WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System review 2022

The Weatherflow Tempest weather system is a feature-packed weather monitoring device with a wireless system, solar-powered outdoor sensor and transmission hub that is up to 1000+ ft and responds every three seconds. This weather system is an innovative and easy-to-use weather station.

The installation process of this weather device is straightforward, and the company includes mounting hardware so that the whole process becomes effortless for you. 

It also has Tempest system software, which helps you easily set up and monitor the data. We will go through all the nuances of the Weather station and provide you with all the necessary information to understand the Product better before making any purchasing decision.

WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System


Design and installation

The Tempest weather station has a beautiful, modern and sleek profile. The minimalistic design is an excellent option for anyone willing to install it in their home. WeatherFlow has done a great job in designing the Product.

The WeatherFlow Tempest has one of the best warranties on the market today, thus making it a great choice for many long-term users.

 Let’s talk about the installation and learn about the whole process.

The installation process is a breeze, and if you have a place to mount the WeatherFlow Tempest, it will take a little less than 10 minutes to install! You can screw the sensor on anything using the tripod mount and can also mount it to the top of a mast.

The device is light and weighs around 3.5 pounds; the dimensions are 7.25” by 7.25” by 12”.This makes the device compact and the installation process easy for everyone.

The device comes pre-assembled and therefore does not require much hassle. All you have to do is place the included base station within your Wi-Fi range, and the Tempest should be in the range of the base station. Next, You have to set up the app, which will take less than five minutes. Once the app is ready, your weather station should be on and ready to report.

WeatherFlow Tempest app

The WeatherFlow tempest app is a revolutionary weather monitoring app that AI powers. The app provides you real-time observed weather data from your backyard or anywhere you have placed the outdoor sensor. The real-time observed data transfers all the information to the app’s machine learning system, which improves the accuracy.

The app acts like a console from which you can see the data from all the sensors of the Tempest. The data or the reading updates every 3 seconds; the best part is that even when you are not on your home network, it works! 

The app shows all the standard weather measurements and keeps us informed about the temperature, humidity, wind speed & direction and rainfall.

 Additionally, the Tempest has a UV light sensor and lightning detection; these features are very useful and are available to us with the help of haptic technology sensing precipitation intensity.

All the data collected by the weather sensor outside is transferred to the WeatherFlow application and then compiled and accessed to provide local area forecasts accurately. 

The app also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, a nifty, helpful addition.

Pros and cons of WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System

Like any other product, even WeatherFlow Tempest has its fair share of pros and cons, and we want you to know the Product with its good and bad so that when you make the buying decision, you are well informed about the Product.


Solar-powered outdoor sensor with an array of sensors, including UV light sensor and Lightning sensor.
The whole system is wireless and easy to install.
AI and machine learning integrated with the app provides more accurate forecasts.
You can share your data with your friends and family.
The app is smart home ready and can be linked to smart home appliances.
If you own an apple watch, it can be connected with it to check on the weather at a glance.


The haptic rain sensor does not measure rainfall accurately.
It can’t be expanded.
The Product is costlier than other competitors.
Few customers complained about the solar panel not working after 2-3 months.

Features of WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System

WeatherFlow Tempest Weather system has various features that ensure an accurate and complete weather forecast. It is a complete weather station with features like a UV index sensor and lightning sensor. 

WeatherFlow offers its users a list of sensors: temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall, UV index, pressure, and a lightning sensor, all of which are wireless, maintenance-free, solar-powered, and require no electrical power.

The AI-powered app is a game changer and uses machine learning programmes to ensure better forecasting results.

The app and the sensor are connected and provide real-time weather forecasts and refresh every 3 seconds; thus, you can be assured that the data is accurate and live.

Specifications of WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System

Here is a list of technical specifications if the WeatherFlow tempest weather system.

Product Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Item Volume: 1.00
  • Item Weight: 3.10 pounds
  • Model Number: 2020
  • Part Number: WF-TWS01
  • Power Source Type: Solar, Corded Electric
  • UNSPSC Code: 43000000

How to Setup WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System

Setting up the WeatherFlow Tempest is an effortless process. Follow the below-mentioned steps, and you will be able to set it up within a few minutes.

Setting up the app:

  • Unbox the pre-assembled hardware and keep it in your Wi-Fi range.
  • Download the Tempest Weather app available on the App store and google play store.
  • Turn on your BlueTooth and launch the app.
  • The app will guide you, and the system will be live once you are done with the process.

Installing the device:

A sitting & installation guide is provided in the package, which will be handy if you need directions on installing it.

In order to begin measuring the weather right away, we recommend you place your Tempest sensor device outside in a convenient location in the first step. Any standard camera mount (not included) or the included flat base with a wood screw with a keyhole slot will enable you to secure your Tempest to any flat surface quickly.

Experience of using WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System.

After spending hours researching the Product and going through hundreds of customer reviews, we can conclude that the Product satisfied most of the users.

The whole experience is loved by its users, and the WeatherFlow application made the process much more interactive and more manageable. Additionally, the sensors work fine; the device does not require any electricity as it is solar powered.

Customers were happy with the Product; the reviews were positive and made the whole experience accurate and easy. Apart from a few customers complaining about their defective units, the overall product review is good, and one will love the experience it brings.

The only con we would like to mention is that the lightning sensor does not work accurately, and the rain sensor sometimes fluctuates in accuracy.


The WeatherFlow tempest weather station is loaded with weather forecasting and measuring features like temp, humidity, dew point, feels like, heat index, Barometric pressure, sea-level pressure, trends, Lightning detection, and alerts up to 40 km Wind, UV, solar irradiance, Rain rate, accumulation, rain onset alerts 10-day forecast Historical weather data graphs.

We went through the product details thoroughly and researched them in depth to bring this unbiased and honest review to you and Made sure that you are well acknowledged and aware of the features, how to install and many other aspects of the Product.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

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