Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP Review: Is It Worth It?

ambient weather ws 1400 ip review


Ambient weather is REVERED by weather junkies. Why? Because it gives them exactly what they want; Reliable, user-friendly, and high-quality weather station for your home.

In keeping with their reputation, they have come up with another weather station of premium quality called Ambient weather WS-1400-IP.

The sensor array of this solar-powered wireless weather station includes sensors for temperature, precipitation, wind direction and speed, UV and solar radiation, and humidity.

Unlike its predecessors, the sensors transmit weather data to an IP observer instead of an inside console. The IP Observer needs to be plugged into your router, which will then enable you to monitor data via the internet.

With this device, you can connect with Alexa, Google Assistant, and several other web services. Read on to find more interesting features.

The product is currently unavailable check a similar product – Ambient Weather WS-1550-IP


The unit includes additional sensors such as UV and solar sensor
Can monitor data from virtually anywhere
Easy to install


Wind vane could have been stronger
Thumbs-o-down can struggle in severe weather such as storm or blizzard

Build Quality

When it comes to design and material, it bears an uncanny resemblance to its predecessors. One can be forgiven for thinking that they are the same device.

But we aren’t complaining as it’s well-built and looks stylish. But it can struggle a little bit in severe weather conditions as it hasn’t been made with industry-grade material.

There is a bubble at the top of the device to make sure that it’s levelly installed. But unfortunately, it also makes it impossible to install a bird deterrent.


The sensor suite of the WS-1400-IP module gives it an edge over its competitors. Along with the regular ones, it comes with additional sensors: UV and solar sensors.

Let’s break down each sensor:

Outside Temperature

The unit includes a radiation shield for the temperature sensor to protect it from sunlight. The radiation shield is of EXCELLENT quality and well-sized.

The range of the sensor is ±2°F. That means if the actual reading is 20°F, then the reading can report between 18°F and 22°F.


The size and design of the rain gauge are suitable for catching rainfall properly. The data resolution rate for this sensor is 0.01”.

Wind Speed and Direction

Due to being an all-in-one sensor array, it’s not possible to mount the anemometer at the recommended height.

Hence, you should expect it to under-report the speed of wind by approximately 30%. The spinning cups that are used in the anemometer are of fine quality.

It has an accuracy rating of 10%. Considering the price of the device, it’s good enough.

The wind vein is nothing remarkable and does an average job. The update is sent to the observer IP every 16 seconds.


Humidity report depends on three things:

Data resolution rate: ±1%, which is EXCEPTIONALLY good.

Accuracy rate: ±5%, acceptable.

Relative humidity range: 10-99%, which is fine but could have been better.

UV And Solar Radiation

They have an accuracy rating of ±15%.

Ambient Weather 1400 IP

Image Source: Amazon


You will find the installation process incredibly EASY, even if you’re a novice.

To provide you with a wide range of mounting options, the unit comes with two U-shaped bolts and two steel mounts. You can even get a tripod for a few extra bucks.

The bubble level can come in handy while installing the sensors. It allows the sensor array to be leveled easily.

Installing the station on a roof would be easier than mounting it on a pole.

While installing on a pole it becomes quite difficult to see whether the array is stable as you are balancing on a ladder. If you go for the pole, please try not to break a leg or two.


One simply does not expect average accuracy from a weather station. Especially, when it costs a considerable amount of money.

However, you shouldn’t expect perfect accuracy either. That would require you to mount each sensor separately according to specific instructions……and a lot of GREEN.

Nonetheless, Ambient has employed the best possible technologies to obtain accurate readings.

So, you can expect it to provide you with accurate data as long as you keep it within the recommended range.

Keep in mind that its accuracy can suffer a bit if there’s severe weather. However, I wouldn’t call it a major drawback as other competitors don’t fare much better.


No indoor console display is INCLUDED in the package; rather it transmits weather data directly to the observer IP.

The observer IP then directs the data to the router. From there the information finds its way to the customer’s desktop or mobile.

In addition, weather data can be received from people who live in other areas. As you can monitor the info from your web browser or app, you won’t be required to sit in front of your pc all day long to get the weather reports.

The WS-1400-IP allows you to connect with the Underground, meaning that you can share your valuable data with others. Both Google Assistant and Alexa are compatible with the device.

If you are feeling lazy to check the readings, just say,” Alexa I want a weather report from the ambient weather”, and the weather report will be presented to you.

Easy peasy.

Image Source:  Amazon

Some Frequently Asked Questions

No, the display shows only the imperial units.

No mounting pole is included. However, it comes with necessary mounting hardware.

It is designed to handle outdoor conditions. So, yes.


The Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP is VERY similar to its predecessors.

The only difference is that it transmits data to an observer IP instead of an inside display console.

Hence, if you liked the previous ones, then you are gonna appreciate this one too.

Moreover, the station comes with additional sensors such as UV and solar radiation sensors. You will need to pay extra for incorporating these sensors in other weather stations.

Overall, the WS-1400-IP is a top-notch weather station. And yes, I recommend it, pretty seriously and highly.

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