Ambient Weather Station: Brand Guide Review 2023

Ambient Weather Station -Brand Guide Review [2021]

About Ambient Weather

Over two decades Ambient Weather has been the emerging brand within the weather diagnostic market.  The product offering ranges from weather stations, instruments that monitor the environment to intuitive web-based dashboards and many more.

Ambient Weather has also been bringing like-minded hobbyest and professionals together by building a community where the weather data and analysis can be shared and discussed. 

History of Ambient Weather

The parent company of Ambient Weather is Nielsen Kellerman. They are known to be the backbone of technology brands. They deliver products providing weather data for all kinds of business purposes, defense and security and also for recreational and athletic activities.

It has major divisions in brands like Ambient Weather, Environmental Meters, RainWise, Rain Gauges and Professional Grade Weather Stations.

Ever since 1998, Ambient has been serving the customers online. There are multiple weather related products developed by Ambient which are used for indoor and outdoor readings.

In 2008, Ambient Weather was named as the best e-retailers amongst America’s to 500 e-retailers.

This was decided based on the web annual sales in 2008. It is also recognised as the America’s fastest growing company as per the Inc. Magazine from 2004 to 2008.

Now the company has been accredited and rated A+ by Better Business Bureau. It has 4.2 Rating out of 5 and has great customer reviews listed for the brand.

What is is an entirely personalized dashboard which is intuitive and versatile in the entire industry. By being a member of you can post the weather related data free of cost from your own weather station.

It just requires a strong Wi-Fi connection. With this you can connect to all the nearby stations and check for the real time weather.

Through your device you can easily view the weather statistics like rainfall, snowfall, temperature and UV radiation.

This device can be later on connected with Google Home, IFTTT and Alexa too.

What Products To Look For?

Check out the best products of Ambient which are famous amongst the users.

Ambient Exclusive Product

Ambient Weather WS-2902


Ambient Weather WS-2902 is an exclusive product of Ambient Weather which records the climatic conditions of your backyard and your home. The results are displayed on the LCD screen which is colorful.

This system measures the speed of the wind, its direction, humidity, temperature, rainfall and solar radiation. It is a wireless all in one integrated sensor. With the available calibration, it supports both imperial and metric measuring units.

It is super enhanced with Wi-Fi connectivity enabling the data to reach out any point of the world.


The WS-2902 gives accurate data
It is very well designed
It has great home connectivity which is impressive


It is not compatible with the mobile application

What Users Are Saying

More than 6000 users reviewed this product and they love it! They have given this product 4.6 stars. They are in love with its battery life and its accurate reading. The durability of the product is also great as per the users. Few of the people have faced range issues with the base system of the product and are not happy. 

Take a look at quick start guide to set up your ambient weather station WS-2902C.

Personal Weather Stations

Ambient Weather WS-2000

Ambient’s WS-2000 is a personal weather station which is a complete weather monitoring package. You can record remote as well as local weather data comprehensively through this weather system.

It has a LCD display which is full color TFT with high definition which makes it easy to read the data irrespective of being day or night. 

There is an outdoor sensor array which passes the temperature data to the wireless console that is inside. To measure humidity and barometric pressure, an indoor sensor has to be separately bought.

The actual data along with the calculated data is displayed through the tablet. The sunrise, sunset, wind speed and direction within 10 minutes, the dew point and the entire forecast is displayed through this system. It also has a multiple screen feature.


The LCD screen is of high quality
This model has been super upgraded
All the weather related information is displayed
It is cost efficient
It is entirely solar powered


It is wired and keeping it plugged in causes a problem
The frequency is low. It is 2.4 GHz

What Users Are Saying

There are more than 620 positive reviews from the real users who have simply loved the product. They have rated the product 4.8 stars. They have loved the accurate temperature reading and the prompt customer service.

Few of the users have faced problems with its installation. They have seen their systems break. 

Home Monitoring

Ambient Weather WS-3000

This home monitoring Ambient’s weather system WS-3000 records 8 wireless remote sensors at the same time. It is a complete full proof data logger. It gives information through TFT full color display.

The heat index, dew point, humidity and temperature is displayed by this system. The display is very user friendly. There are 8 channels which WS-3000 monitors using metric or imperial measures. 


Various temperature ranges can be set for each channel. There is an audio and visual alarm designed in WS-3000 which will go off if the set temperature range changes.

For any kind of advanced analysis of the temperature data, a PC Software is inbuilt in WS-3000. 


The system and display panel is user-friendly
Enhanced with high internet and Wi-Fi connectivity
The customer support for WS-3000 is very prompt and knowledgeable
It has superclass built in features
It provides accurate measurements


No additional sensors can be added
The display angle on the screen is limited

What Users Are Saying

There are nearly 400+ customer reviews for WS-3000. They have given this product 4.6 rating. These users have specified that installation is way too easy and the product works perfectly giving right readings.

People are happy with its console as it is very user friendly. Few of them do not like the product as extra sensors cannot be added to the console. 

Outdoor Weather Sensors

Ambient Weather WS-2700 

An extensive range of information is displayed through this outdoor weather system – Ambient’s WS-2700. The LCD panel displaying the reading is large and thus very convenient for the reader. The console is very light in weight.

It can be either mounted on the wall or kept on the desktop too. There is a forecast icon on the console which changes if there is a change in the barometric pressure. As this changes, it gives a weather forecast of the next 24 to 48 hours.

It supports upto 3 wireless remote sensors. The basic display gives temperature and humidity information. The remote wireless sensor can transmit data upto 300 mtrs facilitating reading from dual sides.

The weather station is loaded with many features that provide all the weather related information.


