Top 15 Weather News Bloopers of the Year 2023

Weather News Bloopers

From green screens gone wrong to hilarious mispronunciations, weather news bloopers never fail to entertain.

Weather reports are typically known for their precision and seriousness, but every now and then, even the most composed meteorologists find themselves caught in a comical whirlwind.

As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s rewind and relish the most uproarious and unexpected moments in weather broadcasting. From unexpected animal cameos to on-air tongue twisters, these top 15 weather news bloopers of 2023 are sure to leave you in stitches.

But this year, the laughs were particularly outrageous! Here are the top 15 weather news bloopers of 2023:

1. "Hurricane... or Hurricane?"

This meteorologist got a little tongue-tied trying to differentiate between two hurricanes swirling in the Atlantic. The result was a hilarious mix-up that had viewers cracking up!

2. "Is it safe to go outside?" "Well, it depends... are you made of butter?"

This weatherman’s attempt to answer a viewer’s question about the freezing temperatures backfired spectacularly. His bizarre analogy about butter left everyone wondering if he had taken one too many snowballs to the head!

3. "I'm standing here in... uh... what's the name of this town again?"

This weatherman had a complete brain freeze while reporting live on location. His inability to remember the name of the town he was standing in was pure comedic gold!

"In the script of life, the best moments are the unscripted ones. Embrace the unpredictability, for that's where the magic happens."

4. "And the forecast for tomorrow is... wait, let me check my notes... oh, right, sunny with a chance of..."

Even the most seasoned weather professionals can make mistakes. This meteorologist’s mid-report scramble to find her notes was a relatable reminder that we all have those moments!

5. "It's going to be a hot one today, folks, so be sure to wear... uh... clothes?"

This weatherman’s obvious statement about wearing clothes on a hot day had viewers questioning his common sense. Was he offering a groundbreaking fashion tip or simply stating the obvious?

6. "And now, a live report from... uh... is anyone there?"

This weatherman attempted to introduce a live report from a field reporter, only to be met with silence. The awkward pause and confusion that followed were pure comedy gold!

7. "And the high for today will be... uh... 85 degrees... Fahrenheit... I think?"

This weatherman’s struggle to remember the temperature unit was both funny and cringe-worthy. Did he just convert the temperature to Celsius in his head or was he simply guessing?

8. "The wind is blowing at... uh... 10 miles per hour... or maybe it's 10 kilometers per hour... I'm not sure..."

This weatherman’s confusion over the units of measurement for wind speed had viewers wondering if he had ever even taken a meteorology class.

9. "Let's take a look at the radar... uh oh, it appears I'm standing directly in front of the screen..."

This weatherman managed to block the entire radar screen with his body during his live report. The result was a hilarious moment of self-awareness and audience amusement.

"Life's storms may be fierce, but laughter is the wind that can carry you through. Find humor even in the darkest clouds."

10. "And here's a live look at... uh... what is this place again?"

This weatherman’s complete lack of awareness about his surroundings was both hilarious and embarrassing. Did he just show up to work without knowing where he was?

11. "And for those of you wondering about the chance of rain, well... let's just say it's... uh... raining right now!"

This weatherman’s pointless statement about the current rainfall was met with groans and eye rolls from viewers. Did he really think no one had noticed the downpour?

12. "And the forecast for tomorrow is... uh... cloudy... with a slight chance of... uh... something?"

This weatherman’s complete lack of confidence in his own forecast was both entertaining and concerning. Did he even bother looking at the weather models before going on air?

"Life's maps may not always lead where you expect, but sometimes, getting lost is the best way to find something truly extraordinary."

13. "And the forecast for this weekend is... sunshine and... is that my dog?"

This weatherman’s live report was unexpectedly interrupted by his furry friend, who decided to make a surprise appearance on camera. The result was a heartwarming moment of chaos that had viewers laughing and melting hearts. The weatherman’s attempt to maintain his composure while his dog stole the show was both comical and endearing.

14. "And now, a live report from the beach... where the reporter seems to be... swimming in the ocean?"

This weatherman’s attempt to deliver a live report while taking a dip in the ocean was both daring and disastrous. The result was a chaotic scene that left viewers wondering if he was actually reporting or just having a personal day at the beach. 

15 "And finally, a quick look at the forecast for the weekend... which is... uh... next week?"

This weatherman’s complete loss of track of time was both amusing and awkward. His mistake served as a reminder that even the most experienced professionals can sometimes make silly errors.

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