Ambient Weather WS-2902 Review: A Smart WiFi Weather Station

Ambient Weather WS-2902 Review:

In this review, we will understand why Ambient Weather WS-2902 has become one of the best selling weather stations on Amazon. Read on!

The Ambient Weather have come up with an all rounder, a game player in the weather station markets. The Ambient Weather WS-2902 Osprey is a great value for money weather station. It ranks top in terms of accuracy and reliability.

It comes with a 10 in 1 sensor and a bright clear display making it super convenient for the users.

There are many features built in this weather station which are necessary to run the weather station smoothly. The WS-2902 gives out a complete picture of the surrounding weather conditions with clarity.


Highly durable and giving perfectly accurate readings
It is a model enriched with supreme features providing benefits in technology
Customer support is great
Alexa, OK Google and all the other AI applications support the WS-2902
The setting up of the weather station is easy
Connectivity of the weather station is very vast
It is very easy to maintain


The LCD panel displaying the data is not very convenient to read

Ambient Weather WS-2902 Review: In Detail

The Ambient Weather is known to manufacture most trustworthy weather stations of superior quality, and well graded recording equipment since their inception. For many decades, the company has come out with various kinds of sensors for weather stations.

The sensors are made with supreme quality tools which give most accurate readings. The weather stations are highly durable, stable, reliable and have a great life. And this is what makes their WS- 2902 one of the best selling products in the market.

It is one of the top notch weather stations for domestic use. Atmospheric conditions, the patterns and the pattern change in the weather can be easily monitored through this WS-2902.

It is a very user-friendly weather station which has simple operations. The WS-2902 does not have complicated handling, in fact it has all easy functionalities which even an amateur can grasp.

There won’t be any difficulty operating or using this weather station making it the best choice especially for the first time buyers. It is the best weather station.

What more can you ask? Well, you can.

It offers you UV and Solar Data like features in such an affordable price also with great internet and WiFi connectivity.

It is the only weather station that was found to have an useful Alexa and Google integration that can be used to trigger certain actions on other devices based on measurements.

Having an integration to other smart devices is a great thing. You can easily connect your weather station WS-2902 to your home system and have great benefits.

As soon as you connect your weather station to the smart home device, it can automatically turn the lights on as soon as the sun starts to set.

It will also stop your sprinkler from soaking your lawn wet as soon as it starts to rain. You can ask your Google Assistant / Alexa for a weather report from any location.

All these great features of this station at a very great price has made our Editor’s top recommendation. It is a surprise that the weather stations work so efficiently in terms of accuracy when compared to other models.


The sensors of the weather station measure different elements from various locations. The main digital console gets the readings transmitted through wireless transmitters.

The difference in the weather conditions from within the house and outside the house can be easily seen without using any physical remote sensor.

Maximum data reports are available through the sensor array units, which have complete information. There are 7 outdoor sensors and 3 indoor sensors

The main sensors used in the weather station are mentioned below:

  • The Wind Vane
  • The Wind Speed Cups 
  • Hygrometer
  • Thermometer
  • The Rain Gauge
  • Light Indicator for UV Radiation
  • Indicator for Bubble Level 

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The accuracy of the weather station is one of the best as compared to the others of this range.  Every 60 seconds the weather update is sent to the internet through a unit.

It provides a 16 seconds refresh time to the console. The outdoor sensor that is connected to the console gives data wirelessly of 330 feet with thorough accuracy. 

The weather station is powered by solar panels to provide uninterrupted data. However, this weather station does not provide variability in terms of accuracy. Comparatively the humidity and temperature readings slightly differ in accuracy.

The wind readings are perfect although rain readings differ a bit. But these variabilities are not a major difference. You can definitely go for this WS-2902 without 2nd thought. 


The connectivity of the weather station is the best feature. You have complete access to WS-2902 on all your electronic devices like computers, mobiles, laptops, tablets and all the remaining ones too.

You can connect to the ambient wireless network to fetch the readings. You can get the weather information every minute thanks to the real time updates. It is easy to  analyses the past weather records and the present weather records with this connectivity.

You need to just place your weather station in the right location to get accurate readings. The readings received by the display console can be viewed on your electronic devices. You can have access to the below readings.

  • The Pressure of Atmosphere 
  • Speed of the Wind
  • The Direction of the Wind 
  • The Wind chills
  • Humidity Level
  • Temperature
  • The Radiation of Solar 
  • The Dew Point Measurement
  • The Amount of Precipitation 
  • Forecast of upcoming days

Learn more about IFTTT and Ambient Weather right here!

