Top 10 Cloudiest Cities in the US

Top 10 Cloudiest Cities in the US

Clouds can affect our mood, our plans, and even our climate. While some people enjoy cloudy days for their cozy atmosphere, others may find them gloomy.

But have you ever wondered which cities in the United States experience the most cloud cover?

Here, we’ll explore the top 10 cloudiest cities across the nation, shedding light on why they’re so frequently shrouded in mist and vapor.

1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is renowned for its cloudy weather, earning it the nickname “Rain City.” Situated in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle experiences a maritime climate influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. This oceanic influence brings abundant moisture, leading to frequent cloud cover. The city’s topography, surrounded by hills and mountains, also contributes to trapping clouds and moisture in the area.

2. Portland, Oregon

Similar to its neighbor Seattle, Portland experiences high levels of cloud cover due to its location in the Pacific Northwest and its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The city’s temperate climate is characterized by mild, wet winters and cool, dry summers, with overcast skies prevalent throughout much of the year.

3. Juneau, Alaska

As the capital of Alaska, Juneau is no stranger to cloudy days. Its location in the southeastern part of the state exposes it to the Gulf of Alaska’s moist air masses, resulting in frequent cloud cover. Additionally, Juneau’s mountainous terrain further enhances cloud formation and retention, making it one of the cloudiest cities in the US.

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh’s cloudiness is attributed to its geographical position and local weather patterns. Situated in a river valley surrounded by hills, the city often experiences temperature inversions, where a layer of warm air traps cooler air beneath it, leading to the formation of low-hanging clouds and fog. This, coupled with its proximity to the Great Lakes, contributes to Pittsburgh’s cloudy climate.

5. Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland’s proximity to Lake Erie significantly influences its weather, resulting in high levels of cloud cover. The lake acts as a moisture source, particularly during the colder months when it remains relatively warm compared to the surrounding land. This temperature contrast fosters cloud formation and leads to frequent overcast conditions in the city.

6. Buffalo, New York

Located on the eastern shores of Lake Erie, Buffalo experiences a climate heavily influenced by the lake’s presence. Cold air passing over the relatively warmer waters of the lake triggers cloud formation and lake-effect snow, contributing to Buffalo’s reputation for cloudy weather, especially during the winter months.


7. Rochester, New York

Rochester, situated not far from Lake Ontario, shares a similar climate with Buffalo, characterized by frequent cloud cover and lake-effect snow. The city’s proximity to the lake enhances moisture levels in the atmosphere, resulting in persistent clouds throughout much of the year.

8. Syracuse, New York

Another city in upstate New York, Syracuse, is known for its cloudy weather, particularly during the winter months. Similar to Buffalo and Rochester, Syracuse experiences significant lake-effect snow from nearby Lake Ontario, leading to overcast skies and snowy conditions.

9. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston’s climate is influenced by its coastal location, with the Atlantic Ocean playing a significant role in its weather patterns. The city experiences frequent cloud cover, especially during the cooler months, as moist ocean air interacts with colder air masses moving in from the north and west.

10. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s weather is shaped by its proximity to Lake Michigan, which acts as a moisture source and contributes to the city’s cloudiness. During the spring and fall, when temperature gradients are more pronounced, Chicago often experiences overcast conditions as warm and cold air masses clash over the lake.

Cloud cover can significantly impact the daily lives of residents in these cities, affecting everything from outdoor activities to mood and energy levels. Understanding the factors contributing to cloudiness in these regions provides valuable insights into their unique climates and weather patterns. While some may embrace the cozy atmosphere created by clouds, others may yearn for clearer skies and sunshine. Regardless of personal preferences, the top 10 cloudiest cities in the US offer a diverse array of climates and experiences for residents and visitors alike.

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