse Viewing App.

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LA Crosse wireless Wi-Fi Weather Station



  • Outdoor Trend Indicators
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity
  • Feels Like and Dew Point
  • Daily High/Low Outdoor Temperature Records
  • Dynamic Color Weather Forecast
  • High and Low Records with Timestamp
  • Seasonal Trees Change Every 3 Months
  • History Records with Time Stamp
  • Current and Top Speed
  • Displays Day of the Week, Month, Date & Year
  • 12/24 Hour Setting
  • Perpetual Calendar: Date, Month, & Full Day
  • Low Battery Indicator for Each Included Sensor
  • Guided Settings Menu
  • 5 Settings LCD Brightness
  • Sensor Connection Indicator
  • Wifi Connection Indicator
  • Brushed Metal Finish
  • Wall Hanging or Adjustable Kickstand for Free Standing Option
  • Weather Forecast; 8 additional icons representations
  • Chance of Precipitation for the day
  • HI/LO for the day
  • Prevailing Wind Direction
  • Internet Time and Date
  • View Data Stream (VDS) Technology


  • Indoor humidity range: 10% RH to 99%RH
  • Indoor temperature range:  +32°F to +122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Outdoor humidity range: 10% RH to 99%RH
  • Outdoor temperature range: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • Transmission frequency: 915 MHz
  • Transmission range: Up to 400 feet (121 meters) in open air
  • Wind Speed Range: 0-111 mph (0-178 kmh)
  • LTV-TH1 Sensor: 2 “AA” Alkaline batteries
  • Display: 5.0 Volt 600mA power cord included (Required); Optional 3 “AA” Alkaline batteries backup
  • Display: 8.98″ L x 1.00″ W x 5.43″ H
  • LTV-W1 or LTV-W2 Sensor: 2 “C” Alkaline batteries
  • LTV-W1 or LTV-W2: 7.10″ L x 7.10″ W x 18.57″ H (with mounting bracket/pole)
  • LTV-TH1: 1.97″ L x 0.75″ W x 5.73″ H
  • For custom mounting of LTV-W1 or LTV-W2 Sensor use 1” Electric Metallic Tube (EMT) Conduit


The assembly of this weather station is very easy
The Wi-Fi connectivity is to the next level as all the devices get in sync with the weather station
The readings are very accurate
It has a multi-color display
The display is visible from far


This particular weather station is not very durable

What Users Are Saying

There are mixed reviews on this weather station. Few are in love with it for its connectivity and reliability, while the other few hate it for its non-durability and unreadablity. 

Pros and Cons of La Crosse Brand


  • The La Crosse weather stations are highly accurate and very reliable
  • They are easy to set up
  • They have the best weather stations with recent in-built technology
  • The display quality is very good
  • The console is user friendly


  • Being a home weather station they are compact and cannot give extensive data like a full-fledged weather station.

Troubleshooting Tips for La Crosse Weather Station –

  • If you see dashes for outdoor temperature

  1. Search for the outdoor sensor by holding the Heat/Dew button for 3 seconds. If it is searching for the signal then the reception button will flash and if the signal is received the flash will turn solid.
  2. There might be a low battery problem so check for the indicator of low battery. If you understand the battery is low, change them in your sensors and then again hold the Heat/Dew button for 3 seconds and look for the signal.



  • Factory Restart: Remove Residual electrical current

  1. Factory restart by removing residual electric current
  2. Disconnect the weather station by removing the AC power cord and all the batteries from the sensor too.
  3. Next press either of the one button on the weather station for a minimum of 20 times to clear all the saved data in the memory.
  4. Then leave both the units without any power supply  for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Reinstalling the weather station with new, fresh batteries

  1. Insert the fresh batteries into the outdoor sensor.
  2. Plug in the AC power cord.
  3. Before you remount your sensor, wait for at least 15 minutes to let the connection establish between the display and the sensor. 
  4. We recommend the sensor to be mounted on the North side of the house, but well protected from the direct sunlight and precipitation. It should be well-ventilated too.

La Crosse Weather Stations Warranty, Return Policy, and Service

1. The La Crosse Return Policy:

La Crosse has the facility for refund on the original cost and not the shipping cost. If you want to exchange the product then it will be obliged within 30 days of purchase under following situations:

  • Dead or defective product was received
  • Wrong product was received

2. The La Crosse Warranty:

A 1 year of limited warranty is provided on all the products against any material, manufacturing or workmanship defects. 

3. La Crosse Prices, Packages, Deals, Where to Buy It?

La Crosse weather stations range from $35 to $200. You can easily buy weather station on their website and also on Amazon. You would get great discounts and deals on buying from Amazon.

La Crosse’s V40-PRO-INT is a quality product that is flawlessly engineered keeping design and functionality in mind. La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT is the best in line thanks to its optimum accuracy in transmission and reception. When connected to Wi-Fi, the weather station not only receives but even transmits data from the National Weather Service, when connected to Wi-Fi. 

Follow the below steps to set the outdoor thermometer.:

Step 1:
As per the marked polarity, 2 fresh AA batteries have to be inserted into the TX29U-IT sensor in the battery compartment.

Step 2:

Next follow the same procedure of inserting batteries into the wireless thermometer according to the polarity markings.

Step 3: 

Next place the sensor out after 5 minutes in a shaded location.

You can then follow the guide to complete the set up.

The beeps indicate that maybe the weather station needs new batteries or an alarm is set to on. You will find in the instructions in the guide about changing batteries or checking the alarms. If it still does not stop, then you can return it as defective. 

Yes, La Crosse weather station has 3 variable brightness settings but only when plugged in. The brightness can be selected to High, Low and Medium. But when on battery it is automatically dimmed.

Yes, as per the users’ weather stations from La Crosse are really good, reliable and very accurate.

It is very easy to connect the La Crosse weather station. You just need to download the latest version of the La Crosse View App and then select the ‘Connect Wi-FI; icon from the main menu. The App will then guide you through the best method to get you connected.  

For many people who rely on the climatic conditions to perform their work, for them a weather station is an essential possession. La Crosse technology provides weather stations giving accurate and reliable information. You can be your own Meteorologist by having a personal home weather station. 

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