The display of the product is extremely good and
Easily readable from all angles
It is a sturdy and durable
There is an illuminating backlight for easy night time reading


The colored variant does not have a good reading display and angle

What Users Are Saying

The customers have rated the product 4.3 stars to this product and simply love the accuracy of the weather station. To read the displayed information is easy as per the users. People love the quality of the product. Few of the users feel the color variants have a little bit of display problem. 

Indoor Home Monitoring Sensors

Ambient Weather WH31E

This indoor monitoring system used at homes – Ambient’s WH31E is a combination of 3 weather determiners. The temperature, the atmospheric pressure and the humidity. So it is called a thermo-hygrometer and barometer.

It has a multi channel configuration. It has 8 dip switches transmitting data upto 300 feet. The data is transmitted without wire. °F or °C is used to display the temperature. It is not designed for stand alone use.

It collaborates with most of the nearby weather stations.


The display of the product is very clear
Very easy to read
It has perfect accuracy in temperature reading
It is cost efficient


The signal is interrupted due to the steel siding
The product is not waterproof

What Users Are Saying

The users have rated this product 4.6 stars. Maximum users have liked its temperature reader for its accuracy. Few of the users feel the humidity sensor is not very accurate. The users love the sensors and their precision. Few users have faced issues with the product after a month or so.

Weather Station Mounting

Ambient Weather WeatherMount Weather Station Mount 

The WeatherMount Weather Station Mount is a substitute to a tripod or a mounting pole. This is a flexible weather station mounting solution for weather stations. It is designed with powder coated steel with galvanized aluminum mast.

The structure is so strong that it gives strength, durability and stability to the weather station. The design is made such that it carries high aesthetic value by being sleek.

It can be fixed on any high roof since its base is adjustable. It is compatible to work with all kinds of weather stations.   


The labor required for installation is low
The labor required for installation is low
Maintenance is easy
Disassembling is easy
It provides accurate data


It is not easily accessible
There should not be any obstruction in the distance

What Users Are Saying

There are many users who have rated the product 4.6 stars. The product as per the users is compatible with all other devices. The users have recommended this product as it looks professional and is highly durable. Although few users have faced issues with its stability as it is not holding the weight of the weather station.

Ambient Weather Station Pros and Cons


  • Offers accurate and high precision weather data
  • You can access all the recorded weather data from sensors through your electronic devices
  • Provides minute-to-minute real time weather updates
  • Lets your access past weather patterns
  • Easily connects with Wunderground and Weather Cloud to offer connection with nearby weather stations
  • Few models are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It lets you activate emails and notifications alerts for detailed weather reports. 
  • People of all ages can use this weather stations without any sweat
  • Installation is simple and are easy to mount


  • Regular maintenance and cleaning is required
  • No other noticeable cons were found

Ambient Weather Prices, Packages, Deals, Where to Buy It

Ambient Weather station are top class weather systems providing the most accurate weather data. They are made of high quality materials and are available at an affordable price as well.

However, you need to know where to buy them. Amazon is one such platform where all the Ambient’s products of all the ranges are easily available with package deals.

You will find the best deals and packages on Amazon. Starting from the basic range of $24 to the premium range of $400 all the products are available in various colors and materials. Maximum Ambient products are shipped free by Amazon.

Ambient Weather Warranty, Return and Exchange Policy

There is a fixed 1 year minimum warranty on all the Ambient products. The new products purchased from the authorized dealers will get the warranty.

Amazon is an authorized dealer along with

If the products that are purchased from the authorized dealers are damaged or defective, they can be returned within 30 days of purchase.
You can either choose for replacement or refund. There are no restocking fees charged by the Ambient Weather for opening the products or using them if returned within 30 days.
If the 30 day period is exceeded then 15% restocking fees is charged. The complete shipping charges are borne by the company in case the product is returned within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a weather station that gauges the weather and climatic condition of your home and your yard and displays the result on the LCD display panel. It uses sensors to configure the data and display it.

To connect to the Ambient weather WIFI, first check if it is off. Then you need to press and hold the Alarm and the Rain button simultaneously for 5 seconds if the WiFi icon is off. Then launch the AmbientTool app on your device which is connected to the router.

 It is generally mounted 4 to 6 feet above the ground and is located at an horizontal distance of 4 times that of the nearest obstruction.

You need to press and hold the SET button in Normal Time Mode for two seconds. Then you can enter the time and date. You can press the adjust button to change the hour digit which would be flashing.

Follow the Ambient weather station manual steps to reset :

  • Unplug the modem, weather console and router
  • Plug in and wait till the Modem syncs with the network
  • Switch on the power to the Router and let it sync
  • Next put the AC adapter back to the console and it is done

You should look for Thermometer, Barometer,Humidity Sensor, Rain Gauge and Anemometer to start with

You need to initially connect the console of your weather station with the WIFI and then connect it to the

Check for the WiFi icon on the console and check if it is on. Once it is on, you need to launch the configuration of the console through an app ‘awnet; on any of the devices. The MAC address will be seen on the weather station display list.

Final step is to create an account on using the MAC address displayed earlier to register the account. 


A cost effective weather station is a very important device not only for the passionate weather readers but for the world to function with safety as well. This device provides perfectly accurate information for your business and home.

The weather stations always help in taking precautionary measures against the severe high or low temperature, destructive rains, diseases, winds and heavy snowfall.

Ambient Weather Systems have been serving the world with their precision products in reading and displaying the weather conditions throughout the world. 

You can easily trust on Ambient and buy their products on their website or on Amazon as well.

Recommended Products from Ambient Weather
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