IFTTT Connection

This weather station is very easy to use and comprehend, making it very convenient for all age groups to use it fearlessly with complete confidence. The unique feature in WS-2902 is that it has IIFTTT connectivity.

This is a web based platform which facilitates the connectivity of the devices and the apps. Just to give you clarity, the weather station is so well versed with IFTTT that the moment it senses the rise in temperature outside, it is capable of turning on the AC.

It is the other way round in winters, the weather station would switch on radiators or heaters if temperature depreciates. 

Along with the primary features, WS-2902 also comes with a few additional features which are mentioned below.

Additional Features

Effortless Temperature and Humidity Measuring Technique

WS-2902 is built with a special device which can measure the humidity and temperature in the weather very easily for both outdoors and indoors. The reading matches with the other professional devices.

Unaffected Airflow of the Turbulent

There is a dampener in the vane that is used to measure wind’s direction, which helps in eliminating the bad effects of the turbulent air flow.

Rain Measure

The weather station uses a tipping bucket mechanism to measure the rainfall. This has solved a lot of problems. The rain measurements are not hampered irrespective of the heavy winds.

Barometric Pressure Setting

There is a standard process to set the barometric pressure. It needs to be confirmed from the nearest airport where the barometric pressure would be perfect. Based on the number received by the airport the device needs to be set.

Measuring the Solar Radiation

The solar power reaching the earth is the radiation measurement which is measured in watts per square meter. 

UV Light Alert

If there are any hazardous conditions, the UV light in the weather station will alert you. It will caution you from staying away from too much sun exposure or sun burns.

Setting Up Ambient Weather WS-2902 Osprey

The installation of WS-2902 is very easy thanks to its all in 1 sensors. The weather station comes with written directions which make it convenient to assemble.

You will have to attach the rain gauge funnel, the wind gauge cups and the wind vane too. But the sensor housing is per-assembled. Then, insert batteries in console and sensor housing.

Next plug in the console. It will start running within half an hour to one hour. Then the last step is to search Android or iOS for Ambient application and then download and install it.

This app will centralize and create a network to share your weather station’s data. But unfortunately the app will not show your weather station’s data to you.

Before that you will have to create an account on and connect your weather station with the internet. It will automatically connect to the IFTTT, Google Assist and Alexa.

Your data can be shared on WeatherCloud and Weather Underground too.

Virtual Assistant

The weather station is AI compatible, which means it can easily understand the voice commands. Thus for beginners this seems to be the perfect weather station for home. 

It is easy to access and operate even with the professional grade built-in sensors and accuracy. 

 The weather system offers the owners to get real time updates and past weather updates that have been installed at the

Hence, you can access the data from: 

Amazon Alexa

You can start with: “Alexa what is the weather report from the Ambient Weather?” It will instantly offer you the outdoor report. You can also ask “ Alexa please request Ambient weather for Indoor conditions report”.

You can also access the weather report of every day, month and year. All you have to do is Simply Ask! 

Google Assistant

All you have to do is say: “Hey Google, provide the Ambient weather report of the weather” and you will receive the outdoor report. You can also ask for an indoor weather report as well. 

You can ask for the weather history of a particular date and day as well. 


The instruction manual is of a total 46 pages covering all the minute details of the assembly as well as frequently asked questions. It also covers the information required to maintain the weather station.

Well, there is no special requirement as such to maintain the weather station apart from the annual maintenance. This is basically done to prevent any kind of accumulation of debris or dust which can hamper the readings of the weather station.

Maintenance Weather Station 2902A

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The User Experience 

The experience of the users has been significantly good. A unanimous ambient weather WS-2902 reviews says that the weather station is a great deal for the value.

The performance of the weather station is commendable for domestic use. The connectivity works wonders. The weather station is fully loaded with features making it the best voice for the given cost. 

The only drawback faced by the users was simply when using smart devices. They mentioned that the internet and connectivity of the units to sensors are not always reliable. 

As per the price tag many of the users had expected a medieval level of weather station, but they are surprised and pleased to have a top end weather station at a very reasonable cost.


This weather station from the Ambient WS-2902 is the perfect choice for a budgeted buyer. Especially if the user is a beginner in the weather station.

Since it is a fully featured domestic device to measure the weather conditions of the surrounding area, this is the best fit. If you are in a smart home with the AI platforms, its connectivity is great.

The ambient weather stations review has always been good and this wont dissapoint you either. You can definitely go for WS-2902.

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