Ambient Vs Acurite Weather Station


If you are on this page right now, it means that you are looking out for a smart home weather station but are confused between the two leading brands. You are on the right page. In this blog, we have researched, analyzed, and reviewed weather station of both the brands Ambient and AcuRite weather stations thoroughly and have concluded a few points about both the weather stations along with a comparison table in the end. You will get an overview of both the brands on one page. 

So delve in.

What Does The Ambient Weather Station Offer?

Ambient’s most popular model is WS 2902A. Neither the brand needs any introduction nor the product as it has already made a name with thousands of positive reviews. This weather station WS 2902A has just the perfect features for anyone who is a weather hobbyist or is a meteorologist. You can easily monitor all the weather conditions from a distance of 300 feet with Ambient WS 2902A. It can monitor all the following weather conditions:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Rainfall
  • Heat Index
  • Dew Point

In the weather station industry, Ambient Weather station has been a trusted name for many years now and will continue to be so.

Acurite Atlas Weather Statioon Review

What Does AcuRite Weather Station Offer?

AcuRite is again another well-known player in the weather station market. Their products collect data from the sensors which are collected from your backyard. The AcuRite product that has been the talk of the town is AcuRite 01536 Wireless Weather Station. It has a reputation for providing weather readings of your location. It is said to be more accurate than the weather forecast by news channels. It can monitor all the following weather conditions:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity (indoor and outdoor)
  • Rainfall
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed

The best part of AcuRite weather station is that it is compatible with MAC or Windows computers, Smartphones, and Tablets as well. AcuRite is no small name in this industry. 

Comparison Table Of Acurite Vs Ambient







Operating Temperature






Battery or Solar Power






Customer Review



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