Top Weather Apps Available for Android and iOS

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There was a time when weather forecasts were more like fortune-telling. However, with the advancement of technology, weather forecasts have become more accurate and easily available as in apps.

As weather plays a vital role in our daily life, the importance of weather forecasts knows no bound. In fact, it is so important to some people that they don’t want to wait for the news channel’s weather forecast. Hundreds of weather apps available online might be a great relief for them.

But, choosing the best weather app that fulfills all your demands can be a confusing job. On top of that, all the weather apps don’t operate on both Android and iOS platforms.

In this article, I’ve analyzed the top five weather apps available online that can be used by both Android and iOS users. Let’s check them out!


Dark Sky Weather App (Android + iOS)

The Dark Sky is arguably the best weather app available for both Android and iOS gadgets. The outlook of the app is pretty compact and elegant.

This app is a good option for occasional use and the best option for regular use. You’ll be amazed by the minute-by-minute weather prediction and not to mention the visualization.

Yes, minute-by-minute prediction! Confused? This amazing app doesn’t provide any vague predictions like the Met office. Rather it will give you the notification “It will rain in 15 minutes”. That’s why this app is handy.

I look at the visualization, and it’s not like an ordinary app. The simple but classy interface of this app will show you weather conditions, including temperature.

But, the main problem with the app is that all these amazing features are not available in the free version. If you’re not into paying for your weather app, you should look for other apps.

The paid version of this app has three home screen widgets. Plus, you’ll get weather bulletins on your phone every morning if you want.

Don’t be disappointed to hear that you need to pay for the best experience. You won’t regret paying for such an amazing app. If you don’t believe me, you can use the two-week trial version.

In a nutshell, the Dark Sky is worth considering!

Accuweather App (Andriod + iOS)

The Accuweather is yet another solid weather app available for both Android and iOS users. You would probably hear people argue which one is the best – Dark Sky or Accuweather?

Alongside the basic features of a weather app, Accuweather also provides minute-by-minute rain forecasts. Among the basics, you’ll get hourly forecasts, extended forecasts, etc. In addition, Android Wear Support and radar features are also available.

Filled with lots of graphs, video forecasts, maps, Accuweather provides very accurate forecasts. Besides, this app’s “RealFeel” feature will tell you how it would feel in the current outdoor temperature.

Probably the most amazing feature of this app is that you can even send weather reports of your locality if you like to make some contributions. Your video might be featured in the Accuweather news reports if it has value and quality.

In a nutshell, this is a good all-around weather app. Like most other weather apps, the Accuweather is free but displays ads.

Weather Underground App (Android + iOS)

The Weather Underground is the app you should choose if you’re looking for an app that provides hyperlocal data. But, it would be best if you also kept in mind that its prime focus is on data.

This app is probably the largest store of online weather stations. That means it would be straightforward to collect a local weather forecast.

The most amazing feature of this app is that it uses reports from common people to validate weather data. As a result, the data are very accurate, and you can trust them. To provide you with a very accurate forecast, this app uses the data provided by its network of nearly 0.2 million private weather stations.

You’ll also find other interesting features – the webcam section and “Wunderphotos.” The former will give a visual experience of what’s happening in reality, while the latter will provide you with photos people have posted.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this app’s prime focus is data. The Weather Underground is quite heavy on data. You’ll find both historical and current data on rainfall, temperature, wind speed, UV (Ultra Violet Ray) index, etc.

Now, you would be delighted to learn that this app is free, but the free version displays ads. The ads can be closed for one year if you make a 1.99 dollar in-app purchase.

Weather Channel (Andriod + iOS)

The Weather Channel is one of the basic weather apps that provide weather forecasts more intuitively. The preface of the app is pretty simple. Unlike most other apps, all necessary info is not stuffed on a single page.

In addition, you’ll get more detailed information when you tap most items. The weather forecasts of this app include 36-hour to 10-day options. You’ll also get to see different weather conditions like humidity, dew point, wind speed, etc.

A video section is also featured in this app. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy weather-related clips of any country in the world. Moreover, you can directly access special content and TV broadcast videos by the Weather Channel.

Its features don’t end just here. Outdoor enthusiasts and people suffering from allergies might benefit from this app because you’ll be able to know whether the current outdoor condition is suitable for any particular activity. More importantly, the app will change automatically along with your location.

On top of that, four desktop widgets are available in this app. These widgets are simple and pretty intuitive as well.

Another good news! This app is free to use. It would be best if you tolerated few ads. If you don’t want an ad to appear on the screen, you can get rid of ads with a yearly fee of 4 dollars.

Yahoo Weather App (Andriod + iOS)

The Yahoo Weather is probably the best app among all other Yahoo apps. And perhaps, it has the most stunning outlook in comparison to other weather apps. Beautiful images of current weather conditions are used as background images in this app. Thanks to Flickr, a photography site owned by Yahoo.

The outlook is so stunning that you might comment that this is all about appearance. However, if you go through the features, you would be amazed to see that this app is packed with adequate weather data, including clouds, temperatures, and radar conditions.

This app also has a feature to share weather photos of your locality if you want to contribute. So, if you’re a photographer, it would be great fun.

The widgets available in this app are of different sizes and types. You can choose the one that suits your home screen the best. Simply put, an average user would get almost everything necessary without any hassle.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms – the Yahoo Weather is very informative. You’ll be able to get detailed 5-day forecasts alongside heat, radar, and satellite maps.

You might find other weather apps comparatively more informative than Yahoo Weather. But, this app is certainly user-friendly and has a very compact and classy presentation.

This amazing app is free. You won’t need any in-app purchases. However, you might get annoyed with the fairly large advertisements that fund this app.


Finally, even if you’re a complete newbie in using weather apps, you probably have some ideas about the factors essential for a good weather app.

You should also know that hundreds of other weather apps are available on Google Play Store and iTunes. I’ve chosen these five as they’re arguably the best on their list. On top of that, they are also available for both Android and iOS users.

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