How to get weather alerts on an iPhone?

weather alerts on an iPhone

Caught in a storm or struck somewhere while it rained cats and dogs. If you have been in this situation, perhaps you have missed checking the weather alerts on your devices like iPhones or iPads. If you fear getting soaked, there is no need to worry. You have the choice of enabling weather alerts on your iPhone device. It is certainly very much invaluable if you are based in a place where the heavens can open anytime. Needless to say, then this feature is a must have in your iPhone. 

However, this feature is only available in iPhone 13 and beyond (iOS 15), which comes with an array of cool features, hacks and tricks. That’s not all; you have tons of other cool features which make the iPhone a worthy companion. It can save time and rescue you before you get stuck in any such situation. Start exploring your iPhones before you actually need them. One may argue about having too many apps in the app store, which also notify the rain and snow. All you need is to enable the settings and start getting the weather alerts. So, how about checking them as under? Let’s begin! 

Steps to Enable Weather Alerts on iPhone? 

The following are the steps: 

Step 1 – Check and Allow the Location Access

First things first, if you are keen on getting notifications about the weather in your current location, you are supposed to give the weather app permission to access the same. For this you need to carry out the following steps: 

  • Take your iPhone device and go to the ‘Settings’ section
  • Now, Click on ‘Privacy’
  • Click the Location services and then weather  
  • Make sure you select Always (under  the tab that says -Allow Location Access)
First things first, if you are keen on getting notifications about the weather in your current location, you are supposed to give the weather app permission to access the same.
Steps to Enable Weather Alerts on iPhone?

Step 2 – Allow the Weather Notifications

  • Start the weather app on your iPhone device 
  • Now, click over the icon seen in the bottom of the screen to make it appear like a bullet list 
  • Now, you need to click on the option called ‘turn on notifications’ (seen at the top of the location list. If you do not see, check the option – ‘Stay Dry’ card.
  • Click the circular ellipsis icon seen over the top-right corner of the screen then you need to click over the notifications.


Enable Weather Notifications
Enable Weather Notifications

That’s all, no more strings attached or surprises! Once you have turned on weather alerts, you need to check for any other hidden feature that comes with the iPhone Weather app. 

Are you still not getting the weather alerts?

We keep seeing Apple update the weather app with real-time details from different data sources. A majority of these remain location specific. Hence, if you see the updates not coming, you might not feel the weather application cannot access the data from any region. Also, when we see the notifications regarding the weather changes in any chosen nation, they are not in some. If you’re based among the countries listed below, make sure you switch to the higher version of the operating system – iOS 16: 

  • Australia 
  • Brazil 
  • Canada
  • China
  • India 
  • Japan
  • Mexico 
  • Thailand
  • The United States 
  • And a majority of regions and nations in Europe.

Note: You can turn these alerts for the current and favorite locations. 

So, as the name suggests, the iPhone Weather Application will only send alerts when there is a severe weather forecast or currency condition. Mostly it is the emergency kind of conditions or bad weather alerts that are issued close to you. It can include real-time notifications for rain storms, hurricanes, tornados, heat waves, flash floods, precipitation and many more. 


One might feel that Apple has to go a long way to compete with any other third-party weather apps; you still have competent notifications from the brand. At least you can rely on these alerts on your iPhone or iPad devices now, which was not discovered earlier. You cannot just leave the weather app sitting idle on your iPhone, rather, you would enable it and get weather forecasts, and you follow them, signalling Apple that you are in the right direction. You have much more to come, keep checking with us and do share your views. 

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