Why Rain Makes You Sleepy? | Top 12 Amazing Fun Facts

rain makes you sleepy

Who does not want to sleep a bit more on a rainy morning? I bet you do. I missed a quite few numbers of classes due to this.

So, I guess, you are not the only one. LOL.

Usually, it feels disturbing to hear any noise during the nap time. But when it is about rain, exactly the opposite thing happens.

Why Rain Makes You Sleepy?

The sound of rain on the roof produces a soothing noise that convinces you to sleep.

Ever wondered why this happens? Why you feel sleepy when it rains outside?

Well, there are some biological reasons why rain makes us feel sleepy. And, I am here to tell you about the reasons.

So, stay with me till the end of this article.

Melatonin Produces in Low Light

Dim lighting condition is responsible for producing melatonin hormone. This hormone helps your body to regulate the wake-sleep cycle.

The more this hormone is produced in your body, the more you will feel tired.

Furthermore, as the production of melatonin hormone is depended on the light, your body feels tired at low light conditions and makes you sleep at night.

This hormone makes us feel drowsy. That is one of the reasons why you feel drowsy on rainy days, as it associated with low light conditions.

Serotonin Makes You Happy

When your body overproduces melatonin hormone, it reduces the production of serotonin hormone.

It is a neurotransmitter that is linked to happiness. The food you take every day, are the source of serotonin production.

Things do not end here, the ultraviolet (UV) sunlight has a role to play here too!

On a bright sunny day, your body produces more of this serotonin hormone and makes you even happier.

On the other hand, during rainy days, your body produces less serotonin, and you feel a bit down on rainy days, as serotonin hormone is not friendly with overcast days.

A study in 2011 found that nine percent of the people feel a bit angrier and lazy on rainy days than it is on sunny days.

So, next time you feel a bit more down or angrier than usual, check the weather. You will practically experience the difference.

Soothing Sound of Rain

Another reason why your body feels sleepy during rainy days is that of the sound of rain. And, this is quite noticeable for all of us.

The raindrops on the roof, windows, or pavement make a rhythmic sound, and it sounds like a soothing lullaby.

Personally, this happens to me a lot. Whenever I want to go to deep sleep, I go to YouTube and play the sound of rain (a rain soundtrack).

I always fall asleep within a few minutes. So, if you are struggling with your sleep, add rain sounds to your playlist.

Maybe it will help you fall asleep the time you need.

Ah, the Smell of Rain

The smell of rain can be another reason why you feel sleepy. I got you! You are probably already trying to remember that smell. Count me in; I am doing that too!

Anyway, the musky and soothing scent comes from the soil. It happens when the substance such as geosmin interacts with oils of plants.

Plants secret these oils so that it can prevent the seeds from germination during dry weather.

So, when it starts raining, these oils are dissolved, and seeds grow.

Additionally, the smell after a thunderstorm is another reason for sleepiness. The oxygen molecules break and reform when lightning strikes.

Most of the original double molecule structure of oxygen can resume. But some of them convert into ozone’s triple molecular form.

Ozone has a pretty soothing smell, and it induces to sleep.

How not to Oversleep During Working Hours

Now, you know the reason why you feel sleepy on rainy days. Know that working on rainy days is quite difficult. I know the pain.

So, here are my suggestions that will help you compensate for the effects of dreary weather.

Let the Lights In

Do not make your room dark. Expose yourself to lights. Sit near the window or balcony so that you can get the natural lights.

Spend Some Time on Exercise

Stay active. Go for a morning walk. If you feel sleepy in midday, take a lunchtime yoga break.

Physical activities will stimulate your mental state of awareness and clarity.

Engaged Yourself with Creative Works

Doing creative work requires a lot of attention. Do something creative to overcome sleepiness.

Painting, making art, doing craft are some good examples of creative work.

If you are good at cooking, then why not make something special for the day? Give a treat to yourself. You Deserve it.

Drink Some Caffeine

To get rid of feeling drowsy, you can have coffee or tea. Caffeine will give a rapid boost to your mind and keep away drowsiness from you.

Caffeine acts on brain cells and stimulates them. You will feel the difference within 20 to 30 minutes.

Make sure your daily coffee intake does not exceed 400 mg. Do not ruin your night sleep by drinking coffee in the late afternoon.

Try Breathing Exercise

If you still feel sleepy and does not want to do any physical activity, try the breathing exercise.

Start with pulling your tummy at the same time when inhaling breathe. Then breathe out. This practice will make you feel awake and alert.

Enough of All These, Take a Nap

If everything fails, then give yourself the chance to take a nap. Enjoy the naptime! After the nap, you will feel fresh and able to continue your work for that day.

To conclude, falling asleep with the sound of rain is something enjoyable. If you have enough time, do not miss the chance to enjoy the day, let it be the way how it goes.

But if you are a busy person and have to perform your duty, then make sure you try ways that will not let you fall asleep.

Now that you know the reasons behind rain making you feel slow, if ever you experience a rainy day, you will know what is going on behind the scene.

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