Ambient Weather WM-2 Review 2022: Worth It Or Not?


Straight from Ambient Weather, the WM-2 home weather station is an all-in-one, rugged unit ideal for anyone looking for a portable anemometer.

The anemometer enables you to measure the speed of wind with a range of 0.4 mph to 67 mph and a highly accurate rate of +/- 3%. In addition to wind speed, you can also use it to measure temperature and wind chill.

In the following, you’ll discover a full Ambient Weather WM-2 Review to help you decide if it’ll meet your specific needs and expectations.

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Incredibly affordable cost
Battery included in the box
Backlit LCD display
Threaded for tripod mounting
1-year manufacturer warranty


No On/Off switch
LCD doesn’t work below 14 degrees F

Wind speed & Temperature In Your Hand

While most anemometers offer you only wind speed measurements, this small weather meter goes on to provide you with temperature data as well, so you don’t have to buy a separate thermometer.

It provides you with precise wind speed and temperature measurements (with an accuracy of +/- 2 °F (1 °C)), to ensure you’re fully aware of your surrounding weather conditions.

This all-in-one design makes the anemometer ideal for multiple applications—from backpacking to hiking, camping, mountaineering, athletic training, golfing caddying, kite boarding, sailing, yachting, and so much more.

Pretty Intuitive Control

The model also comes with a simple, straightforward design with clearly labeled buttons. The buttons are three in total (one for changing modes, the other setting up the device, and for activating the backlit).

This makes the machine so easy to operate that you won’t even need to look at the user manual.

Featuring a handheld design, this device looks more like a mobile phone or walkies-talkie (with a large screen), but easier to control than the modern smartphones.

To make it even easier to operate it allows you to mount it on a tripod so that you can leave your hands free to work on other tasks.

Compact and Portable Design

Another notable feature of this anemometer is its compact design, which enables you to easily take it with you outdoors or to any other place you wish.

It comes with a neck lanyard that enables you to hang it around your neck for safe carry.

The manufacturer even offers you Nite Ize Rugged Clip Carry Case (sold separately) for convenient carry.

Versatile LCD Display

The large, easy-to-view LCD screen allows you to switch between different units of measure for wind speed (these include Km/h, mph, ft./min, m/s, and Knots) and temperature (degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit).

What’s more, the display has a backlit capability, allowing you to view wind speed and temperature readings even in low-lit situations or at night time.

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Frequently Asked Question

The portable weather meter requires one 3V CR2032 lithium cell battery to operate. Luckily, this battery comes included in the package, so you won’t have to spend extra bucks for a new battery. You can also replace the battery when the need arises.

Ambient indicates that one of the many applications of this unit is in the HVAC industry. That said, you can trust the anemometer to help you measure the speed of air coming from your AC vents.

HVAC guys who have previously used it admit that it does the job well—helping you compare different airflow between vents, comparing airflow before/after the change, filter replacement, and so on.

The manufacturer does not indicate if this unit is waterproof.
Nevertheless, closely studying this unit will give you the answer to your question. The screws at the back indicate that the unit is water-resistant. All the buttons are made of rubber and seem to be well sealed.

The battery features a screw cover too.That being said, I’d recommend you avoid using heavy rain to avoid damaging it.

No, the compact weather meter doesn’t come with functions like a wind vane for indicating the direction of the wind.

Final Verdict

The Ambient Weather WM-2 is a handheld and compact anemometer. In addition to measuring wind speed, it also allows you to measure the temperature of your surroundings.

It has an above-average accuracy degree and can be used in nearly all situations that require measuring wind speed and/or temperature.

The only fault Ambient made when designing Ambient weather WM-2 handheld is failing to include an ON/Off switch. However, this has been substituted by the auto-shutoff function.

Regarding the cost, the unit comes with a budget-friendly price tag. If you put the features and functions of this model side to side with what the high-end units come with, there’s not much difference.

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