Driving in the Rain: How to Do It Properly with These Tips

driving in the rain

“Rain rain go away, come again another day” when was the last time you sang this song?

I guess you do not remember exactly. But if I ask, when was the last time you drove in the rain? Was not the drive stressful?

Well, you are not the only one. I understand the struggle of driving in the rain too. It is quite stressful to drive at that time.

Tips for Driving in the Rain

rain car

Imagine you are going for a drive with your family and all on a sudden it starts raining. You know, driving in heavy rainfall is both scary and dangerous.

It is crucial for the drivers to know how to be safe at that time on roads. Nonetheless, you can follow our tips to drive safely whether it is rainstorm or a light drizzle.

Before the Drive Make Sure Your Car is Well Maintained

It is very important to check your car before going for a drive. The importance increases when it is about going out in the rain. Visibility in the rain is quite problematic.

So, make sure your car’s inside, and outside windows are clean from dirt, dust, smoke, fingerprints and other materials.

Check whether your car’s lights are adjusted or not. Do it yourself if you can. If your car’s headlight points in the right direction, it would become a lot easier for you to drive safely.

Otherwise, as visibility in heavy rain is not clear, you will have to face difficulty while driving.

In case you find any of your lights burnt out, you should replace them. Keep them protected with light covers so that dust or similar material do not decrease their efficacy.

Having control over your car in the rain is difficult. If the tires are not maintained properly, you might skid, hydroplane, and slide smoothly in wet condition of the road.

So, make sure your tires are all set to roll out.

While Driving Turn on Windshield Wipers

What comes first thing to your mind to do while driving in the rain? Of course the windshield wipers. So, keep them clean to improve visibility in wet conditions. Use right washer fluid to wipe water more effectively.

You can use a hydrophobic washer fluid which will force the water to bead up and drip off from the windshield. If it becomes sticky, it will block your view.

Better Go Slowly than Dead

To avoid any unfavorable driving conditions in the rain, you need to adjust your speed.

During the rain, the road becomes wet. So it will reduce your traction. Thus slowing down will reduce your chances of skidding out.

It will help you to get more time to react to emergencies.

Wet roads will reduce your traction by a third. So, make sure you also reduce your speed by a third. As there is a high possibility to have oils on the road, it will mix with rainwater.

Therefore, be careful about driving on the greasy parts of the road.

Do not even think about driving fast on wet roads. It will lead your car to the hydroplane.

You will have little control while steering and braking as the tires lose contact with the road when it is hydroplaning.

Pay Attention to the Road

Do not lose your focus from the road. You must pay attention to the road and what is happening to it, especially when it’s rain.

Due to the slickness of the road, the brakes of your car will not act quickly.

Do not turn on the radio unless it is necessary. Also, ignore your phone and other devices, so that these do not grab your attention.

See how drivers and pedestrians around you are acting in that situation. Do not engage in any conversation with passengers.

In a nutshell, avoid all that might distract you from the road.

Always Turn the Lights on

Turn on the headlights when it’s raining, whether it is day or night. In some states, you are not allowed to drive in the rain without headlights.

Your headlights will make it easy for other drivers to locate your position.

Rain will make a cloudy effect on the road, so your lights will help you to see the road.

Put Both the Hands on the wheel

Hold the steering wheel at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position. It will give you maximum control when it is time to turn, swerve and react rapidly in any situation. Drive with both your hands.

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Maintain Gap from Other Cars

Try to maintain a five seconds gap between your car and the car in front of you. In ordinary cases, leaving a three seconds gap is fine.

It will allow you more time to stop if there is any need.

Do NOT Slam on the Brakes

It would be good for you if you do not slam on the brakes in the rain. Elsewise, you may lose control of your car.

Hitting brakes too hard will force water into the brakes and make them less responsive.

Instead of braking, ease off the accelerator to slow the car if there is a manual transmission.

Take Turns Slowly and Steadily

If you turn too quickly in the rain, it will cause your tires to hydroplane, and you will end up losing control over the car.

Signal before turning and slow down. Also, make sure you reduce the speed before taking a turn by a third while it is raining.

Pull-Over Anytime You Need 

Feel free to pull over anytime when you do not feel good to drive.

If it’s heavy rainfall and you cannot see the sides, cars in front of you, and your surroundings, then without wasting time, turn on the signal and check the mirror and pull over safely.

Stay Calm if Hydroplane Happens

If your car faces a hydroplane, do not turn the steering wheel. Get your foot off from the accelerator and apply gentle pressure on the brakes.

In Case of Emergency

If your car falls into the deep water and does not proceed and if the water level is higher than the bottom of the car’s door, try to find an alternative route in this situation.

In case there is no way out, wait till the flood is gone.

What if You Skid?

It can be quite frightening. If this happens, do not panic. Get off your foot from the accelerator and steer gently in the right direction. Do not break or slam on the brakes.

To conclude, driving in the rain introduces the driver to a stressful situation. And due to the unfamiliar driving technique than usual, many times drivers lose control over their cars.

Check all necessary things before driving. Stay calm and focused while driving in the rain. Do not hurry to reach your destination.

Drive safe; you will arrive there eventually.

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