How Much Does A Weather Station Cost?

A Weather Station Cost

When it comes to buying a weather station, it doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist, a meteorologist, a farmer, or a gardener, your life/job will improve with an effective weather station. Since it will monitor all the weather conditions like temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, etc, you will be able to schedule your tasks precisely and efficiently.

With all of these benefits many worry about the cost? Don’t worry we have got you covered here as we have analyzed, reviewed, and researched all the famous brands and listed down the information for you

How Much Does A Weather Station Cost?

There are several brands available, but the most popular, trustworthy, and proven brands of home weather stations are:

  • Ambient Weather
  • AcuRite
  • Davis Instruments
  • La Crosse Technology

The cost of these brands varies with their accuracy, additional functionality, and popularity.


But, how much does a weather station cost? And what is the trade-off between cost and functionality.


Basic Models:

The most basic level of the weather station will cost you around $40. These weather stations have very limited functionalities like temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity monitoring. Thus they are cheap weather stations. They are also known as indoor-outdoor thermometers.

basic model of weather station

Image credit: MaxPixel

Mid-Grade Models:


The mid-level range of weather stations ranges from somewhere between $100 to $300. These mid-range weather stations monitor temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall and wind speed, and wind direction as well. Few mid-range weather stations also provide specialized sensors like lighting detectors, solar radiation, and UV detectors. 


Davis Instrument 6250 Rainfall

Image credit: Davisinstruments

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Professional-Grade Models:


These weather stations of the professional-grade begin from $500 and can easily go up to thousands of dollars and more. The weather station costs high with additional sensors and upgrades. They are very accurate and durable in comparison to the above two. These kinds of weather stations are generally used for research purposes as they have specialized models and sensors that are very accurate. 

La Crosse Technology 308 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Image credit: Lacrossevictoria

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